7 Reasons to Go Korakuen Garden Park in Okayama

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Source: Kimon Berlin

Garden is one such place that plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of a particular city. Just like Kairakuen sited in Mito and Kenrokuen placed in Kanazawa, Okayama has one beautiful garden which reminds the Edo age. It is Korakuen! This garden has been listed among the three most popular and elegant gardens to view in Japan.

1. To view Tsurumi bridge

Source: Kasadera

If you are planning a trip to Japan, particularly to Okayama and nearby area, then Korakuen garden is definitely a place worth visiting. In order to reach the main gate of this beautiful garden, you need to cross the magnificent Asahi river. The bridge standing above this river is called Tsurumi Bridge. It is awesome, splendid, and superbly constructed.

2. To relax your mood

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This beautiful garden was built approximately 300 years ago. The second feudal lord of Okayama’s domain constructed it as a place to unwind and relax. Here you can experience the true beauty of our nature. The tranquil environment makes you think deep inside. You can closely experience the seasonal changes.

3. To view Sawa-no-Ike

Sawa-no-Ike is sited at the centre of the garden. It is the biggest pond in Okayama’s Korakuen garden. It is believed that all ponds available in this garden were once used to fed by water of the magnificent Asahi river. This pond is so big and you cannot help without its pictures.

4. To feel the nature

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No matter where you plan to pose yourself for a photograph, the entire garden is beautiful and its surroundings are just like a picture. There are trees everywhere. When you walk around the garden you feel the presence of fresh air. Therefore, if you are looking for the comfy environment in Japan, then this is the exact place to spend your vacation.

5. To see Okayama Castle

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You might have seen the pictures of famous Okayama castle. Now, it is time to see it closely and exactly in front of your eyes. With its dark exterior, Okayama castle has always been an attraction for the tourists. It is also known as Crow castle. The castle is perfect for those who love seeing ancient forts. This castle is an excellent example of antique architecture.

6. To visit Yuishinzan Hill

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Yuishinzan Hill is a tiny non-natural mound. It was built during the era of Tsugumasa (son of Ikeda Tsunamasa). This eminent place presents a panoramic sight of the entire park. There is a true fun involved in climbing this hill. The scenery which you see right in front of your eyes won’t let you feel tired even after too much of walking.

7. To collect good memories

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This garden offers many things to remember. Apart from climbing the hill, there are many other overwhelming experiences such as watching those three attractive islands buoyant in the pond (Sawa-no-ike) or visiting Ryuten. Ryuten is an extraordinary building which is famous for its architectural style which is almost wall-less .


  • Name:Korakuen Garden
  • Address:1-5 Korakuen, Kita-ku, Okayama city, Okayama prefecture
  • Phone: 086-272-1148
  • Closed: Open everyday
  • Open hours:7.30-18.00

This garden gives you lots of memories to preserve. The garden itself has preserved a tremendous collection of olden times. If you are tripping to Okayama, then don’t forget to visit this beautiful place to ascertain the a variety of seasonal colours.

Have a good trip and travel!

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