7 Things To Know about Hakone Open Air Museum

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Hakone Open Air MuseumSource: leon&mae

Hakone Open Air Museum is the Japan’s first open air Museum. The Museum is surrounded by beautiful mountains and valleys and is house to the beautiful arts and sculptures, which are exhibited in the spacious grounds of Museum.

1. The Picasso Collection

The Picasso Collection
Source: leon&mae

The Picasso collection is the key attraction of the Hakone open air Museum.  The Picasso building is a must visit place, it is packed with more than 300 paintings, sculpture, ceramics, and art of Picasso. Pablo Picasso was the Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist and a poet.

2. Outdoor Sculpture Park

Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Source: Maggie

The outdoor sculpture park has various arts and sculptures. The sculptures are built such that they can be touched and children can climb some of the sculptures. Kids will have great climbing some structures and running around.In addition, there is about 20 art collection of Henry Moore set in the natural outdoor setting.

3. Symphonic Structure


 Symphonic Structure Japan
Source: Lisa Pinehill

Symphonic Structure designed by Gabriel Loire, is one of the amazing structure at the Museum. The structure stands 18 meters tall and is entirely made of Steel and Glass, with a 2-way spiral staircase in the middle. The structure is topped by a deck providing the view of Museum and the mountains.

4. Piece De Resistance – Foot Spa

Foot bath Hakone Open Air Museum
Source: Tomo

A foot spa at a Museum! A very well thought idea to have a foot spa at this new modern Museum. There is a long foot bath filled with lemons, herbs, and yuzu. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the surrounding mountains and sculptures as you soak your feet.

5. La Pleureuse

La Pleureuse
Source: Bob Owen

La pleureuse is one of the unforgettable sculpture in the Hakone Open Air Museum, it is a women face with one of her cheeks lying on the bed of the fountain. The plant acts like her hairs. In the image, you can clearly see the tear marks running down into the fountain.

6. Woods of Net

Woods of Nest Hakone Open Air Museum
Source: Kentaro Ohno

Woods of nest, an architectural interlocked wooden nest specially designed for children to have fun. It is designed and built without the use of bolts and nuts and is completely safe.

7. Sfera con Sefra

Sefra Con
Source: ajari

Sefra con Sefra means a sphere within a sphere, it is a bronze sculpture by Italian sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro. There are two spheres, one is placed at the top where the four roads intersect and another is lying on the ground. In the Image, you can see a sphere placed at the top of four pillars.


  • Address: Japan, 〒250-0493 Kanagawa Prefecture, Ashigarashimo District, 箱根町二ノ平1121
  • Price: 1600 Yen
  • Tel: +81 460-82-1161
  • Opening hour: 9:00 to 17:00
  • Holiday: None
  • Website: http://www.hakone-oam.or.jp/
  • Map: 

Have a nice trip and travel!

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