10 Things To Do in Kenitra: Morocco

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Source: Hakim DAHOUNE

Kenitra is located in the northern part of Morocco. Formerly known as Port Lyautey, Kenitra is one of the three main cities of the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra region. This city has many things to offer the tourists. It has an awesome beach, national parks with a wonderful lake, few historical relics, beautiful mosques, interesting and diverse neighborhood as well as modern shopping malls, hypermarkets, restaurants, and clubs. The best things to do in Kenitra can be listed as below.

1. Have fun in Mehdia beach

Source: Marina Sanz Biendicho

A nice small beach, located in the west of Kenitra city. The beach is in the Mehdia town of Kenitra. This is an ideal place for beach lovers and surfers, especially in summer. You can spend a nice time here with many activities like surfing, body boarding, camel riding or quad riding or just lay in the sun and relax.


  • Name: Plage de Mehdia
  • Address: Mehdia, Kenitra, Morocco
  • Type of attraction: Beach, Outdoor activities

2. Explore Kasbah of Mehdia

Kasbah of Mehdia is a fortress located on the left bank of the river Sebou, overlooking the harbor in Mehdia. It has over 2000 years of history. Enjoy the view with the river Sebou, the Atlantic Ocean, and Lake Sidi Boughaba. It is beautiful and worth visiting.


  • Name: La Kasbah de Mehdia
  • Address: Mehdia, Kenitra, Morocco
  • Type of attraction: Historic sites

3. Spend time with nature at Lac Sidi Boughaba

Lac Sidi Boughaba Parc National is a nature reserve with a long, narrow shaped lake divided by a central causeway. This park is located near the Mehdia beach, only 13km from the city center of Kenitra. This is renowned for it’s rich and diverse bird life. This is a scenic spot, ideal for gentle hiking, picnic and bird watching.


  • Name: Lac Sidi Boughaba Parc National
  • Address: Kenitra, Morocco
  • Type of attraction: National park

4. Explore Thamusida ruines

Around 15km away from the Kenitra city center, Thamusida is an archaeological site. It was a river port in the Roman era in Morocco. This is a place to explore the ruins of the Roman period in Morocco, dating back 200 AD. Thamusida is an interesting place for the tourists visiting Kenitra.


  • Name: Thamusida
  • Address: Thamusida, Kenitra, Gharb-Chrarda-Beni Hssen, Morocco
  • Type of attraction: Archaeological sites

5. Visit Mosquée Mohamed VI

Mosque Mohamed VI is located in the avenue Mohamed V in Kenitra city center. Opposite of this mosque, you will find Aswak Assalam, one of the popular hypermarkets in Kenitra. This mosque has a beautiful modern architectural design with a minaret. You can visit this mosque and admire the contemporary Islamic architecture.


  • Name: Mosquée Mohamed VI
  • Address: Avenue Mohamed V, Kénitra, Morocco
  • Type of attraction: Mosque, Religious sites

6. Visit Mosquée Lalla Khadija

This is another beautiful mosque in Kenitra and a popular site for the tourists. The mosque has a 38 meter tall minaret, separate prayer rooms for men and women and house for the Imam. This religious building was constructed over an area of 7,000 square meters and reflects the standard of traditional Moroccan architecture.


  • Name: Mosquée Lalla Khadija
  • Address: Rue Ibn Benna, Kénitra, Morocco
  • Type of attraction: Mosque, Religious sites

7. Wander at Khabazat

Khabazat is a neighborhood in the old Medina area. You can see the Moroccan traditional lifestyle in this neighborhood. You will find street markets, food stalls, dry fruit and spice shops and many other interesting things in this area. Explore this place at your own pace and melt yourself with the Moroccan lifestyle.


  • Name: Khabazat
  • Address: Khabazat, Kenitra, Morocco
  • Type of attraction: Neighborhood

8. Enjoy at Discothèque 007

Kenitra doesn’t have many choices of night clubs. Among the few, Discothèque 007 is one of the best nightclubs in the region. It is an old club established in 1940. This is probably the best place for partying in Kenitra. This place is excellent with good sound system, wonderful decoration, and on-site catering.


9. Eat at Merzouga

Wonderful seaside restaurant on Mehdia beach. In order to have a delicious and healthy meal in a cozy and lively environment, you must check-in to Merzouga. The restaurant is set in a prime location and their food is fantastic. After visiting Mehdia beach and Kasbah, you can have a tasty meal with a nice view in Merzouga restaurant.


10. Shop at Kénitra Mall

Kenitra mall is a shopping mall located in the city center. This shopping mall is conveniently located in the avenue Med 5. You can find a variety of products ranging from apparel, cosmetics, shoes to electronics, toys. You can collect Moroccan traditional dresses or shoes as well as products for your daily needs from this shopping mall.


  • Name:  Kénitra Mall
  • Address: Avenue Med 5, 14000 kenitra, Morocco
  • Type of attraction: Shopping mall

All the above attractions are within Kenitra and it’s surrounding neighborhood. However, you can also visit some nearby interesting places that are few hours drive from Kenitra city.

Have a good trip and travel!

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