10 Things To Do in Aso

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Source: t-mizo

Situated in Kumamoto Prefecture of Japan, Aso is a small town popular for Mount Aso and its delightful encompassing ranges. Mount Aso is a complex type of volcano made out of an external edge with an aggregate circumferential length of 128 km, a caldera that comprises of 3 municipals inside, and 5 mountains on the focal level, which includes Mt. Naka-dake, an active volcano. Aso is also famous for hot Springs. Most of the hot spring towns, including Aso, Tarutama, Yunotani, and Jigoku, are situated in and around Aso-Kuju National Park. With about a 100 hot springs , Aso Uchinomaki-onsen-Kyo Hot Spring Village is the largest. So here are top things to do in Aso, Japan.

1. Mount Aso

Mount Aso in Japan
Source: Arun Katiyar

Situated at the height of 1592 m above sea level, Mount Aso, is Japan’s largest active volcano, and is counted among the biggest in the world. Its caldera is 25 km crosswise from north to south and 18 km crosswise from east to west.Mt. Taka, Mt. Naka,Mt. Eboshi, Mt. Neko, and Mt. Kashima are 5 mountains located at the center. The base pf the mountain have additionally different campgrounds and steed riding at Kusasenrigahama.


  • Name: Mount Aso
  • Address: Aso, Japan
  • Elevation: 1,592 m
  • Last eruption: 2004

2. Aso Volcano Museum

Aso Volcano
Source: tanaka_juuyoh

It is an awesome gallery committed to the Volcanos. If you are geology lover then you will love this place. The museum has a number of things in a display which included volcano rocks, scales, different volcanoes types, landscape evolution near the volcanoes, and about farming and agriculture. The best displays show different volcanos present in Japan , incorporating Aso in various decades.


  • Name: Aso Volcano Museum
  • Address: Kusasenrigahama, Aso 869-2225, Kumamoto Prefecture
  • Timings: 9AM–5PM
  • Phone: http://www.asomuse.jp

3. Aso Shrine

Aso Shrine
Source: Reggaeman

It is an old place of worship which is dedicated to the divine forces of agriculture and harvest. Built before the 1st Emperor Jinmu, Aso shrine is one of the oldest shrine and most important temples in Japan. The shrine is situated at the focal point of the caldera of Mt. Aso, and the caldera is known as the biggest on the planet in which individuals are really living.Though you can’t enter the hall of prayer, you can enjoy the building outlines and its architecture and religious values.


  • Name: Aso Shrine
  • Address: 3083-1 Ichinomiyamachi-miyaji, Aso 869-2612, Kumamoto Prefecture
  • Phone Number: +81 9030150749

4. Mount Aso Ropeway

Mount Aso Ropeway
Source: t-mizo

Opened since 1958, Mount Aso Ropeway is a ropeway built upon the Mt Aso Volcano located about 2,815 feet above the ground. Asosan Nishi Station is the nearest station to Mount Aso Ropeway. You can discover shopping outlet, eatery, a free parking spot at the ropeway center. At the Mt. Aso West Station, ticket counter is situated at the first floor, and the trolleys are on the second floor.


  • Name: Mount Aso Ropeway
  • Carrier capacity: 41 Passengers Per Cabin
  • Number of Stations: 2
  • Phone: +81 967-34-0411
  • Address: Japan, 〒869-2225 Kumamoto Prefecture, Aso

5. Aso Uchinomaki Spa & Hot Spring

Hot Spring
Source: slackrhackr

Tourist can enjoy the hot spring and spa facilities at the famous Aso Uchinomaki Onsen Yumeoiso. Due to its location, visitors can appreciate simple access to all that the destinations this small town has to offer. Following a day of getting a charge out of everything that Kumamoto brings to the table, taking a bath in a Hot Spring is the ideal way to unwind. The hotel offers an open-air and an indoor Hot Spring and additionally a sauna. Aso Uchinomaki Onsen Yumeoiso is a perfect spot for stay for voyagers looking for Japanese culture, solace and accommodation in Kumamoto.


  • Name: Aso Uchinomaki Spa & Hot Spring
  • Address:Uchinomaki, Aso 869-2301, Kumamoto Prefecture

6. Takachiho Gorge

Takachiho Gorge
Source: tanaka_juuyoh

Located few miles from the city center along the canyon is the 17 meters high Minainotaki waterfall falling down to the waterway beneath, and it is really stunning to see the waterfall against a setting of thick green foliage and the encompassing dark cliffs. There are a couple of different things to see and do around the southern side of the chasm including a freshwater aquarium, a fishing lake and a couple of eateries and gift shops.


  • Name: Takachiho Gorge
  • Address: Mitai, Nishiusuki-gun, Takachiho-cho 882-1101, Miyazaki Prefecture
  • Timings: 8:30 to 17:00
  • Fees: 2000 yen per 30 min boat rental

7. Aso Geopark

Aso Japan

Mount Aso Volcano in Kumamoto Prefecture is known as a Global Geopark, a place with the geographical legacy of world importance. Past millions of years, The Geopark has a monster caldera-shaped by four super ejections. Aso Geopark is the 7th Global Geopark in the country. The significant part of the Geopark exists in Aso Kuju National Park, which is the first national park established in 1934. One can also find the remains of early humans around 30,000 years back on the crests encompassing the caldera.


  • Name: Aso Geopark
  • Address: Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture

8. Enjoy a Stay at Shukubo Aso

Mt Aso
Source: Ludovic Lubeigt

The famous Shukubo Aso is a historical building in the city about 300 years old, which is very well maintained and offers 12 Japanese style rooms. The proprietors of this spot comprehend to blend modern facilities with the building , without hindering or exasperating the authentic Japanese style. Shukubo Aso is a truly inviting family-run business with three eras under one rooftop. They are energetic to share their insight into the town, their way of life and food . The area is immaculate too , only a 10-minute stroll from Station and a flawless base for any outings to the mount Aso.


  • Name: Shukubo Aso
  • Address: 1076 Kurokawa, Aso 869-2225, Kumamoto Prefecture

9. Shop at Michi No Eki Aso

Source: luna76

Shopping is an indispensable part of every vacation. It is a tourist info center of Aso city where you can get every traveler insights about the city. There is not much to shop around this small town. Yet, only beside the train station, at Michi No Eki Aso, different items are on display for sale and shopping. You can discover fresh Japanese fruits, rice, milk, high-quality lunch boxes, desserts and much more.


  • Name: Shop at Michi No Eki Aso
  • Address: 1440-1 Kurokawa, Aso 869-2225, Kumamoto Prefecture
  • Phone Number: +81 967355088
  • Timings: 9:00 – 18:00

1o. Sensui-Kyo

Source: DeltaWorks

Sensui-Kyo is a gorge situated in a spot with a height of 900m at the foot of Mt. Aso-taka Dake, where tourist can enjoy a beautiful perspective of the Aso valley and northern Aso Caldera. Alongside Mt. Unzen and the Kirishima level, Sensui-Kyo is a standout amongst the most wonderful spots of Kyushu, where more than 50,000 azaleas color the entire zone pink from the May to the start of June.


  • Name: Sensui-kyo
  • Access: A 15 minute drive from JR Miyaji Station

Aso is small town famous for its volcano and various amazing places inside the caldera of the mountain. There are a number of hot springs in the town which you can enjoy here apart from the natural beauty.

Have a good trip and travel!