7 Things to Know About Monterey SPCA

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Monterey SPCA is a nonprofit, independent society in Monterey County. It was established in 1905 and has been working by the donations since then. It shelters and cares for all kinds of animals like dogs, cats, horses, wildlife and exotic animals. They can also provide investigation for animal cruelty, rehabilitation of injured wildlife and can aid domestic animals in distress. Animal lovers can visit for donation or for interaction. They have a range of activities for communities and kids as well. 7 things to know about Monterey SPCA are:-

1. Adopting a Pet

Adopting a pet through SPCA is an enjoyable experience. Once you’ve made up your mind of bringing home a companion, SPCA will guide you through the procedure. There is a variety of animals to choose from. You can even sign for their pet Alert program to get a notification when the desired pet of your choice is available at the center. They even Community adoption programs for people who’re unable to access the center. The details can be found at their website. Concessions are provided to people above 60 years.


SPCA programs for pet adoption:

  • Pet Alert program
  • Media Featured Pet Adoption
  • Community Adoption
  • Concessions for senior members

2. SPCA Veterinary Clinic

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SPCA Vet Clinic is for dogs and cats only. They can provide all kinds of medical assistance for your loved one like Spay and neuter, flea control, leukemia tests, etc., all at subsidized prices. You can call them to get an appointment or just walk-in at the assigned timings for vaccination. The rates are subsidized, all thanks to the generous donors. The painless microchipping procedure carried out at the clinic can help in tracking your pet.


  • Pets: Cats and Dogs only
  • Address: 1002 Monterey-Salinas Highway across from Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
  • Phone: 831-264-5400
  • Price: Dog spay  $150, Dog Neuter $175, Cat Spay $100, Cat Neuter $10
  • Treatments: Spay and Neuter, Vaccinations, Tests, Microchips for pet tracking
  • Timings: Monday to Friday, 8:00-16:00

3. Training and bonding classes

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If you’re worried about communicating with your pet or you’re still naive with your pet then don’t worry as SPCA provides various opportunities and programs to strengthen your bond and develop an understanding with your pet. They provide a range of facilities in this aspect to cater to different people with different needs. They can prepare your pet for disaster management and even provide seasonal safety tips for pets.


Aids provided by SPCA for training purposes are:-

  • Various levels of Training classes and programs
  • Sunday Socials for Dogs
  • Private training for dogs who require more assistance
  • Free behavior helpline
  • Preparing the owners and the pets for disaster management
  • Seasonal Safety tips for Pets

4. Rescuing and Rejuvenating Wildlife through SPCA

The wildlife animals need constant care and protection just like we do. When the human habitat and wildlife intermingle, the laws of nature are unintentionally broken due to ignorance and negligence. SPCA provides help through different mediums for conserving and educating people about the wildlife around. The SPCA Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center is a wildlife rehabilitation center in Monterey County operating under California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.  More than 2,000 animals are admitted for treatment and care every year.


Services provided by SPCA for wildlife:

  • Online guides for nurturing and protecting animals like Deer, Bats, Opossums, Racoons, birds, etc.
  • Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center for sick and injured
  • Nursery for nestling birds and neonatal mammals
  • Helpline no.s for questions and emergencies: 831-264-5427
  • Online rescue and information link in case of emergencies

5. How you can make donations and volunteer with SPCA

There is nothing more precious in life than Time and Money. SPCA provides easy and feasible opportunities for all kind of enthusiasts and companies who want to make a contribution towards the betterment of society. Since SPCA runs completely on the donations for its services, donors are welcomed with open arms here. For those who want to extend their help beyond the financial services, can volunteer for various activities and programs at the center. For more information related to this, you can click here 

Donations and Volunteer opportunities:

  • Pet Meals Delivery Funds
  • Monthly donations
  • Annual Sponsorship Programs
  • Donating in remembrance of a Loved One
  • Benefit Shop
  • Pet Food Banks
  • Promoting Public Awareness
  • Admin Support

6. Animal Abusers, Beware!

Like all SPCA, Monterey County SPCA provides Humane investigations. There are about 1000 cases reported for animal cruelty every year. Trained and professional SPCA Humane officers are on guard all the time to protect animals against cruelty and negligence.They make sure all State laws and applicable local ordinances are followed. Educating people about negligence is a part of their duty. They are also responsible for investigations, Preparing cases for prosecutions against animal abusers. SPCA Humane Officers work under the ‘California Corporations Code 14502’ and are no different than Police officers. They also make great efforts in spreading awareness among general public for laws against animal crimes for the prevention purposes.


  • Fights against crimes like animal poisoning, organized dog fights, animal abandonment, deprivation of food, shelter or water, etc.
  • Phone: 831-373-2631
  • Report animal cruelty online here
  • Actions against Animal hoarders. For more information click here 

7. Other Pet Services

Monterey County SPCA is anything but conventional. Their futuristic approach is blended efficiently according to modern lifestyle of people and animals. They offer a plethora of services to cater to people with different requirement. Some of the interesting services provided are Horse stables, Guardian Angel Care, information on sheltering agencies, etc.


Services provided by SPCA for pets:

SPCA helplines and website provides all the detailed information about the activities and updates happening at the center. Every year over 12,000 animals is serviced at the Monterey County SPCA. There are 70 employees and 300 volunteers providing care and service, 365 days a year. Volunteers and staff involved do their best to make Monterey County a happy place for both humans and animals.

Have a good trip and travel!

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