10 Things To Do in Campo Grande

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Source: Renato Guirreiro

Campo Grande is the capital of the Brazilian state of Grosso do Sol and is the largest city in the state too with a total land area of 8,096.05 kilometers squared in the municipality and 154.5 kilometers squared in the urban area. The town has a population of 853.622 in the municipality and 1,069,420 in the metro area as of 2014.

1. Relax at the parks

There are a lot of parks in Campo Grande and all of them are really great for strolling around and enjoying the breeze. It is also great for families with little children as they will enjoy the views and will absolutely have fun. The parks that you should visit are Parque das Nacoes Indigenas, Praca Ari Coelho, Parque Ecologico does Soter, Lago do Amor, Praca Pantaneira, Prosa State Park and Praca do Papa.

2. Exercise at Belmar Fidalgo Stadium

For those people that do not have time to go to the parks then go to Praca do Papa. They have a sand volleyball courts and a playground too. They also have 400m track making it a good place to run or do some exercise. It is surely a great way to enjoy Campo Grande. If you are not into sports and exercises then having a walk around the stadium wouldn’t hurt.


  • Name: Belmar Fidalgo Stadium
  • Address: Rua D. Aquino, 2536, Centro, Amambai | Entrada Tambem Pela Rua Barao Do Rio Branco, Campo Grande, State of Mato Grosso do Sul 79002-182, Brazil
  • Acess: 10 minutes away from Praca Ari Coelho
  • Price: Free
  • Phone: (67) 3314-3692
  • Opening hours: Monday-Friday 6:00AM-6:00PM
  • Website: http://www.pmcg.ms.gov.br/funesp/canaisTexto#_=_

3. Visit the magnificent museums

A great way to explore and really get to know Campo Grande is to visit the museums in town to be able to see some ancient artifacts, hear interesting stories and learn the histories of the famous landmarks around the area making your visit to those landmarks much more interesting. The museums that you should visit in Campo Grande are Dom Bosco Museum, Jose Antonio Pereira Museum, Aviator Monument, Museum of Modern Arts, and Lidia Bais Morada dos Bais Museum.

4. Experience spirituality at San Jose Church

Visiting a church might be the least in your mind when you are on a vacation but going into San Jose Church is definitely worth it. The church has an amazing history and as you go inside the interior design will leave you breathless as it looks like a castle or something really heavenly. The church is also located just in the center of town.

5. Taste the best food in town

Ditch the ready-to-eat foods when you are on a vacation and explore the best food in town by hopping around the restaurants in Campo Grande. It is surely the best way to know the city. The best restaurants for you to have a bite is Imakay Oriental Y Peruano, Cantina Romana, Pietro I Maria, Territorio do Vinho, Vermelho Grill, Gaucho Gastao, Restaurante Casa Do Peixe, and Thomaz Lanches.

6.  Explore around and do some shopping

Almost everyone will do some shopping when they are in a vacation to buy some souvenirs and gifts and doing that in Campo Grande is never a problem because you will not have to really put shopping in your itinerary but as you walk around the city center streets, you would be able to find something good to buy. Almost everything you need is in the palm of your hands.

7. Walk around Horto Florestal

Horto Florestal is a green park located in the middle of the city. It is a great place to get away with the busy city and to just enjoy nature, have a walk or even read good books as there is a public library inside the park and what is best in this park is that it is free for everyone.

8. Tour around the Shrine of Nossa Senhora do Perpetuo Socorro

Shrine of Nossa Senhora does Perpetuo Socorro is one of the ancient architecture that is still well-preserved in Campo Grande. The place is very unique but if you are planning to visit there, expect the place to be crowded as it is one of the most visited landmarks in the city. It is recommended to go on Wednesday because of the Novena which is the tradition of the city.


  • Name: Shrine of Nossa Senhora do Perpetuo Socorro
  • Address: Av. Afonso Pena, 377 | Amambaí, Campo Grande, State of Mato Grosso do Sul 79005-000, Brazil
  • Acess: 10 minutes away from Shopping Norte Sul Plaza
  • Price: Free
  • Phone: +55 67 3384 2818
  • Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 6:00AM-6:00PM
  • Website: http://perpetuosocorroms.com.br/#_=

9. Walk around Monumento Imigracao Japonesa

Monumento Imigracao Japonesa is a monument with a replica of a Japanese construction. It is a great place to take pictures and walk around the area. If you have spare time on your vacation then go to this square. The place is not that popular but it wouldn’t hurt to have a visit or even just walk around since it is located just in the city.

10. Book a private city and nature tour

Experience Campo Grande in a worry-free private tour. Booking a private tour is quite a great idea especially if you want to travel without any worries since the travel agency will be the one to organize everything for you including accommodation, transportation, meals and the activities and places that you are going to visit.

Have a good trip and travel!