10 Things to Know about Agadir Airport

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The Agadir Al Massira Airport of the country of Morocco is actually an international airport. It doesn’t just serve Agadir. This city is actually located in the southwest region of the country of Morocco. That region is the Souss-Massa region.

1. Agadir Al Massia Airport is 25 km from Agadir city

The airport is actually located in the Temsia community. It is around 25 km from the  southern and eastern part of downtown Agadir. In the past, the Agadir tourism actually reached an economic boom. This led to an entirely new airport terminal. This was granted by the government which paved a way for new livelihood for Agadir locals.

2. Approximately 1 million passengers every year

Some airport studies actually show around one million passengers use the airport every year. They use it to fly either from Agadir or towards outside the country. In reality, the Agadir Airport can serve from two and a half million passengers every year This can actually go up to three million passengers. Around 5 years ago, it serves around 1.5 million passengers in a year.

3. Facilities & Services

The Agadir Airport also has similar services and facilities that can be seen in ordinary airports. It has different types of shops, stores, and stalls. It sells grocery stuff or souvenir items. Other facilities include currency exchange, Travel Agent, Post Office, Cash machine, Wi-Fi internet access, seniors/disabled facilities as well as the Tourist Office Desk.

4. VIP Lounge, Hotels, and Apartments

There is actually no hotel in the Agadir airport. There are actually no hotels nearby. You would have to go to the main city proper of the place of Agadir. You will find there some accommodations. However, there are VIP lounges in the Agadir Airport area. The Agadir airport lounge can serve as a facility for comfort. Use this if you’re tired.

5. Sleeping in the airport

Since there are no hotels or nearby lodge to the airport, you can sleep there as an alternative. However, the benches are made from metal. The benches have no arm rests. This can allow you to stretch lying down. It is better to plan ahead. Get a lot of rest and sleep so you will not feel sleepy in Agadir airport.

6. Car hires and Taxis

You can actually rent a car from the Airport airport. There are car rental groups that offer car rental services for passengers looking for car rental services. The listed companies include Europcar. Another listed company is Easycar. Of course, there are taxis. You will see them outside. Just call the taxi to help you out.

7. Buses and Parking

There are also buses in the Agadir airport. There is actually a local bus that leaves to the main road. This is actually just a short walk outside the terminal of the Agadir Airport. The bus may not go directly to downtown Agadir, but a nearby suburb of Agadir. However, the bus can be a good and main transport hub for people. There’s also some parking in the airport.

8. Airlines that operate in this airport

There are many airlines that operate in Agadir Airport. These are major airlines that mostly serve cities and countries in Europe. There is an Easy Jet. Other airlines include Royal Air Maroc, Air Berlin, Germanwings, Corsairfly, Norwegian Air Shuttle and others. At the moment, there are around 15 airlines listed in Agadir Airport.

9. Money Currency

The money used in the Agadir airport is not a dollar. You have to know that. The money used here is the Moroccan Dirham or MAD. Don’t be fooled by the acronym that someone is mad. There is a currency exchange shop here. There are also ATM’s. However, it can charge a commission. You should plan ahead on how to exchange local currency better.

10.  Cafeteria Food

Choose something sweet from the different food shops and food stores here. You can try the patisserie for bread and then have a cool and refreshing mint tea. There is also a shop that serves fresh Moroccan dishes at great prices. Try that. You can go for simple food. Go for light meals like a salad. There also sandwiches.


  • Name: Agadir Al Massia Airport
  • Address: BP 2000 Agadir Agadir, 80000, Morocco
  • Fax: +212 (0)288 39149
  • Phone: +212 (0)288 39112
  • E-Mail: m.oudrhiri@onda.ma
  • Country code: +212
  • Business language: French
  • Time zone: GMT
  • Web: http://www.agadir-airport.com/en/index.php

The Agadir Airport actually became well-known. It became a well-known airport in Morocco. The Agadir airport is used by many tourists going to Morocco. The airport became popular because of the well-known Moroccan tourist spots.

Have a good trip and travel!

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