15 Things To Do Every Month In San Francisco

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Source: Maria Grazia Montagnari

San Francisco is the city where one can enjoy countless things which are either free of cost or cheap. Just because of this nearly 17mllion tourists come every year to visit the city. The city is equipped with Golden Gate Bridge, top quality restaurants, cafes, museums, gardens, places to enjoy nightlife and many more. Spending time with you friends and family on your vacations will let you enjoy a lot there and make your memories unforgettable. Some of the best things to do every month in San Francisco are mentioned below:

1 Walk Over the Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge
Source: Nicolas Raymond

This Bridge is among the seven wonders of engineering and looks beautiful both during fog or sunny days. One can enjoy walking on the bridge on foot and on his vehicle also. The bridge is open 24 hours in a day. The fantastic view of Marine Headland and the Pacific Ocean is enjoyed from the top of the bridge.

2 Shop For Fresh Produce at Ferry Building

San Francisco Ferry Building
Source: Michele Ursino

The ferry building offers a variety of fresh foods especially on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The food sold there includes organic fruits and vegetables, gourmet goods, olive oils, meats, Cheese, Jams, and Chocolates. Also, one can shop for Jewellery, Bags, Gift Items and many more things there.

3 Skate Or Bike In Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park
Source: Sandip Bhattacharya

The Golden gate park is the largest man-made park in the world and one can enjoy beautifully landscaped garden, forest, and meadows without the noise of cars. One can enjoy biking and skate here on Sundays especially because the main drive is closed for cars on Sundays.

4 Enjoy a Ride In Roller Coaster

You can enjoy a mind-blowing ride in Roller Coaster by spending just a few dollars and enjoy the official landmark of the city. Three cable cars are lined up from Union Square to California Street, Nob Hill and Russian Hill to Fisherman’s Wharf and enjoy the bell ringing serenade from the conductor.

5 Enjoy the Traditional food at Tadich Grill

food at Tadich Grill
Source: Krista

One can enjoy food at traditional restaurant Tadich Grill which was established in 1849 and it is the place where politicians, techies, and tourists came to enjoy different varieties of food. One can enjoy old school San Francisco dishes here such as Crab Louis, Hangtown Fry, Shimp A La Newburg etc.

6 Take a tour of War Memorial Opera House

War Memorial Opera House
Source: Gavin St. Ours

The splendid Opera house was built in 1932 in the memory of soldiers who fought in World War 1. Also, at this place United Nation Charter was signed in 1945. This place is a venue for San Francisco ballet’s, concerts and lectures and special presentations. By taking a tour of the place one gets to know about the history of war and many other historic events.

7 Climb over a Secret Stairway

Secret Stairway
Source: Mark Sebastian

There are near about 400 stairways which connect San Francisco to 42 hills which offer splendid views. One can go through Pemberton Steps to reach Tank Hill which starts from the bottom of Corbett and Clay Streets. Another stairway is Grand Lyon Street Stairway which provides the view of Alcatraz Island and Golden Gate Bridge at the end.

8 Discover the Ancient America at De Young

De Young Museum
Source: Christopher Matson

You can discover about ancient America at M.H. De Young Museum where you can find housed knives, forks, keys, jades, guns, snuff bottles, and medals. This museum was made in 1894. Also, there are placed 27,000 paintings, sculptures, object craft work and textiles from Africa.
9 Enjoy a Handcrafted Cocktail

9 Enjoy a Handcrafted Cocktail

Source: Scott Schiller

You can sip in the tempting Handcrafted cocktails at Comstock in North Beach such as Sazerac, Manhattan, Blood and Sand. At Bar Agricol, you can enjoy small batch curated syrups, vermouths, bitters, and spirits. Other places for enjoying cocktails are El Dorado 3, Pampero, Don Q Anejo Rums and many others.

10 Feel the Pulse with Nightlife Scene

Source: Sam Howzit

San Francisco Nightlife was opened in 2010 to provide people dance floor, sound system at its best, pop-up art gallery of art, drinks with or without alcohol. Here one can enjoy the best DJ’s. The SF Nightlife has also become the place for “Noise Pop Festival Culture”.

11 Communicate with Sea lions at Pier 39

Birch Aquarium in San Diego
Source: Brandon Leon

Between the carnival of street performers, souvenir shops, seafood restaurants one can see salty sea characters sea lions. At this place 25years ago a colony for barking and belching of sea lions was made named as Pier 39 and here naturalists are always available to answer the questions of people.

12 Explore About Asian Art

Asian Art Museum
Source: SMcGarnigle

The largest showcase of Asian Arts Museum has the collection of Chinese, Japanese, Indian and South East Asian Art of near about 15000 objects. The pieces of art contain Japanese Buddhas and Indonesian shadows puppets. The place also has a museum which is open to visitors only. It also has gift shop decorative items shops and high quality stationary.

13 Enjoy through the living Rain forest

California Academy of Science
Source: sobolevnrm

The California Academy of Science better known as greenest museum in the world has the aquarium, digital planetarium, and scientific research program all inside it. The place has four stories living rain forest which is home place of butterflies and birds. It also has more than 1.5million plants. The aquarium part has living coral reefs.

14 Gain knowledge At Exploratorium

Source: Matthew Black

Exploratorium in San Diego was established in 1969. The place has many interesting things to explore about in it. It has sweeper clock, parabolic mirror, A diorama of San Francisco made up of 100,000 toothpicks, an observatory which provides knowledge about geography and history of San Francisco Bay. The Exploratorium has restaurant and bar in it.

15 Go Through the SF Jazz Center

SF Jazz Centre
Source: Charles Kremenak

The San Francisco jazz hub is made up of $ 64millions. The place is equipped with the best sound designed by Meyer Sound Laboratories and has an American restaurant in it by famous chef Charles Phan. Here at this Jazz center, not only Jazz but all global music forms are performed every year.

Have a good trip and travel!