Good for Souvenir? Tokyo Banana and Other Things to Buy

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Souvenirs are a token of remembrance of the trip you made to any particular region. These are usually products which depicts the culture and history of any place and visitors do carry it to their home town to keep alive the moments spend there. Japan is also a great country rich in culture and history and travellers love to carry home at-least a single product which is significant to it. Tokyo market is embellished with such numerous souvenir products which can be bought and take home to memorize the trip. Let us know about 7 souvenir goods that are worth to carry home.

1.Popular Food Items


Source: Twicepix

You must be wondering what importance does a food item carry, but the fact is Japanese cuisine and foods are very palatable and accepted worldwide and the authenticity of food can best be enjoyed in its roots. Hence, when you return back with a collection of food items and gift it to your circle they will be amazed about how attractive Japanese foods look and as well as you can always remind your mind the memories associated while eating that particular food which the food item depicts. These food items come in the form of earrings, key-chains, mementos etc.


  • Price: near to 500 Yen

2.Kiriko Glass with a perfect Japanese Liquor


Source: Kiriko Glass

 Since Edo period, Japanese Emperor and the honoured people were serve liquor in Kiriko Glass. Since then it became quite a popular and royal thing to possess. Smooth in texture and soft to touch these glasses are a perfect souvenir item which can be taken back to home along with a bottle of Japanese liquor. Kiriko Glass enhances the pleasure of sipping authentic Japanese liquor.


  • Price: more than 10,000 Yen

3.Kanzashi- Hair Accessory

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Source: Kanzashi

Japan is well known for its unique dresses and hair styles up-do. To embellish hair Japanese hand craft came forward and give birth to extra-ordinary hair accessory known as Kanzashi. It is made by weaving a kind of silk thread and a pin is attached to intact in hair. Since Edo period this hair accessory is in demand and the whole world lures for it highly. In Tokyo you can find it easily at number of handcraft shops, it is a souvenir good that you will remember for a long time.


  • Price: near to 500 Yen

4.Senjafuda Straps

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Source: Oimax

Associated with the Japanese tradition, these straps are originally straps of paper posted on the gates Japanese Temples which are assembled together into a wood like structure and the buyer has the provision to get their names scripted on it in Japanese language. It is considered to be as a lucky charm for Japanese and find with number of Japanese people. As a visitor you can also take it home as your travelling charm.


  • Price: near to 1,000 Yen

5.Uchiwa- Traditional Japanese Fans

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Source: Guldem

Basically, fans are use to create soft cool breeze to eliminate the heat but in Japan it is a trademark of their tradition and are usually given as a gift during relevant seasons. Initially it was made from leaves and animal hair and used to serve the purpose of praying but gradually it transformed into bamboo and paper and designed to depict the tradition of Japan. From Han Dynasty to the present time it has undergone lots of changes making people fall in love with them. It stands as a great Japanese Souvenir.


  • Price: near to 2,000 Yen

6.Yukata- Traditional Clothing

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Source: Colinmcmillen

Yukata is a sort of apparel worn upon clothes on special occasion and festivals. It represents the traditional clothing of Japan and is available in all local markets. If you desire to own a high quality and soft material simply visit to a good clothing store and possess one of the most important Japanese Souvenir.


  • Price: around 5,000 Yen and above

7.Tokyo Banana

Pic 7

Source: Tokyo Banana

Now, the most loved and highly recognized Japanese Souvenir Sweet- Tokyo Banana completes the list of popular Japanese Souvenir which deserves to be taken back home while travelling to Japan. The soft cream when blends with banana puree and baked at an optimum temperature a divine sweet emerges as sponge cake known as Tokyo Banana. Since 1991 it gradually grabbed the market highly and with time new forms and variation are attracting visitors and residents in bulk. If you go back home with few packets of Tokyo Banana surely you will collect loads of applauds from your family and friends. A deserving good which best suits the purpose of an attractive Souvenir.


  • Price: around 500 yen (for 5 pieces)

The rich tradition of Japan has given birth to various handicrafts and culture oriented items and obviously after having a wonderful journey you may wish to carry some good which keeps alive the memories forever. I have tried my best to sum up few items which depict the tradition of Japan in the most incredible and make a good souvenir product. Make sure to carry it back for your loved ones.

Have a good trip and travel!

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