7 Reasons to Go to Monterey Zoo

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Tiger in zoo image
Source: RobBixby

It’s a waste growing up if you haven’t been to any zoo in your childhood. We all remember those school trips or the family outings where we first had our encounter with wildlife. Monterey County Zoo is a zoo situated in the city of Salinas. Whether you’re an excited child or a grown-up who’re in search to relive memories from the past, Monterey zoo is your desired destination. Other than watching the wildlife animals, you can do various other activities. The highlight of the Monterey Zoo is the company which provides animals to be featured on Television. Monterey Zoo is an adventure itself. 7 reasons to go Monterey Zoo are:-

1. Be lost in the Animal Kingdom

Alligator in zoo image
Source: TristaRada

The foremost reason for visiting a zoo is to get few glances at the animals we read about in our science books. Monterey Zoo is a 51 acres ranch which provides a home to both domestic and wildlife animals. You can expect to see wild cats, Lions, Elephants, Alligators, Iguanas, Snakes, Exotic Birds, Bears, Monkeys, and other domestic and Wild animals.

2. Stay in the Bungalows Inside the Zoo

Not yet ready to leave the zoo and want to stay back? No problem, B&B at the Monterey Zoo will make your fantasy come true. While staying here for a night or Two will give you the advantage of hearing the roaring sounds of Lions and Tigers from within the walls of your hotel suite. Bungalows are created like African tents and are well equipped with Bathrooms, furniture and comfortable beds and overlook either Five-acre Elephant play pen or Salina valley and mountain ranges.


  • Accommodation: 8 Bungalows can accommodate 2-4 guests each
  • Check-in Time: 15:00-18:00
  • Check-out Time: $250 – $350++
  • Bookings: Call 800-228-7382. For online bookings click here
  • Payments: Major credit cards accepted
  • Admissions: Special wheelchair assistance available. Children under 4 years not allowed.

3. Lodging Facility for Your Lovable Pet

Sad for your lovely pet who get lonely while the whole family is vacationing? Needn’t worry, as Monterey Zoo authorities have taken a pledge to keep everyone in the family happy including your darling pet. Gift your dog/cat a vacation by booking them a place at Oxton Kennels and Pet Resorts. The facilities include room service meals, complimentary dog biscuits in the evening and webcams for the owners who wanna make sure that their lovable pet is having as good time as them.


  • Name: Oxton Kennels and Pet Resorts
  • Address: Monterey Zoo
  • Accommodation: Standard Kennel, Standard Suites and Executive Suites
  • Price: Starts from$18
  • Admissions: For dogs and cats only
  • Visiting Hours: For Kennels 12:00-15:00, For Suites 10:00-17:00
  • Bookings: Call 831-455-1901
  • Requirements: For Vaccination prerequisites, click here
  • Activities: Grooming, Play-Time, TV, Walks, etc.

4. Having Long Conversations Over Camping in the Zoo

Who doesn’t like camping! Monterey Zoo provides arrangements for Safari Camps in the Zoo itself. This can give you a deep insight into the animal kingdom as they provide for interactive lectures where an animal from a different continent is discussed daily. The week-long camp also includes bonfire, games, and dinner. You can even touch the animals during certain activities. Kids even get free souveniers!


  • Name: Safari Camps
  • Age: Adults and kids of age 7-11
  • Price: $300 for kids
  • Timings: 10:00-15:00
  • Recommendations: We suggest to go for their ‘Roar and Soar’ program as it includes night safari, bonfire, games, dinner, etc.
  • Booking: Call  831-455-1901. For online bookings click here

5. Get a Pic with Animal Celebrities

Monterey Zoo is a home to all kinds of animals who’ve featured in films, TV commercials and live productions.Celebrity Lions, Tigers, Monkeys, Birds are all residing in the Monterey Zoo. Guided tours can help you in identifying these animals and you can even get your picture clicked to show it off to your friends and family back home. They even have company ‘Wild Things The Company‘ which provides experienced and trained staff to help the movie and commercial production with animal stunts.

6. Shop for Gifts and Souvenir for Your Loved Ones

Zoo Gift Shop Image
Source: ShankarS

A visit to Monterey Zoo will be incomplete without shopping at their gift shop. They have a range of items that can interest people from all age groups. Even if you don’t want to spend extra bucks then also you can visit the shop to see some exciting stuff.  Monterey Zoo supports an organization called E.AR.S. (Elephants of Africa Rescue Society). Beautifully sculpted art pieces and paintings are available at the gift shop. The proceedings from the art go as the donation to E.A.R.S.


  • Name: Gift Shop
  • Phone: 800-228-7382
  • Items: T-shirts, Sweat Shirts, Mugs, Art pieces, Eggs, Stationery
  • Price: Starts at $10 for Tshirts, Eggs cost $20(EMU) and $50(Ostrich)
  • Recommendations: Ellie Pooh Paper stationery made for real Elephant Poop

7. Party in the Zoo

Feeling Wild? Book the zoo banquet for hosting a party and celebrating your special occasion. It’s an ideal venue for company meetings or fundraising parties. They can even host weddings or Casino themed parties. So next time why book your regular banquets or party halls? Go crazy in the animal world and get your party grooving.

Monterey Zoo is an ideal getaway destination. With its beautiful bungalows, informative tours and range of activities, a lot will be happening. The location is perfect overlooking the Salina valley. They even have a training school for people who are looking to find careers as Animal keepers, trainers or Zoo keepers.


  • Name: Monterey Zoo
  • Address: 400 River Road, Salinas, CA 93908, United States
  • Phone: +1 831-455-1901
  • Timings: Daily 8:00-17:00, Thursday 13:00-14:00
  • Ticket Price: Check their website for details on Tours and packages
  • Parking: Paid for cars. No bike parking.
  • Website: http://www.montereyzoo.org/index.html

Have a good trip and travel!