7 Reasons to Go Oakland Library

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Source: PALNI Libraries

A library is nothing but a building or a place containing lots of books for studying and reading. Public libraries consist of a huge collection of books. People can borrow these books by becoming a member or a paid subscriber. The Oakland Library has the biggest collection of all sorts of books and journals. To researchers and scholars, this library is an essential source of the latest and old information.

1. For building a community

Oakland library helps invigorate struggling people from downtowns and neighbourhoods. The library is an imperative colleague in sustainability. Library’s unique collection of books cultivates by means of particular community requirements. Archive section in library conserves oral histories, notable artifacts from the history, and monographs related to the neighbourhood, counting minority crowd as well. People visit Oakland library to know more about their communities.

2. Community centre for miscellaneous inhabitants

Source: mk30

Library is a useful place for non-English speakers also. It provides migrants with useful information regarding their new communities and possibilities to attach with these new communities. It provides a large amount of information, abundant resources, and adequate support for people with disabilities. Libraries often serve as a channel for addressing community problems.

3. To experience the enjoyment of art

Oakland Library offers access to eccentric perspectives. The seeds of an art can be planted in childhood. Therefore, the library contains numerous books that particularly speak about the art. Local artists can find a huge collection of art related books. This collection can definitely hearten the art appreciation and help improve the art participation.

4. Library is a university in itself

Source: Mitch Altman

Oakland library works as the university of people. Anyone can join this university as long as the person has an interest in reading and learning newer things. It is suitable for anyone who doesn’t have access to the library and it’s educational as well as cultural offerings. It encourages civil discussions.

5. Creating future champions

Source: Keith Allison

Oakland library consists of biographies of famous people. These biographies not only encourages youth but also creates future champions. Several factors such as assignments help programs, free education, and summer reading camps for adolescence and youth help connect the fiscal partition that impacts the scholastic performance of students. Library is the key to child development.

6.  Culture Fest!

One of the major events arranged by Oakland library is called the “Culture Fest”. Youth Leadership Council of the library hosts this event to encourage youngsters for reading. This event takes varied communities of Oakland together. The event consists of presentations, performances, and foods. It reflects worldwide cultures.

7. Meeting Rooms

Almost all major libraries in Oakland have provision for “meeting rooms”. These meeting rooms are meant for the community use. People from various ages, classes, and professions eagerly visit meeting rooms to share their experience regarding the books. As a result, you get to know more about newly published books, their authors, and other details.


  • Name: Oakland Public Library
  • Address: 5205 Telegraph Ave Oakland, CA 94609 at 52nd St  Rockridge, North Oakland
  • Phone: (510) 597-5049
  • Open hours: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm
  • Website: http://oaklandlibrary.org/

These are just a few reasons to visit Oakland library. Many other amazing things that can truly encourage you to visit this place again and again.

Have a good trip and travel!