10 Things To Do in Massa: Morocco

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Source: Mario Micklisch

There is something captivating about unspoiled areas that haven’t been discovered and where the locals just go about their business.  This is the feeling when walking around Massa, Morocco. Though it’s a remote location, there are a lot of things to do in this tranquil area, and here are ten of them.

1. Visit the Souss-Massa National Park

It’s like the African safari, only it is full of flamingos, onyx, and gazelles. This park has dunes, wetlands, and beaches that you can explore on foot – if you have the bravado and stamina or on a jeep, which will keep you relaxed. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars!

2. Bird watching at the Souss-Massa National Park

Source: Sarah Murray

Just love birds? Then head on over to Massa National Park and do some serious bird watching. And even if you cannot differentiate a falcon from an eagle, you can still enjoy watching these birds in their natural state and listen to their wonderful chirping. Get closer to nature, right?

3. Trek along the Massa Lagoon

There is just so much to see along the Massa lagoon. And its not just about birds. The whole flora and fauna of the area with a lush greenery and sandy contrast is something that you don’t get to see every day. The lagoon is still inside the Souss-Massa National Park.

4. Hop on a camel

Source: Javi Vázquez

Or a horse, especially if you’re not certain you’ll be comfortable in between those humps! But hey, camels are friendly. There’s nothing more authentic than riding on a camel while exploring the landscapes of Massa, Morocco. And there’s also no better place to experience it than here, in the Middle Eastern desert.

5. Camp with the bedouins

When in the Middle East, there’s no better way to experience a blast from the past than by camping and joining the bedouins in the desert. Prepare yourself for a night of munching on Moroccan cuisine, some belly dancing, and of course, Arabian nights. Listen to stories oand you might learn a thing or two.

6. Explore local towns

Put on that head scarf, sunglasses, tons of sunblock and get ready to feel as if you’re in the movie, Aladdin. Massa has the untouched and unmodernized towns that will make you go ooooh and aaaaah over the wonderful Arabic architecture and the crazy market place that has been preserved through time.

7. Visit the Tresor du Sud

One of the amazing things that you can marvel at is their handcrafted solid silver jewelry. There is a small town in Massa called Tiznit, where you can find jewelry shops lined along the Ave Sidi Abderhman. The Tresor du Sud might be a bit expensive, but the prices are worth it.

8. Wander around the Source Blueu

Legend has it that the Source Bleue was a place where a traveling woman rested. This woman, with a really bad reputation, Lalla Zninia is the reason why the oasis turned green and is now a shallow and stagnant pool. Nevertheless, it’s a great tourist attraction in the town of Tiznit.

9. Take Instagram-worthy photos at the Riad le lieu

A quaint tea place in Massa is not unusual in a country famous for its Moroccan tea. What we really like about this place is that aside from its great tajine (choose from pastilla and camel, tomato and goats’ cheese), is the beautiful architecture. Take a lot of Instagram – worthy photos!

10. Have coffee at Cafe Panoramique

There’s a reason why it’s called Cafe Panoramique. You can enjoy panoramic views of the city walls and see the rest of the place when you sit on the terrace.  They also serve great coffee. So after a long day of exploring, be sure to check this place out and be refreshed. Massa may be in the off-the-beaten-path for most travelers and tourists, but it’s still worth the trip.

Have a good trip and travel!

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