7 Reasons to Go Pasadena Playhouse

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Source: Canon in 2D

A trip to Pasadena would not be the same without a visit to Pasadena Playhouse. A place where you can actually feel like you are in a different time. We will give you some quick facts about this place. Something that can be told in so many ways and with so many words. The Pasadena Playhouse is definitely a community gem and that is why it deserve our complete attention.

1. History

The Pasadena Playhouse dates back to 1917, and since then it had very rich and lively history. Experience a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the architecture and history of The Playhouse through one of the complimentary tours, which include an up-close look at scenery under construction, the theater’s beautiful Green Room and recently renovated Craftsman-style library, as well as a glimpse at the Carrie Hamilton Theatre. You will also hear about The Playhouse’s position as Hollywood’s “Talent Factory,” how its founders created some of the most important innovations in 20th-century dramatic art, and perhaps even meet Gilmor, the naughty but well-meaning ghost of The Pasadena Playhouse.

2. The Service

The service is excellent. All member of the staff are friendly and attentive and this will make your visit extra special. The ushers are pleasant and will kindly direct you to your seat. Let’s face it, a customer service can make or break any experience. In Pasadena Playhouse, you should not be worried about these things. Sound and viewing are good. Every seat in the house is great. It is a smaller theater so it has a more intimate feel.

3. Concession Stand

What sets The Pasadena Playhouse apart is its concession stand. The concession stand is outdoors, in the cozy courtyard, which allows patrons to take a walk outside during intermission. On top of that, you can pre-order so you do not have to wait in line during intermission.

4. Spacious Seating

Now let me tell you about seating. The aisles are actual aisles. Yes, you can truly walk down the aisles although without crashing into people’s knees. The visitors are especially happy about this detail.

5. Reasonable Pricing

The acting and general quality of the theater you will see is on the same level with anything that is playing in Hollywood or Downtown LA. But they do not rip you off for parking spaces like they do in the other theater areas. Almost every lot within the walking distance to the theater was $3. What a steal! Plus, the tickets are reasonably priced and would not make you feel like you had to dig too deep into your pockets to take your friends/family/S.O.’s for a nice night out.

6. Location

Ample parking options in the vicinity. Arrive early and have dinner at a nearby restaurant. There are lots of restaurants nearby in walking distance. Or you can choose to eat in the old town which is only a couple of miles away and that is very convenient.

7. Interior

While the other parts of Old Town are changing into a new outdoor mall and is actually losing its old town magic, the Playhouse is keeping the spirit of Pasadena before corporate capitalism took the stage. Just down the walk from Zona Rosa, it is still perfectly situated on what used to be a quieter street, surrounded by the palm trees and sometimes followed by a food truck. The playhouse itself is a beautiful building from the inside out. When you walk in through the gate of palm trees, there is a courtyard with a beverage bar, tables and chairs, and a fountain. The decoration of the theater is something you do not see every day, wonderful arches and ceilings, the architecture is unmistakably from a different time. The Playhouse is the epitome of a California theater.


  • Name: Pasadena Playhouse
  • Address: 39 S El Molino Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101, United States
  • Phone: +1 626-356-7529
  • Capacity: 686
  • Hours: Monday To Sunday 1 – 6 pm
  • Website: http://www.pasadenaplayhouse.org/

There are many speculations why theater has been around for thousands of years and is still growing. Most people describe the theater as something magical, and truly an exceptional experience. First and foremost, the theater brings people together. Some people go to performances with some of their family members and friends. The theater not only gets you to the same place, but it empowers you to share the experience of that show with one another. Some people make new friends with those sitting next to them. For many, theater shows have become a tradition. They could be an annual event. Whatever reason you may have, you should not miss Pasadena Playhouse because it can soon become one of your special places too.

Have a good trip and travel!