20 Popular Markets to Go in Spain

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Source: David Berkowitz

Spain is popular for its flea and food market. All over Spain, market festivals are held every now and then. Open-air or outdoor markets are also famous in the country. Tourists love going to flea markets. They surely would want to go shopping in the markets because of the unique items and affordable prices.

1. Mercado de la Encarnacion

Source: Sandra Vallaure

Located at the base of Metropol Parasol, Mercado de la Encarnacion continues to be one of the best traditional markets in Seville. If you are looking for fruits, vegetables, and fish, this market is the right place for you. Go to the market and explore the whole area. The sellers always welcome you with a smile.

2. Mercado de la Calle Feria

Source: Ana Rey

Feria Market is the oldest market in all of the Seville. Fresh meat, fish, and produce are displayed in different stalls in the two buildings comprising Feria Market. There is a lot of variety of fruits and vegetables, too. Be friendly with the stall assistants. They would be more than happy to give discounts, especially to tourists.

3. Mercado de Triana

Source: Karan Jain

Meat and seafood shop are all over Mercado de Triana. If you are looking for the famous Iberico ham, you might just find it here hanging at some stalls. They are perfect for souvenirs from Spain. Backpackers love this market because they get all the ingredients that they need for their meals.

4. Mercado de Puerta de la Carne

Unlike the other markets in Spain, Mercado de Puerta de la Carne has lesser number of tourists. Although the name may indicate that the market sells meat only, there are also many things sold here. Meat is the primary product sold by vendors, however, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and other cooking ingredients can also be bought.

5. Mercado la Boqueria

Source: Manuel Martin

A large public market in Barcelona, La Boqueria presents a wide selection of goods. The candied fruit is extremely enticing because of its bright colors that make you want to eat it all. Some stallholders open during lunchtime. This is also a good place for walking tours, especially for photographers.

6. Mercado de Abastos de Santiago

This local market is filled with people every day. This may simply mean that the market offers good food and service so, people are coming back. Shellfish and other seafood are abundant here. Local cheese is a must-try. Check out the other local food sold in the market. Try it, you won’t regret it.

7. Mercado de Maravillas

With over 200 stalls in the market, Mercado de Maravillas houses the best Spanish delicacies. From live snails, cow tongues, lamb skulls, and much other rare foods, the market remains to be one of the most popular markets in Madrid. Spices from other countries can also be bought here.

8. Mercado de la Paz

This first class food market is decent and clean all over the area. Ventilation and illumination of the place are adequate. Meat, seafood, and fruit stalls display various products that they claim are all fresh. After shopping, do drop by at any of the cafes there. Try out the Spanish authentic food in the menu.

9. El Rastro de Madrid

Opens every Sunday, El Rastro has got to be the most popular open air flea market in the country. What’s most interesting in El Rastro is its availability of various antique items. Many sellers bring a wide array of products from jewelry, clothes, bags, jackets, shoes, decoratives, and many others.

10. Mercado de Motores

Rather than going to the mall, come at Mercado de Motores and look for unusual items. Happening every second weekend of every month, this vintage flea market allows shoppers to spend a whole new shopping experience. Located in a former train station, the place transforms into a marketplace, with all the well-preserved trains around.

11. Dosde Market

An open air market in Malasaña, Dosde Market happens on all Saturdays of spring and autumn. Books, clothes, accessories, home decors, arts and crafts materials, and others are sold in the market. Every Saturday, the stalls change so, expect something new on your every visit. Other activities include workshops and street parades.

12.Nomada market

Hundreds of local designers showcase their talents through their products such as handmade accessories, dresses, bags, and other fashion items. You can actually find uncommon gift items for your loved ones here. There are numerous stalls selling different products. Exhibitions and other events may be held here so do check out the schedules.

13. Mercado de San Miguel

Perfectly located in central Madrid, Mercado de San Miguel is the most popular market in Madrid for tourists. Although small, the market exceeds your expectation of an ordinary market. Its architecture is superb, making it one of Spain’s Site of Cultural Interest. Vendors sell tapas, ham, local pastries, and more. Beer and wine are also available.

14. Mercado Central de Atarazanas

Every single day, the market is filled with busy people buying fresh meat, fish, cheese, olives, and more. If you are looking for the complete ingredients of making Paella, you are at the right place. The fruits section is considered as the most colorful and lively area. It is best to come early morning.

15. El Mercado Central

Source: Premsa Ajuntament de Sabadell

This huge market building is modernized and stylish in design, keeping the Spanish structure for real. The meat sold is guaranteed fresh every day. The famous Jamon Iberico is displayed in various stalls. This is a great food souvenir that you can bring home. While walking around the market, you can really feel that you are in Spain.

16. Mercado de Colon

Visit the extravagant Mercado de Colon and buy glamorous souvenirs for your family and friends. Quality wine is definitely a good idea to bring home. Moreover, you may opt to purchase various designs and sizes of well-known ceramics. Food and drink outlets are located here, too. Try those that are serving with organic products.

17. Santa Caterina Market

The modern market building has drawn many tourists to check out the market. Santa Caterina is the main source of food in Barcelona. Food stalls and restaurants are found around the area. The spacious market gives the people the opportunity to roam around freely and choose among the different stalls.

18. Olivar Market

Source: Immanuel Bloch

If you are up for local delicacies, go to Palma De Mallorca Market and experience the tastiness of the Spanish paella, cured ham, cheese, tapas, and more. There are numerous stalls in the fruits and vegetable section. And, the fish section is not to be missed.  High quality and value for money meat are excellent.

19. Santanyi Market

Source: Stefan David

It is a market day on Wednesdays and Saturdays at Santanyi Market. Local arts and handicrafts and leather products are sold in the market. Of course, the fresh fruits and vegetables are displayed in the stalls. If you are looking for gift items, for sure, you can find anything here.  Get there early.

20. Salamanca Central Market

Source: michael clarke stuff

This food market is heaven for market goers because of the wide selection of fish and meat. You may also spend the time to grab some snacks and refreshments at the bar inside the market. Nutritious fruits and vegetable stalls are arranged in a certain area. The lovely sellers are friendly so, don’t hesitate to ask for discounts.
Have a good trip and travel!

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