20 Things You Have to Know About Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea

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A trip to Tokyo is never complete unless you go and enjoy Tokyo Disneyland!  Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disneyland which as built outside the US and it was complete back in 1983. Disneyland is both popular among tourist as well as Japanese and it is considered one of the most popular places which Japanese visit when they come to Tokyo area. The park is magnificent and combine inside it both Disneyland and DisneySea parks and each one of them is divided to many smaller themed areas. The park hosted about 20 million visitors and is one of the most packed attractions in Tokyo. Lets get to know both Disneyland and DisneySea and see what the fuss is all about!


1. Where is Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea?

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Tokyo Disney Resort in Urayasu, Chiba and can be reached from by both train and by special bus line. To reach Tokyo Disney Resort by train you need to take Rinkai Line to Shin-Kiba Station and then transfer to the JR Keiyo or JR Musashino Line to Maihama Station. From central Tokyo you can take both JR Keiyo or JR Musashino Line to Maihama Station from Tokyo Station.

To reach the resort by bus you can use the special Tokyo Disneyland Park bus from Shinjuku Station or from Tokyo Station. The ride takes about 50 minutes non stop.

Please check the following link for the bus schedule from each station:

2. Which One Should I Go to?

When you arrive to Tokyo Disney Station you can choose your way to Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea. The ticket for the park includes both park areas and although it is possible to visit in one day both areas, they are so vast, it is best to get to know which of the areas you are most interested to visit and spend a full day in this section of the resort. If you do want to enjoy the full park areas, it is best advised to get 3 days ticket and stay at one of the park hotels. 3 days ticket will allow you to enjoy the full park facilities and give you enough time to enjoy every attraction in the park.

3. What is Tokyo Disney Resort?

Tokyo Disney resort is the full 115 acres which the park consist of and it includes Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea and the 3 hotels which the resort goes can choose from while staying in the park area. The resort also offers in-park free transportation in bus shuttles and special monorail trains which links all the resort sections. The monorail has 4 stations. Resort Gateway Station, which is the entrance to the park, Tokyo Disneyland Station, Tokyo DisneySea Station and Bayside Station which is where the resort hotels are located. The monorail is also a great way to get to know the park by simply taking the full round and enjoying the view of the different sections before you decide which one you want to go to!

4. Tickets Reservations & Cost

Tokyo Disney Resort tickets are offering 4 types of basic daily ticket by age.

Adult: ¥6,900
Junior: ¥6,000
Child: ¥ 4,500
Seniors over 65: ¥6,200

Tickets are also available in 2 to 4 days pass, as well as evening only tickets (starts at 6pm and ends at 10pm) which are slightly cheaper and cost ¥4,200 for all ages.
For full ticket information as well as online ticket reservation, please use the following link:

5. Disneyland Adventureland Attractions

Disneyland Adventureland area offers 5 different attraction which are themed around trains and boat rides. Adventureland attractions are the Western River Railroad ride around the adventure land exterior, Pirate of the Caribbean which is a 15 minutes boot ride through a pirate ship themes area, the Jungle Cruise Wildlife Exposition 10 minutes boat ride inside a jungle themes area, the Swiss Family Treehouse area where you can see how disney film Robinson Family lived on a deserted island, and the Enchanted Tiki Room where you can see Stitch and his Hawaiian friends playing music and entertaining the crowds.

6. Disneyland Westernland Attractions

Disneyland Westernland area offer 5 attractions themes around the American wild west and classic American settlers theme attractions. Visitors can enjoy the Westerlund Shooting Gallery and try to shoot with toy guns and win prizes. Visitors can also enjoy Country Bear Theater where 18 country bears will play music and entertain everyone for about 20 minutes. Visitors to Westernland can also take Mark Twain Riverboat or Tom Sawyer Island Raft ride around the lake, and for visitors who want to enjoy some exhilaration, the Big Thunder Mountain offer a rollercoaster ride through an artificial mountain!

7. Disneyland Critter Country Attractions

Disneyland Critter Country area offers 2 rides within artificial rivers. The Splash Mountain ride is a 16 meters waterslide which starts inside the mountain and splash all the way into the lake below. For the more active visitors, the Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes offers a 10 minutes ride in a group canoe where a disney resort personnel will guide you through the lake and you will need to row the cannon in a group and in rhythm!

8. Disneyland Fantasyland Attractions

Disneyland Fantasyland area is a large area offers 10 different attractions themed around different Disney movies. Visitors can enjoy the Alice’s Tea Part rides inside massive tea cups, 10 minutes Castle Carrousel ride on cute horses, It’s a Small World boat ride through a magical house where lots of Disney Characters are entertaining the riders. Snow White’s Adventures house offer a glimpse into the live of Snow White and the seven dwarfs, and Cinderella’s Fairy Tail Hall is a beautiful chance to see Cinderella palace in real life size!. Outside the palace, visitors can try the Dumbo Flying Elephant ride, as well as Peter Pan’s Flight rides which both feeling like flying in the air!

9. Disneyland Toontown Attractions

Disneyland Toontown area offers 7 different rides themes around Disney animation movie classic such as Goofy’s Paint and Play house where kids can enjoy shooting digital paint on walls, Gadget’s Go Coaster which is a mini-roller coaster ride, Toon Park ride in small boats, Donald 10 minutes ride in massive Donald Duck ship, visit to Minnie7s house, and Rogger Rabbit’s Car Toon Sping which is a water carrousel ride inside a miniature lake!

10. Disneyland Tomorrowland Attractions

Disneyland Tomorrowland area offers 7 different rides themed around some of Disney’s biggest movies and is one of the most popular areas of the park. The attractions includes a StarJet spin ride inside futuristic spaceship capsules, Star Tours air¥traction offer a chance to go into Star Wars world, Stitch Encounter offers a show for kids with Stitch as the main star of the show, and the Space Mountain is the fastest indoor rollercoaster of the park offering the visitors an exhilarating ride inside a glow in the dark building!

11. DisneySea Mediterranean Harbor Attractions

DisneySea area if the park starts with the Mediterranean Harbor area offering 3 different attraction themed around the Mediterranean architecture and style. The DisneySea Transit Steamer line offers a seven minutes ride on a steamboat around the artificial lake of DisneySea. The Venetian Gondolas allow visitors to climb into a real gondola and enjoy a ride around lakes and canals which looks like mini Venice. The Fortress Exploration attraction allows kids to explore a massive fortress which is a full size planetarium teaching kids about our solar system and the universe!

12. DisneySea American Waterfront Attractions

DisneySea American Waterfront area has 6 different attractions themed around the USA rivers and lakes. Visitors of the area can take the DisneySea Electric Railway ride and enjoy the full view of the park from a mini train. Visitors can also take a ride on the Big City Vehicles where are oversized antique cars with a deriver which takes you around DisneySea area and showcase the different attractions. The most famous attraction of this area is the Toy Story Mania area which is a massive glow in the dark house offering a ride in a mini train around the different sections of the structure with all of Disney’s Toy Story characters entertaining the riders!

13. DisneySea Port Discovery Attractions

DisneySea Port Discovery is a post apocalyptic themed are offering 2 different rides in futuristic vehicles around the lake. The first attraction is the Aquatopia which are speedboats rides by two riders of boats around the lake. The StormRider attraction offers visitors a chance to go into a futuristic building where storms and powerful weather is been produced. Visitors can hop up the StromRider car and ride through magnetic storms with powerful lights and water burst from every corner!

14. DisneySea Lost River Delta Attractions

DisneySea Lost River Delta area is a 3 attractions are themed around Disney’s adventure movies. The first adventure called Indiana Jones Adventure is a mini-rollercoaster ride through the Temple of Crystal Skull. The second attraction is a wild rollercoaster going through both mid-air loops and waterfalls and called Raging Spirit. The last attraction of this area is DisneySea Transit Steamer Line which is a 10 minutes steam boat ride through both the river and the lake.

15. DisneySea Arabian Coast Attractions

DisneySea Arabian Coast is a 4 attractions area themed around disney’s Arabian Nights styled movies. Visitors can enjoy the Caravan Carousel where they can ride on different characters from the movie, The Synbad’s Storybook Voyage allowing kids to watch the movie characters from a floating boat in an indoor river. The Jasmine’s Flying Carpet ride takes the visitors on a speed boar ride through canals, and the Magic Lamp Theater is an indoor theater which tell the Arabian Night story in a light and effects show.

16. DisneySea Mermaid Lagoon Attractions

DisneySea Mermaid Lagoon is maybe one of the most famous areas of DisneySea and it offers 7 different attractions themed around mermaids and fish characters of Disney’s movies. Ariel’s Playground is a hall full of miniature movie replicas where kids can actually touch and play with items from Disney’s movies. Jumping Jellyfish ride offers a spin in a seat for two people around an underwater themed cave. The Scuttle’s Scooters and the Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster are both mini-roller coaster and spin rides around the ocean themed area, and The Whirlpool is a sit in a cup ride around glow in the dark underwater cave!

17. DisneySea Mysterious Island Attraction

DisneySea Mysterious Island area offer 2 special rides themed around Jules Verne adaptation Disney movies. The first attraction is the 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea which is a ride under the ocean with magnificent decoration of deep ocean sea, and the Journey to the Center of the Earth is a mini-rollercoaster ride through an artificial earth-like structure where you can see the inside of the earth as it was imagined by Disney’s movie.

18. Tokyo Disney Resort Hotels

Tokyo Disney Resort offers 3 hotel accommodations which are all located within the resort and are linked to the theme park with both a monorail and shuttle busses. The Disney Ambassador Hotel is an art deco beautiful themed hotel with a touch of Disney’s movies in every decoration and items in it. It feels as if you are staying inside the park attractions! The Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta is an old styled hotel that was designed to look as hundred of years ago hotel in Europe. The third hotel is the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel which is the iconic image that most people see when they come into Disneyland by train. The hotel is designed to look like a Disney’s movie castle and is a gorgeous place to stay while in the resort!

19. Tokyo Disney Resort Shops

Disney has an entrance shop right after you pass through the train station gates and on the way into the resort itself. Once inside the resort, the shops are all located within an indoor themed street with souvenir shops as well as themed Disney merchandise shops of different movies and animations. Although the shops are located at the entrance, it is best advised to get to the shops on the way out of the park, and not carry your purchases with you throughout the day when you try the resort attractions. The shops are open all day until the resort closes its gates at 10pm.

20. Tokyo Disney Resort Restaurants

There are many restaurants and food stalls all around the park but the main restaurants area is located inside the shopping street at the entrance. Visitors of the park can enjoy Disney movie themed restaurant as well as specialized menu items which are all taken from the animation movies. The restaurants are open until 9pm and the last order is about one hour before closing time. If you wish, you can also take the free park shuttle busses or monorails and dine at the resort hotel restaurants!

Have a good trip and travel!

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