7 Things to Know About San Diego Jazz Festival

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Jazz Festival
Source: Barry Skeates

San Diego Jazz festival is one of the important events in San Diego and it has much importance in the history of the city. In 2016, 37th annual San Diego Jazz festival is going to take place. The Jazz festival is celebrated so as to feature performances of Jazz artists present in San Diego.  Some of the important things which you should know about this event are mentioned below:

1 Introduction of Jazz Festival At San Diego

Introduction of Jazz Festival At San Diego
Source: Colleen Wellington

All the fans of jazz fest call this festival “The Crown Jewel of Jazz festivals”. The festival is celebrated on the “Thanksgiving” weekend which is the weekend where all the Jazz artists come together so as to show their talent to others.  All the Jazz lovers from around the world come here every year to enjoy this festival.

2 Venue and Dates of Festival

The 37th annual San Diego Jazz festival is going to held from 23 November to 27 November in Town and Country Hotel and Convention Center. There are large rooms for concerts and double dance floors at the venue. Also, there are separate listening rooms where people from others parts of the world come together so as to join and enjoy the festival.

3 Music Types and Bands at the Jazz Festival

Red Skunk Band
Source: Waifer X

The bands which come at the festival present different types of Jazz, Dixieland, Ragtime, wing and rock style music. The famous bands of the festival are High Sierra Jazz Band, Paolo Alderighi, Red Skunk Band, Carl sonny Leyland, Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band, Grand Dominion Jazz band and many others famous bands.

4 Festival Hours and Badges

Festival Hours Jazz
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The festival will start on Wednesday on 7 PM to 10:45 PM. On Thursday, the event will take place from 6 PM to 11 PM. On Friday it will start from 10 AM till 10:45 PM and Saturday timings are 9:30 AM to 12:30 AM. The last day i.e. on Sunday schedule will be 9 AM to 6:15 PM. The badges for the festival are bought online and are on the spot for every day. The cost of badges for 5 days is $110, for 4 days $105 and for 3 days $100.

5 Getting Tickets Confirmation

The confirmation of tickets will be made only after placing an order. For those who have purchased badges will be called on before the festival. Those who have bought ‘Multi-Day Badges’ and having badges for Saturday or after 5 PM Saturday are allowed to enter the swing extravaganza.

6 Specialties of San Diego Jazz Festival

Anyone who is willing to join Dance classes and want to learn his instrument can easily learn instruments as there are also special learning arrangements for them. All they need is to send a mail to the director of “Jazz Sea Jammer Dick Williams” about your instrument, about your eligibility to read and your requirements about timing because there are six different times for playing and you have to decide which suits you best. For those who are willing to join dance cases of Hal and Georgia Myers dance classes and want to improve their skills in Balboa, East Coast swing etc, they can also join on Friday and Saturday in Town And County ballroom.

7 Swing Extravaganza

The festival will also have swing extravaganza on Saturday night on 28 November 2016. The main bands for the Extravaganza are Stompy Jones and Jonathan Stout and his campus. The bands are famous for their repertoires and they have perfect tempos for dancers. Both the bands have their own different styles of Swing Music so there are 100% chances that everyone will enjoy.
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