10 Accommodations to Stay in Fes

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Source: Andrew Nash

The accommodation where you will be staying at is also an important factor when planning a trip. The accommodation alone can make or break your vacation and greatly affect your experience. For this matter, here are 10 accommodations that you can stay at in Fes, Morocco.

1. Riad Laaroussa Hotel and Spa

This hotel is a restored 17th century palace. It gives off a very relaxing atmosphere which will make your stay as nice as possible. The rooms are large and the terraces offer breathtaking views of the courtyard. This is also a great place to stay during the winter as there is a fireplace in each of their salons that will provide you with the heat that you need. The staff also provides exceptional service.


  • Phone Number : +21 267 418 7639
  • Address : 3 Derb Bechara, Fes, Morocco
  • Website : https://riad-laaroussa.com/
  • Complimentary full Moroccan breakfast is available
  • WiFi connection is free
  • Safes and room service are available

2. Riad Andalib

This hotel has been newly-renovated in order to provide luxury accommodation to the travelers and guests. Excellent facilities are also available for use, such as lounge bars, pools, a fitness room, a bar, and a restaurant. This hotel is also easily accessible as it is located just a mere 5 meters from the taxi and bus stops. Friendly staff always render exceptional customer service.


  • Phone Number : +21 253 576 4563
  • Address : 54 Mohamed Ben Alaoui, R’cif near Cinema Amal, Fes 30110 Morocco
  • Website : http://www.riadandalib.ma/
  • Free Wireless Internet connection
  • Free Breakfast

3. Riad Le Calife

This particular accommodation combines tradition with modernity. This is a traditional house that was converted into a guest house with seven rooms that include three suites and four family rooms. There are also three lounge areas and two terraces that offer scenic views of the medina that surrounds it. There is also a restaurant that offers free breakfast in the morning.


  • Phone Number : +21 253 576 2608
  • Address : 19 Bis Derb El Ouarbiya – El Makhfia Fes Medina, Maroc, Morocco
  • Website : http://www.riadlecalife.com/accueil.php?lang=en
  • Free Wifi Available
  • Laundry service, room service, and shuttle bus service are also available.

4. Riad El Yacout


The Riad El Yacout is inspired by Arabo-Andalusian style of architecture. This was a house of a wealthy merchant before and converted to a hotel. Wheelchair access makes it comfortable for both young and old, able-bodied and challenged to roam the place. Amenities include a pool, a banquet room, and a restaurant that serves delicious Moroccan dishes. Staff members are multilingual, too.


  • Phone Number : +21 253 574 0020
  • Address : 9 Derb Guebbas, Medina, Fes 30200, Morocco
  • Website : http://www.riadelyacoutfes.com/en/
  • Email Address : riadelyacout@gmail.com
  • Free Wifi Internet Access

5. Riad Ahlam

The Riad Ahlam is just a kilometer away from Marinid Tombs. It only takes around six minutes to walk from here to the Bou Inania Madrasa which is an Islamic learning center. The rooms are well-decorated with colorful décor and will surely make for a relaxing stay. For your entertainment, a flat screen TV is also present in each room. They also serve a free complimentary breakfast buffet for the guests.


  • Phone Number : +21 253 563 8714
  • Address : 24 Derb el Ain miter Azliten, Fes 30110 Morocco
  • Website : http://www.riad-ahlam.com/english/
  • Email Address : info@riad-ahlam.com
  • Free Wifi Connection Available

6. Riad Laayoun

A traditional house that is converted to a guest house, the Riad Laayoun is a place that you can stay where traditional décor and modern facilities are combined. This particular accommodation is located near the oldest university of the world. You can choose from among the five rooms that are available in this place. There are two rooms at the top floor and three suites that are located in the first floor, surrounding the balcony.


  • Address : 47 Derb Thakharbicht Rcham Laayoun, Fes Medina, Fes 30000 Morocco
  • Restaurant offers free breakfast
  • Free Wifi connection available
  • Room service available
  • Airport Transportation available

7. Algila Fes

This hotel is one good place to stay during your visit in Fes. You will surely feel the relaxing atmosphere making it easy for you to sleep comfortably and rest your tired body from your morning activities. There are seven guest rooms and five suites that are available for the guests. A portion of the structure can even be rented for personal use by groups of families or travelers.


  • Phone Number : +21 253 563 8028
  • Address : 17 Akibat Sbaa, Fes, Morocco
  • Website : http://algilafes.com/
  • Email Address : info@algilafes.com
  • Free Wifi Internet Access

8. Hotel & Spa Riad de Bensouda

The Riad de Bensouda offers comfortable accommodations to its guests. With a total of eleven air-conditioned and decorated rooms, you will surely get the comfort that you deserve. There is also a pool, a spa, and a restaurant available for our use. Multilingual staff members will be happy to assist you and attend to your needs. You can also access the Internet for free.


  • Phone Number : +21 252 439 1609
  • Address : 14 Zkak el Bghel, Elquettanine, Fes 30202 Morocco
  • Website : http://www.riaddarbensouda.com/
  • Email Address : reservation@marrakech-riads.com
  • Children’s Activities and Babysitting Services are available

9. Ryad Alya

The Ryad Alya guest house is an example of good Moroccan architecture in display. The rooms, which usually are family rooms and suites, are all air-conditioned. The guests can also take advantage of free wireless Internet connection in the place. For those on a business trip, the guest house also offers conference facilities for your meetings. The restaurant also serves complimentary free breakfast.


  • Phone Number : +21 253 563 3044
  • Address : 8 Bis Derb Guebbas.Quartier Batha. Medina -Fes Maroc، Fes 30000, Morocco
  • Website : http://www.fes-ryadalya.com/
  • Email Address : contact@fes-ryadalya.com
  • Babysitting services available

10. Palais Faraj Suites & Spa

This hotel has a total of 25 rooms, generally family rooms and suites. Each room is definitely a feast for the eyes as each of them are decorated with traditional Moroccan designs. Not only that, a wide variety of services and amenities are also available in this hotel. There is a pool, a spa, and a restaurant that also offers free breakfast. Internet access is free, as well.


  • Phone Number : +21 253 563 5356
  • Address : 16-18 Quartier Ziat, Derb Bensouda, Fes 30000 Morocco
  • Website : http://palaisfaraj-fes.com/
  • Email Address : sales@palaisfaraj.com
  • Free parking available

There are, indeed, a lot of accommodations that you can choose in Fes, Morocco. Each of these accommodations opens their rooms to the travelers. You will surely be able to get the relaxation and sleep that you need to regain your energy for the next day.

Have a good trip and travel!

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