12 Months in Brazil (January- December)

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Source: Douglas Scortegagna

Brazil is one of the most attractive destinations in the world. With various spectacular landscapes, friendly people and specific cuisines, including: Arabu (significant taste with turtle eggs with cassava flour and salt), Bauru (the Brazil sandwich), Tareco (biscuit). Especially, Brazil is famous for interesting festivals and events throughout a year!



January is one of the hottest months in a year in Brazil. Tourists can go to some famous spots, such as: Baía dos Porcos, Praia do Forno or Jericoacoara. In additions, visitors can participate in the New Year’s Eve celebration or the Three Kings festival. These celebrations attract the attention of many people, including the local people and international tourists. The New Year’s Eve is an attractive event, with nearly 2 million people and the spectacular fireworks. In Rio de Janeiro, the event will be held in Copacabana beach with many interesting activities. Along with New Year’s Eve, Three Kings Festival is also the attractive event for the tourists. Kings Festival plays an important role in the ritual life of the local people. According to news, a lot of women in the traditional Bahian dress will carry the perfumed water to wash the church steps, accompanied by 800,000 people. In the main day, there are a lot of attractive activities, with live music, singing performance.


  • Name: New Year’s Celebration
  • Locations: Throughout Brazil
  • Date: 1st January


  • Name: Three Kings Festival (Terno de Reis)
  • Location: Salvador
  • Date: 6th January


This is the special month of a year, with the famous festival: Carnival. Carnival is held all over the world but Brazil is the largest and the most unusual one. It is organized throughout Brazil but Rio de Janeiro is the most impressive festival. Rio Carnival festival is known as the “Monumental performances and most attractive festival on earth”. Rio Carnival is an attractive event with trendy music and colorful costumes. In this special occasion, a Samba Parade will be performed. In this festival, the tourists should participate in the parade with colorful costumes and sing with kings, queens, princesses, princes, knights… The Carnival’s parade will take place on Sunday and Monday nights in the Sambadrome stadium of the city. On 2nd February, the celebration of the God of the Sea will be held, which is honored the Yemanjá.


  • Name: Celebration of Yemanjá, the Goddess of the Sea
  • Date: February 2
  • Location: throughout Brazil
  • Contact: Bahiatursa (tel. 071/3103-3103)
  • Website www.bahia.com.br


  • Name: Carnival.
  • Date: Early February to mid-March
  • Location: Throughout Brazil, but the largest places are Rio, Salvador, and Recife
  • Contact: Riotur (tel. 021/2271-7000)
  • Website: www.riodejaneiro-turismo.com.br


Source: Dimitry B.

March is the suitable time for tourists, with clear sky, cool weather and the temperature is 27 oC. Tourists will experience their vacation with family and friends in this place. The fabulous Carnival in Brazil, especially in Rio de Janeiro, which is still continued from the mid- February until early March, with various activities and colorful costumes of Brazilian girls and guys. Along with that, tourist can participate in the Passion Play, which is held before the Easter Day.


  • Name: Passion Play
  • Date: Ten days preceding Easter
  • Location: Nova Jerusalem
  • Contact: Recife Tourist Information (tel. 081/3232-8409)..


April is one of the most important months in a year in Brazil. It is the time of Easter week and the Independence day of the local people. Tourists can see various activities in these events. The significant thing is that the Easter eggs in the Semana Santa occasion, the children will be happy with many outdoor activities. In these days, both tourists and local people will enjoy the special time with many celebrations!


  • Name: Easter Weekend (Semana Santa),
  • Date: The 3rd /4th week of April (Sunday)
  • Location: Throughout Brazil
  • Contact: Ouro Preto Tourist Information (tel. 031/3551-1469)
  • Website: www.ouropreto.org.br


  • Name: Week of the Inconfidência/ Tiradentes Day
  • Date: April 16 to April 21
  • Location: Rio de Janeiro
  • Contact: Ouro Preto Tourist Information (tel. 031/3551-1469)
  • Website: www.ouropreto.org.br


Source: Diego Torres Silvestre

If tourists want to go to a place with sunny days, comfortable weather in the summer time, especially in May, Brazill is a good option. Similar to April, May is the occasion of important events and festivals. One of the suggestions is the Corpus Christi, commonly known as the Body of Christ festival. This event is mostly celebrated in the Roman Catholic Church, Anglican, Lutheran Church, Old Catholic Church, and it is an official holiday in Austria, Brazil, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, East Timor, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Panama, Peru, Poland, San Marino, Switzerland, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago and some states in Germany and Spain. Traditionally, the festival’s procession will be organized through the streets. After the procession, people will return to the church.


  • Name: Corpus Christi
  • Location:Throughout Brazil
  • Date: in May/ June, after Easter 1 month.


In Brazil, June will bring various events, festivals to both local people and tourists. In this time, tourists can participate in many events and festivals in many places in Brazil, including: The peasant folklore festival on the 1st day of the month, with various activities on the street: Country music, colorful costumes, hot-air balloons and fair. Another special occasion in Brazil is Bonfire festival. This festival is to honor Saints Anthony, John, and Peter. Along with this special event, tourists can experience more attractive celebrations, such as: Bumba-meu-boi and Bauernfest.


  • Name: The peasant folklore festival
  • Date: June 1st
  • Location:São Luis, Maranhão


  • Name:Bonfire Festival (Festa Junina)
  • Date: Santo Antônio (13 June), São João (24 June) and São Pedro (29 June)
  • Location: Santo Antônio,  São João, São Pedro


  • Name: Bauernfest
  • Date: Last weekend of June and first week of July.
  • Location: Petrópolis
  • Contact: Petrópolis Foundation of Culture and Tourism (tel. 0800/024-1516)


Most of the tourists will prefer the weather in July, because of its mild climate and comfortable atmosphere. With unexpected drizzle, tourists can feel the cool climate in Brazil. In this month, tourists can experience the most fabulous event: FLIP. It has been organized since 2003, aiming at introducing the identities of colonial towns in Brazil, with attendance of various artists and wonderful outdoor activities.


  • Name: FLIP Festa Literária Internacional de Paraty
  • Date: First week of July.
  • Location: Paraty.
  • Contact: The Paraty tourist information (tel. 024/3371-1897
  • Website: www.flip.org.br


Source: Christian Haugen

August is one of the attractive months in a year in Brazil. It is not only the suitable weather (with unexpected drizzle, cool climate, the average temperature is about 24oC) but also the beautiful spots and sites, such as: Ipanema beach (Rio de Janeiro), Praia do Sancho (Fernando de Noronha), Trancoso (Bahia) and Trindade (Paraty). Trancoso is located in the southern Bahia, about 10 miles from Porto Seguro. Tourists can go there by car or boat from the city. This small town lies on the sloping hill near the sea, which creates an advantage for exploring the beach. The town is more lively with colorful houses, especially on the main square. Horse riding is also a unique feature in here. Another option for tourists is the Trindade (Paraty). It is about 30 miles south of Paraty, on the Costa Verde. It is a quiet beach and a favorite place of the local people. White sandy beaches with rocks feature the characteristics of Trindade. Similar to other beaches in the area, the beach is surrounded by the Mata Atlantica rainforest. This is also a good place to surf and visit the nearby waterfall.


This time is the special occasion for tourists to celebrate the historical day of Brazil, the Independence day. It is held annually on 7th September, with various activities of the local people. Tourists can participate in the military parade. This national event will be organized throughout Brazil, but the event in Rio de Janeiro is the most impressive one. Along with this special day of Brazilians, the Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro will provide tourists the domestic and international movies. This is the occasion for tourists to know more about the movie industry of the country in South America.


  • Name: Independence Day
  • Date: September 7.
  • Location: throughout Brazil, the most impressive in in Rio de Janeiro


  • Name: Film Festival Rio BR
  • Location: Rio de Janeiro
  • Date: Late September to the first week of October.
  • Contact: Riotur (tel. 021/2271-7000
  • Website: www.festivaldorio.com.br


October features the transitional time between summer and winter in Brazil. This is the suitable time for tourists to have their vacation, holiday with families and friends. In this month, tourists can spend time enjoying the Jazz festival in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. This festival will last for 3 days in October. You can enjoy your favorite songs and perform your own melodies. It will be fun! Along with a glass of wine, your evening will be more romantic! Going with a friend or your lover is highly recommended to enjoy this sweet moment. Besides, you can participate in the event “Cirio of Nazaré” in Belém in the weekend with your relatives. It will have the military parade in streets and harbors in Belém. Let’s take your camera and have the memorial moments in this special occasion!


  • Name: Free Jazz Festival,
  • Date: Mid- to late October.
  • Location: Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo
  • Contact: Riotur (tel. 021/2271-7000)
  • Website: www.riodejaneiro-turismo.com.br


  • Name: Cirio of Nazaré
  • Date: Second Sunday of October
  • Location: Belém
  • Contact: Paratur (tel. 091/3212-0575
  • Website: www.paraturismo.pa.gov.br



If you expect a visit to a winter area but it is not too cold, you should take a trip to Brazil in November. Especially, tourists can join the exhibition of sculptors, the Aleijadinho Week. This event will last for a week, with various activities relate to sculpture and the sculptors. If you are interested in this kind of arts, this event will be a great opportunity for you to ask and widen your knowledge with professional artists. If you are the visitors, Aleijadinho event is also a chance for you to know more about arts and make new friends with the same opinions.


  • Name: Aleijadinho Week
  • Date: November 14 to November 21
  • Location: Ouro Preto
  • Contact: Ouro Preto Tourist Information (tel. 031/3551-1469)
  • Website: www.ouropreto.org.br


Source: mk30

Welcome to the special time in Brazil! It is not only the last month of a year, with the comfortable weather, but also with various traditional festivals in the local area. On the early month, 4th December, Santa Barbara festival is the option that you can spend time with your families and friends. This is the traditional celebration of people in Salvador, with colorful costumes and various traditional activities. All the street on this day will be covered with red and white. People will bring the red rose to celebrate in this days. In the late month, 24th December, it is the time for Christmas. It is the famous holidays in over the world, the children will expect their presents in their socks, which hang on the bed. They also hope to be “Nice” to get Santa Clause’s gift, if they are got “Naughty”, there will be nothing at all!


  • Name: Santa Barbara
  • Date: December 4.
  • Location: Salvador
  • Contact: Bahiatursa (tel. 071/3103-3103
  • Website: www.bahia.com.br


  • Name: Christmas Eve
  • Date: December 24.
  • Location: Throughout Brazil

Have a good trip and travel!

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