10 Things to Know about Spain Visa

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One thing that you will need to have when traveling to another country is a passport. Otherwise, you won’t be permitted to fly and be sent back home. Other than the passport, some countries are requiring a visa for you to enter their country. Your visa differs on your purpose of travel to Spain.

1. Who needs the visa

If you are holding a British passport or you are a British Subject with Right of Abode in the United Kingdom, there is no need for you to acquire a visa to enter Spain. If you are a US passport holder, you also don’t need a visa as long as your stay does not exceed 90 days. If you don’t belong to any of these then, you are likely required to secure a Schengen visa for your entry.

2. General required documents

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The requirements include an application form, two passport-sized photos, valid passport and copies of previous visas, copy of return ticket,  Schengen travel insurance, cover letter and itinerary of travel in Spain, hotel and flight ticket reservation, proof of civil status, and proof of sufficient funds for length of stay in Spain.

3. Valid passport

Check the validity of your passport before flying. Your passport should be valid for six months beyond your stay. Otherwise, you will need to renew it for you to be allowed to fly. Follow this simple requirement because this might cause you trouble in traveling. Without a valid passport, you won’t be given a visa.

4. Blank visa pages

Make sure that you check your passport’s blank pages. Be reminded that most countries, including Spain, require that you have enough unused pages in the visa section for necessary stamps on your arrival and departure. It is highly recommended to have at least two blank pages for any international travel.

5. Spanish Tourist Schengen Visa

For travel purposes, you will need additional documents such as invitation letter with address and contact number of the sponsor (maybe a family member), latest bank statement of at least six months, and copies of passport. Make sure you acquire these months or weeks before your flight to avoid delays of your trip.

6. Time required

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Processing Schengen visa application for short term stay is only 15 calendar days. However, this period may be extended up to 30 days under any circumstances. If a detailed examination of visa application is needed, the whole process may take up to 60 calendar days. Again, do make sure to secure this ahead.

7. Valid for

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The short stay Schengen visa is only valid up to 90 days. Make use of the given number of days to explore and discover Spain thoroughly. You’ll definitely be glad that you are making a trip to Spain. It is an opportunity to learn more about the country. Do not attempt to stay longer than the specified days.

8. Place of application

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You may apply and submit your Schengen visa application in Spanish consular offices. If you belong to a country where there is no Spanish consular office, a visitor’s visa may be requested from the consular office representing Spain in your country. Do research and seek advice from your friends too.

9. More than 3 months stay

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If you plan to stay in Spain for more than 3 months, you should personally register at the Office of Foreigners which is usually located in the Town Hall. Or, you may inquire at designated police stations for more information. Should you decide to live in Spain, check out the British Embassy website.

10. Purposes

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There are various reasons why visitors travel to Spain. These include business, medical, cultural, religious, or sports purposes. Or, someone may need a Spanish visa as a member of any official delegation, student, or spouse to a Spanish citizen. For kids, parents need to secure them a visa for underage children.

Have a good trip and travel!

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