10 Hotels You Must Stay in Chiba

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Source: Manish Prabhune

Chiba is a great place to visit if you’re planning to go to Japan. It is home to the Inage Beach which is the first artificial beach in the country. Some of the surprising facts about Chiba is that it is famous for having the Chiba Urban Monorail that is also considered as the longest suspended monorail in the world. If you’re planning to stay for a day or two, make sure to make your reservations as early as possible!

1. Apa Hotel & Resort Tokyo Bay Makuhari

The Apa Hotel is considered as one of the best hotels in the Tokyo Bay area. It has indoor and outdoor pools and a sauna that is perfect for those who like to refresh themselves from their long journey. The service from the staff is great and some of them even understand English. Aside from the incredible view of the city from your room, it also offers many dining options including a restaurant, a dim sum buffet a pizzeria and much more!


  • Address: 2-3 Hibino, Mihama-ku, Chiba 261-0021, Chiba Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 43-296-1111
  • Access: 10 minute walk from Kaihin Makuhari Train Station.
  • Website: http://www.apahotel.com.e.ju.hp.transer.com/language/shutoken/tokyobay-makuhari/

2. Chisun Inn Chiba Hamano R16

For those who are traveling on a budget, the Chisun Inn is a great place to stay during your visit on Chiba. The rooms are small, but they are quite clean and charming in their own way. The staff is also very friendly and do their best to make your stay as comfortable as possible.


  • Address: 1133 Muratacho, Chuo-ku, Chiba 260-0825 , Chiba Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 43-266-7111
  • Access: 7 minute walk from the Hamano Train Station
  • Website:  http://www.solarehotels.com/hotel/kanto/chiba/chisuninn-chibahamano.html

3. New Otani Makuhari Hotel

Big spacious rooms with elegant furnishing await those who check in inside New Otani Makuhari Hotel. Due to its short distance from the train station, this hotel offers you a lot of options when it comes to traveling around Chiba. New Otani Makuhari Hotel is also a short distance from Tokyo Disneyland (20 minutes away from the train). Aside from the many restaurants within the hotel, the guests can also enjoy the indoor pool, spa and the fitness center for an additional fee.


  • Address: 2-120-3 Hibino Mihama-ku, Chiba 261-0021, Chiba Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 43-297-7777
  • Access: 5 minute walk from JR Kaihin-Makuhari Train Station
  • Website: http://www.newotani.co.jp/makuhari/

4. Mitsui Garden Hotel Chiba

The Mitsui Garden Hotel is a great place to stay if you are on a business trip. The rooms are clean and big enough to be comfortable. If you like, you can try their delicious breakfast buffet that has Japanese and European cuisines. The location of the hotel is also very good and is surrounded by many shops and cafe’s, that are great for shopping and dining purposes.


  • Address: 1-11-1 Chuo, Chuo-ku, Chiba 260-8626 , Chiba Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 43-224-1131
  • Access:
  • 7 minute walk from JR Chiba Station (East Exit)
  • 7 minute walk from Keisei Chiba Station
  • Website: http://www.gardenhotels.co.jp/chiba/

5. Hotel Springs Makuhari

The Hotel Springs Makuhari is well known for its spacious rooms and great hotel accommodations. There are also many shops in the area including Mitsui Outlet Park and the Aeon Mall, which gives you the option to shop or dine outside the hotel. The staff are very polite and gives great service to their guests.


  • Address: 1-11 Hibino, Mihama-ku, Chiba 261-0021 , Chiba Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 43-296-3111
  • Access: 3 minute walk from Kaihin-Makuhari train station.
  • Website: http://springs.co.jp/index.html

6. Hotel Francs

This is one of the few hotels in Japan that conducts wedding ceremonies within the Hotel’s chapel. The rooms are reasonably priced and they are clean and spacious. The staff is polite and will help you as best as they can. The hotel is also in a great location and has easy access to transportation (trains etc), shops, restaurants and the nearby Aeon Mall.


  • Address: 2-10-2 Hibino Mihama-ku, Chiba 261-0021, Chiba Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 43-296-2111
  • Access: 5 minute walk from Kaihin-Makuhari Station
  • Website:  http://www.francs.co.jp/

7. Keisei Hotel Miramare

The Keisei Hotel is a great business hotel that is modern, clean and has great service. The rooms are comfortable and they are well furnished. A free shuttle ride towards Tokyo Disney Resort is also available, for those who want to go sightseeing.


  • Address: 15-1 Honchibacho Chuo-ku, Chiba 260-0014, Chiba Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 43-222-2111
  • Access: 7 – 10 minutes walk from the JR Chiba Station
  • Website: http://www.miramare.co.jp/en/

8. Hotel The Manhattan

Try to get a room that gives you a view of the Tokyo Bay Area. The rooms in this hotel are spacious, clean, well lighted and the bathroom is complete with amenities. Hotel the Manhattan is well known for their staff’s politeness and impeccable service. If you’re with your family and are looking for a hotel to stay in Chiba, then this is the place to be!


  • Address: 2-10-1 Hibino Mihama-Ku, Chiba 261-0021, Chiba Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 43-275-1111
  • Access: 4 minute walk from Kaihin-Makuhari Station
  • Website: http://www.the-manhattan.co.jp/english/

9. Hotel Sunroute Chiba

Having direct access from JR Chiba Station is one of the advantages of staying at this hotel. The rooms are comfortable, clean and offer enough space to relax your tired body from your trip. Connecting to the internet is a breeze with the help of their Free Wi-Fi. A breakfast buffet is also available on the 4th floor of the hotel that serves many international dishes for you to enjoy.


  • Address: 1-4-1 Shinchiba, Chuo-ku | WESTRIO 1, Chiba 260-0031, Chiba Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 43-301-3301
  • Access:
  • 1 minute walk from JR Chiba Station (West Exit)
  • 3 minute walk from Keisei Chiba Station
  • Website: http://www.sunroute.jp/english/hotelinfo/kanto/chiba/index.html

10. Okura Chiba Hotel

The rooms in this hotel are quite stylish and they are clean and spacious as well. The ambiance of this hotel is very nice and the design of the lobby is European. You can have a relaxing sleep in your room because the place is very quiet at night. Although the staff understands limited English, they are very courteous and polite to their guests.


  • Address: 1-13-3 Chuominato Chuo-Ku, Chiba 260-0024 , Chiba Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 43-248-1111
  • Access:
  • 5 minute walk from Chiba Minato Station
  • 5 minute taxi ride from JR Chiba Station
  • Website: http://www.okura-chiba.com/h/

Have a good trip and travel.

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