10 Best Travel Tips for Sao Paulo Beaches

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Source: Rachid El Qomri

Beaches in Sao Paulo? Are you sure? This is probably the first thing that came into your mind upon reading the title. Sure, Sao Paulo isn’t coined for its glamorous beaches as it is known for its world-renowned restaurants, but they have a coastal line that you can sunbath in. So before heading over there, here are the best travel tips for Sao Paulo beaches.

1. Have you been to Santos?

Source: Marcos Comune

One of the beaches in Sao Paulo is a port town with an aquarium and a Brazilian Coffee Museum. Santos’ 4-mile-long beach has a crowd that consists of old couples, young families, teens, and every now and then, singles. You can find high-rise condos here that might make you feel you’re in the Copacobana of Rio, minus the dangers lurking in the night. So if this seems your place to be, head onto Santos. It’s an hour by car from central Sao Paulo and is home to Pele’s famous Santos F.C. football team.

2. Guaruja is packed during the weekends

Source: Gisele Pereira

One of the more popular beach areas in Sao Paulo is Guaruja. It boasts of 23 beach chains, and may residents of Paulista Avenue (class A people who live in a swanky and posh part of Sao Paulo) trod here for a quick beach fix over the weekend. And why not since it’s just an hour away. So if you’re in Sao Paulo on a weekend, its best to avoid this area if you’re looking for a calm and tranquil beach retreat. But if you want to be where the action is, then head here.

3. Which is the best beach in Guaruja?

Source: Penelope Ferreira Barcelos

You must be wondering why people flock to Guaruja and of its 23 beaches, which ones stand out. Pitangueiras and Astúrias are two of the most popular beaches in Guaruja, and why won’t it be? These beaches have wider and flatter sand that gives more room for those weekenders to frolic under the sun. Perhaps give this a go during a weekday to maximize your vacation.

4. Where are the bold and the beautiful in Guaruja?

Source: Carlos Varela

Stay low-key in Guaruja by visiting Pernambuco beach. You will be stunned by coastlines that have black stones poking through the blue water looking much like baby seals. And locals know that this is where the tanned and the beautiful stay to play. You can spend hours just people watching and pretending to be a judge on Brazil’s Next Top Model.

5. The secrets of Ilhabela

Source: Kikesan

If you have more time, and money, head on over to Ilhabela. Literally translating to the beautiful isle, it’s no wonder they named it so. You have hiking trails and more than a hundred waterfalls scattered all over the island. Be warned that not all waterfalls allow swimming, so before taking the plunge, check for some signs or ask locals.

6. Surfing area in Sao Paulo, anyone?

Sao Paulo Beaches
Source: Rodrigo Moraes

If there’s a beach, there’s a place to surf. So where in Sao Paulo do locals recommend you to surf? In Ubatuba! If you’re in luck, you can even watch any of the ten surfing competitions held here every year. If you’re not into surfing, it doesn’t mean you can’t visit Ubatuba. They offer a lot of other water sports like diving, etc.

7. The glitz and glamour of almost pink sands

Source: Rodney Domingues

There is a place in Ubatuba called Sete Fontes, and it is known for the pinkish hue of its sand. Yes, pinkish sand. You’ll be spending lots of time clicking that camera, not to mention they have boulders growing out of nowhere to add a dramatic effect to your capture. Also, take note you can only access this by boat and you can also explore the seven creeks, which is why it is named so.

8. Calm and serenity, can you find it in Sao Paulo?

Source: Eduardo Marquetti

Believe it or not, there are still some quiet beaches to either swim or surf at in Sao Paulo. You might think there aren’t any. Head on over to Praia Brava or Praia do Romance in Caraguatatuba to have some quality time with your family, loved ones, and friends.

9. The spot to be during low tide

Source: Marinelson Almeida

Aside from kayaking in Tabatinga, which is another beach in Caraguatatuba, you also have to visit this place when the tide is low. Why? Because you can explore the rocky area between Tabatinga and Mococa beach. Plus, imagine the nice photos you’ll get here.

10. Partying in Caraguatatuba

Source: Patricia Oliveira

Caraguatatuba has 17 beaches, so which one should you go to if you’re in the partying mood? Head on over to Martin de Sá. It has the most number of nightclubs and you will never hear a quiet moment when on this beach. It has a busy neighborhood with cars blasting loud noises when they pass by. Every second is a chance to party. So whether you’re in the mood to do water sports, to party, or even to just people watch, Sao Paulo beaches has it all for you.

Have a good trip and travel!