10 Things To Do in Ifrane: Morocco

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Ifrane is a small city in Morocco. The name comes from the word “ifran” which means caves in the Berber language. When you visit this small city, you might think that there is nothing to do here. However, here are the 10 things that you can surely do in this place.

1. Journey Beyond Travel Day Tours

Journey Beyond Travel offers day tours for you and your companions. With such day tour, you have the chance to visit different scenic views and tourist spots that are located in Ifrane, Morocco. The tour is a private and guarded one, meaning you and your companions will have the guide all by yourself. The guides are knowledgeable and professional. Aside from that, you will also have an experienced driver.


  • Phone Number : 855 687 6676
  • Address : Residence Apt. 1 Hay Riad, Avenue Lalla Amina, Ifrane, Morocco
  • Website : https://www.journeybeyondtravel.com/
  • Email Address : info@journeybeyondtravel.com
  • Office Hours : 9am up to 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am up to 1pm on Saturday

2. Michlifen Ski Station

In the Michlifen Ski Station, you will be able to ski on the snow for as long as you can. You might also enjoy playing with the snow after your skiing sessions. However, you should heed a word of caution, though. The pieces of equipment used in the sessions are not really the best quality there is. Although there is parking available, it is full most of the time as well as cost a certain fee.


  • Address : KM12 Michlifen, Ifrane, Morocco
  • Visa and other international cards may not work so bring cash.
  • Always bring jackets and mittens.

3. Parc La Prairie

The Parc La Prairie is one of the greenest parks in the Ifrane, Morocco area. This is a great place if you just want to walk around and feel the cool breeze. You will also be able to see the sights within the place. It is quiet so you will have a relaxing time in this park, indeed. The park contains a forest and numerous trails that you can use in order to explore the area.


  • Address : P24 Ifrane, Morocco
  • Temperature is generally at 29 degrees Celsius.
  • A typical visit takes less than an hour.

4. Lake Dait Aoua

The Lake Dait Aoua allows you to get closer to nature with its relaxing views of the mountains and the big lake. The waters in the lake are absolutely clear. There are horses around that you can rent so you can take a horse ride around such body of water. You can also pedal a boat within the lake. There are also a lot of ducks in the place so you have the chance to feed them.


  • Address : Lake Circuit, Ifrane, Morocco
  • Horse ride costs more or less 50 dirhams.
  • You can negotiate the price for the horse ride.

5. Al Akhawayn University

If you are one of those who usually enjoy visiting schools, then, you should not forget to visit the Al Akhawayn University. This university was founded by King Hassan II of Morocco in 1993 and, in 1995, the official classes started. English is the language of instruction in this university. You can contact the university in order to organize a school tour in this place.


  • Phone Number : +21 253 586 2000
  • Address : Hassan II Avenue, Ifrane, Meknès-Tafilalet Region, 53000, Morocco
  • Website : http://www.aui.ma/en/

6. La Source Vittel

The town of Ifrane is best known for its natural beauty. For you to get closer to nature, you should not miss out the La Source Vittel which is actually a series of waterfalls that are located about three kilometers away from the main center of the town. You and your family or friends can go for a picnic or just basically relax in this place. Just a couple of hundred meters of walking and you will surely find a forest full of poplars and maples.


  • Phone Number : +21 266 776 4435
  • Address : Ifrane, Morocco
  • Small horse rides are available during summer to get to the waterfalls.

7. Center Ville or Town Centre

The downtown area of Ifrane, called the Center Ville or Town Centre, offers a lot of gardens and fountains that you can visit. There are also a lot of restaurants and cafes that you can go to for meals. These establishments are usually located in terraces and rooftops. Most importantly, you might want to take a photograph of the infamous lion sculpture that is found in this area.


  • The lion was sculpted by Henri Jean Moreau in the 1930’s.
  • Lion’s measurements : 1.5 meters by 7 meters
  • The lion is at its resting position.

8. Nightlife

Hotel Les Tilleuls, Ifrane #ifrane #maroc #morocco #maghreb #vintagemaroc

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The nightlife in Ifrane is quite a small one. There are three places that you may go to in order to enjoy such nightlife. You can go to either the Grand Hotel or Les Tilleuls where dance clubs are available. House or Techno music are usually being played in certain days. If you are a lover of live music, then, you can go to the Aguelmam Restaurant Bar Cafe.


  • Grand Hotel : +21 266 577 8877
  • Les Tilleuls : +21 253 556 6658
  • Aguelmam Restaurant Bar Cafe : P24, Ifrane, Morocco

9. Souk

The souk in Ifrane is the best place to go if you would like to shop for gifts or souvenirs. There are a lot of items that are being put up for sale in this place. You can find household items that you might need in your daily life. You will also find traditional items or handicrafts such as those masterpieces that were made by the members of the Berber tribes. Most of the Berber crafts are from the Atlas Mountains.


  • The souk is open every day.
  • You can haggle with the price of the item.
  • Counteroffer can be 10% up to 30% of the original price and should be done after the seller makes the primary offer.

10. Cedre Gouraud Forest

You trip to nature will not be complete without visiting the Cedre Gouraud Forest. You can follow the beautiful trails that will surely help you relax and enjoy the clean air that you breathe. Aside from that, there is also a bike path so you can go mountain biking in this place. However, you should just be careful when visiting, though, as there are wild boars and Barbary macaques or apes around here.


  • Phone Number : +21 266 811 9794
  • A trail located south of this forest leads to the Vallee des Roches or Valley of the Rocks, another tourist spot.
  • The forest is located on National Route 8.

Ifrane may not be as big of a city like Marrakesh or Fez. However, it offers a lot of activities that the tourists can do. You can choose which of these activities you will enjoy during your stay in Ifrane, Morocco.

Have a good trip and travel!

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