10 Perfect Spots to Catch Beautiful San Francisco Skyline

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9565718587_6df5b7a95f_kSource: Matt Biddulph

Sky is always full of mystery. It is also full of magic as well that it can make people feel relaxed and peaceful by simply looking at it. It becomes the target of the cameras very often both by professional and amateur photographers. It always succeeds to change its look everyday and everytime without making people get bored to capture it. One most targeted sky view is its skyline. Basically we can see beautiful skyline from anywhere we stand. San Francisco is one of cities in the world possessing mesmerizing skyline. Here are 10 best spots to capture perfect skyporn of San Francisco skyline.

1. Marin Headlands

The Golden Gate Bridge seen from Conzelman Road, Marin Headlands.Source: commons.wikimedia

The first thing comes on your mind about San Francisco might be its popular Golden Gate Bridge. Although actually it’s red and not even gold, this bridge becomes the target of many tourists’ cameras. The bridge is lying above a strait so you can also get a bonus view of its reflection on the strait. Actually, the gate is not located exactly in San Francisco. You can reach it by downtown San Francisco and pass along the bridge for 15 minutes by car. To enjoy the best skyline around the bridge, you need to go up the Marin Headlands. This is non-mainstream location offering you natural and entire view of San Francisco skyline.

2. Fort Point

Source: public-domain-imageSource: public-domain-image

Now, we are not going anywhere. We are still enjoying the perfect skyline of San Francisco around Golden Gate Bridge. Yet, we should walk down a little bit to find another great spot to snap the skyline. It is Fort Point that could bring you very close to the bridge and the strait. It used to be a military base in the past but now it becomes a fantastic place to enjoy the beautiful skyline. The best thing is you can walk along and sit on the riverside. You need to stay here right before sunset to night because you will never want to miss the amazing International Orange color and other lights of the bridge.

3. Twin Peaks

Source: Nicolas RaymondSource: Nicolas Raymond

There is no better place to escape from the madness of the city than driving up to a higher place. Twin Peaks in downtown San Francisco is definitely your alternative if you want to spend your weekend in a simple way. You can find the beautiful view of San Francisco skyline there. Besides, other cities are also visible if you see them from this peak. However, when you want to go there, you need to be flexible otherwise you will get trapped within the fog there. When you see that the sky is very clear, you need to go drive your car there.

4. Treasure Island

Source: Pargon

Enjoy the adorable San Francisco skyline in a quite different way. What about moving across the bay to the northernmost part of San Francisco? There is Treasure Island that could drag you to find natural treasure in the sky. It is an artificial land that became the World Fair in 1939. If you are very fond of collecting various pictures of skyline, this location could be in your bucket list. Both day and night are great times to capture the most beautiful skyline. You can catch this island by MUNI 25-Treasure Island from downtown San Francisco. It is a public transportation directing to this island.

5. Ina Coolbrith Park

Source: Wendy Harman

San Francisco is a super busy county. If you work there, you might get crazy sometimes. Thus, you need fresh air and a place far from the crowds. Get the rich oxygen and colorful view at Ina Coolbrith Park. Located in Vallejo Street, this place is definitely the right place to escape for a while. You can see San Francisco Bay and Coit Tower from above! Plus, you will get a bonus by seeing San Francisco skyline as clear as you fly. It has so many benches to relax. You can wander all steps to the peak of the park and feel the real peace of nature.

6. San Francisco Art Institute Rooftop

Source: commons.wikimedia

Do you want to see Santorini-like view in San Francisco version? Be sure to pay a visit to San Francisco Art Institute. It is an educational institution providing reliable amazing skyline. Your main destination is neither its classrooms nor its library. It’s the rooftop that could make you run out of words. You can see Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower from this spot while enjoying a cup of coffee as there is a café up there. The Telegraph Hill offers you a Santorini-like view because there are light-colored buildings in steps. It’s such a romantic view.

7. Coit Tower

Source: commons.wikimedia

If the previous places have free access, this building is the opposite. You need to pay $7 for general admission to this place. Yet, it does not mean a thing for a place like Coit Tower. Located in Telegraph Hill Boulevard, you will find mesmerizing view of San Francisco in 360o! This tower is very famous for its skyline view because you will stand inside a 64-meter tall building and enjoy with your sweeping eyes. This amazing place already has an extra accessibility service for people with disabilities. There is a ramp that could help those who need assistance so they can also enjoy the skyline. Another great thing? It opens everyday from 10:00-17:30.

8. Golden Gate Bridge

Source: Nicki Dugan Pogue

Now, after strolling around other spots in San Francisco to see the skyline, let’s go back to Golden Gate Bridge. Instead of driving a car or getting a bus to go across the bridge, running some miles right in the bridge won’t be crime. Afternoon is the best time for running as you can also wait the sundown there. You need to bring only mineral water and a camera for this activity. The view when the sun sets would be an undeniable offer for most people. Plan your time for this great activity.

9. Crissy Field

Source: Bruce Harlick

Who could predict that a former military airfield can be turned into a family-friendly park? Crissy Field is one of recommended spots to see the adorable San Francisco skyline view close to Golden Gate Bridge. Now, it’s included in Golden Gate National Recreation Area. For families, a recreation corner in the westernmost side of the field is highly recommended. There are many paths designed to head to the bridge. Besides, the Warming Hut Café is located at that side. The nearby beach along the field is another recommended part of Crissy Field to stare at the sky.

10. Grandview Park

Source: commons.wikimedia

Sometimes, something beautiful is hidden. It’s not always that easy to reach but once it’s conquered, the satisfaction will never fade away. This feeling might be best described the Grandview Park. It’s the one offering you a scenic view of San Francisco from a higher land. To reach its peak, you have to conquer 163 stairs decorated with mosaic panels. You need to make a stop for a minute or two to adore the uniqueness of the colorful panels. It would never make you feel exhausted to reach the peak. Once you are on the top notch, you will be very satisfied with the 360-degree sweeping view.

Now, you know where to go when you want to escape from the crowds. San Francisco skyline can always heal your exhausted soul. It can also be amazing close-up photos captured by your camera. You visit once, you will want to come back!

Have a good trip and travel!

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