7 Places for Shopping in Florianopolis

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Source: Francisco Anzola

Florianopolis city is now a popular destination in Brazil. It is fairly a modern city and is known for its beautiful landscape, wonderful beaches, fascinating culture, and a friendly community. The place also has attracted many visitors because of the many things you can do during the day and at night time such as shopping at large malls, dining in at wide selection of sophisticated restaurants, and hanging out at some of their exciting nightclubs and bars.

1. Floripa Shopping

Floripa Shopping was built as a tribute to Santa Catarina Capital and was opened to public last Nov 2006. With 450,000 visitors to date on a monthly basis, the mall has become a favorite place where one can shop, dine, have fun and enjoy an all-day entertainment. It is known for its modern architectural design and a wide range of shops and restaurants, clean movie theater, fitness center, medical establishments, and many others. In 2011-2012, the mall won the Ecology Expression Award for Environmental Management because of the project called Preserves Floripa. It is also the first shopping hub in southern Brazil to win the Environmental Certification ISO 14001 for sustainability excellence.


  • Address: SC-401 highway, 3116, Big Bag Direction North Island Florianópolis, SC – CEP: 88032-005
  • Contact: (48) 3331.7000 (48) 8844-4965 +55 48 3331-7000
  • Website: http://www.floripashopping.com.br/
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday from 10h to 22h
  • Sundays and Holiday:Food Court: from 11h to 21h
  • Shops Sundays and holidays: from 14h to 20h

2. Jurere Open Shopping

Jurerê Open Shopping is  a great place to visit for leisure and a good walk with family and friends. You can enjoy a good mix of various retail stores, restaurants, coffee and bake shops, banking establishments, pharmacy stores, and many others. The shopping mall is just one of the places you can visit in the area. A sports center, beach village, music park, and others are also available within the vicinity.


  • Address: Av. das Raias, 400 – Jurerê Internacional, Florianópolis – SC, 88053-300, Brazil
  • Contact: +55 48 3261-5500; Email jos@jurere.com.br
  • Website: http://www.jurere.com.br/jos/
  • Hours: Monday to Sunday from 10h to 22h

3. Beiramar Shopping

The Beiramar Shopping is well situated opposite the Beira Mar Avenue North giving its mall goers a nice view of the north bay. It is a fancy mall where shoppers can enjoy and have fun all day with more than 200 stores to visit. It also has Medical clinics, movie theater, and a lot of restaurants where people can dine in and spend some quality time with their family and friends.


4. Iguatemi Florianópolis

Iguatemi Florianópolis is a good place to find the latest trend in fashion and best food selection. This shopping hub also holds various cultural and social events such as celebrity mall shows or concerts, product fairs, children’s show, and a lot more.


  • Address: Av. Me. Benvenuta, 687 – Santa Mônica – Santa Mônica, Florianópolis – SC, 88035-000, Brazil
  • Contact: +55 48 3239-8700
  • Website: www.iguatemi.com.br/florianopolis
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10h to 22:00h; Sunday from 14hr to 20h

5. Centro Comercial ARS

Centro Comercial ARS2
Source: Juanedc.com

Centro Comercial ARS is considered as one of the oldest  shopping areas as it was the first major commercial center in Florianópolis center. It is located between Rua Felipe Schmidt and the Mafra Advisor Street, which are known to be the two main pedestrian streets of the region.


  • Address: R. Felipe Schmidt, 249 – Centro, Florianópolis – SC, 88010-902, Brazil
  • Contact: +55 48 3224-7310
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday: 9h to 19h, Sunday: Closed

6. Ilha Shopping

Ilha shopping offers a wide selection of large retail stores, food court, and other places for leisure and relaxation. The mall also holds various social events throughout the year such as fashion shows, entertainment shows, product fairs, and many others.


  • Address: Rodovia SC 403, KM 01, 170 – Trevo dos Ingleses, Florianópolis – SC, 88058-001, Brazil
  • Contact: +55 47 3363-1363
  • Website: http://www.ilhashopping.com.br
  • H0urs: Monday to Sunday: 17h to 24h

7. Mercado Público de Florianópolis

Mercado Público de Florianópolis
Source: Eduardo Batista

Mercado Público de Florianópolis or the Florianopolis Public Market is one of the main sights and is the center of commerce in  Florianópolis, the state capital of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Great clothing, good food, various crafts, and many others can be found in this area, which makes it popular for locals and tourists.


  • Address: R. Jerônimo Coelho, 60 – Centro, Florianópolis – SC, 88010-030, Brazil
  • Contact: +55 48 3225-8464
  • Website: www.mercadopublicofloripa.com.br/
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday: 7h to 22h, Sunday: Closed

Have a good trip and travel!