10 Brazil Cities You Must Visit

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Brazil Cities
Source: dany13

Brazil is a very beautiful country. This country is enriched in natural resources, music, dance etc. There are many popular and beautiful cities in this country which attract lots of tourist throughout the year. If you are going to visit this country and want to know about some of the most popular cities of the country then this article can surely help you. Given below is the top ten cities of the Brazil country which are listed as follows:

1. Rio De Janeiro

Source: Mike Vondran

This is the most popular place to visit in the country. It is the capital of one of the famous state of the country. The city was founded by the Portuguese in 1565. It also became the capital state of the country in 1763. It is usually said that the city of “Rio De Janeiro” is one of the most visited cities by tourists in the southern hemisphere and it is very popular for its natural settings, eye catching sceneries, clubs, samba etc.

2. Sau Paulo

Source: Steve Cadman

This well-known city of the country is located in the southeast region of Brazil. Considering the population factor, this city is considered as the 12 largest cities in the world. It is the capital of the wealthiest state in the country. This city is also very stable in commerce, finance, arts and entertainment.

3. Salvador

Source: Janice Waltzer

It is a beautiful city which tourist like to visit during their trip to Brazil. It consists of the beautiful and fascinating architecture, lavish cuisine and melodious music. Those tourists who want to enjoy the underwater experience must visit this city. This city is also famous for the shopping malls that attract the female tourists very much.

4. Belo Horizonte

Source: 1° ATO Belo Horizonte

This city is very popular and one of the largest cities in the country. This city is a very beautiful city to visit. The population of this large city is about 5 million. The stunning and gorgeous architecture of this city is famous in the whole world. Many people, business-man come here to do business from the different part of the world.

5. Fortaleza

Source: Lyssuel Calvet

It is another popular city of the country that you must visit. It is the capital city of the state Ceara. According to recent surveys, the population of this city is increasing at a very rapid rate. In last 60 years, the population rate of this country is increased 10 times faster. However it is a beautiful city and visitors must visit this city and enjoy their vacations here.

6. Brasilia

Source: Arian Zwegers

It is the most important city of the country which is also the capital city of the country. It is a modern city and its forward-thinking city planning is highly appreciated. This city is the seat of government of the federal district. Brasilia city became the national capital of Brazil in 1960.

7. Manaus

Source: Makoto Miyagawa

This city is situated in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. Visitors can reach this place only through the boat or airplane. Brazilian native tribe forms the culture of this city. Heart of amazon and city of forest are some other popular names of this city. The industrial pool of Manaus is currently famous free economic zone.

8. Curitiba

Source: Francisco Anzola

This city is the capital of state Paraná. Tall buildings such as Paranomic tower enhance the beauty of this city. Curitiba city is preferred by various performers for the performance venue, therefore people call this city by the name of the cultural center. Also, many people like to enjoy the nightlife of the city by spending sometimes in the bars and the restaurants of the city.

9. Recife

Source: Luci Correia

This city was founded in 1537 during the early Portuguese colonization of the country. It is the 6th largest metropolitan area in the country. This city is located at the confluence of the Berberine and Capibaribe rivers before they flow into the Atlantic Ocean.

10. Belem

Source: Renato Ribeiro

Belem city is the capital and largest city of the state Para. Belem was founded in 1616. This city is the gateway to the river Amazon with a busy port and airport. The population number of this city is very high therefore this city is known as the 1st most populous city of the Brazil country.

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