7 Reasons To Visit Kyoto National Museum

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Source: Japanexperterna.se

Museums in Japan are home to various relics and works of art that date back from ancient times up to the present. If you’re planning to visit one, you might want to go to the Kyoto National Museum. It is among the top 4 National Museums in Japan and holds special exhibits on a regular basis.

1. One of Japan’s Oldest and Most Distinguished Museums

Kyoto National Museum
Source: Lisa Pinehill

The Kyoto National Museum is among the top 4 National Museums in Japan, which includes the Nara National Museum, Tokyo National Museum, and Kyushu National Museum. It opened in 1897 and was designed by Katayama Tokuma using the French Renaissance style architecture. Unknown to many, this museum underwent a couple of name changes in the past and the present name “Kyoto National Museum” was decided in 1952.

2. Displays Pre-Modern Japanese and Asian Arts

These displays are composed of archeological relics, paintings, sculptures, costumes, calligraphy, ceramics and many more. Most of these displays are loaned by temples and shrines within Kyoto as well as many other relics from all over the country. Today there are over a thousand Japanese artifacts that are housed permanently within the Kyoto National Museum.

3. Special Exhibitions

Special exhibitions are held regularly in the Kyoto National Museum. It is one of the most anticipated events by art lovers all over the country. The big names in the art industry showcase their works for everyone to see and appreciate. It can get very crowded during these events so it would be wise to plan ahead and avoid going to the museum during the weekends.

4. Important Cultural Property

The original building which is called the “Meiji Kotokan” that was designed by Katayama Tokuma, along with the red brick main gate and the surrounding wall is declared as an Important Cultural Property by the Japanese Government in 1969. The special exhibitions that are held in spring and autumn are also housed within the Meiji Kotokan.

5. East and West Gardens

The Kyoto National Museum has two gardens, the east and west gardens. On the East Garden, you’ll find sculptures that are made from Korea and a unique traditional Japanese Tea House that is called the “Tan’an”. On the West gardens, you’ll find stone Buddha displays, foundation stones, and bridge posts.

6. Traveler Friendly

The Kyoto National Museum can easily be reached by riding a bus at the Kyoto Station. Look for Kyoto City Bus #100 or #206 and get off at Hakubutsukan Sanjusangendo-mae Bus Stop. From there, walk for 3 minutes to reach the Museum. If you’re taking the train, get off at Shichijo Station via Keihan Railway. The museum is 5 – 8 minutes away on foot from the station.

7. A Great Place to Visit with Family and Friends!

For those who love and appreciate art, going to the Kyoto National Museum especially during special exhibits is a must! Aside from the colorful and brilliant exhibits, it would give you an opportunity to spend some quality time with your family and friends. Enjoy the rich culture and history of Japan that can only be found in the Kyoto National Museum.


  • Address: 527 Chaya-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • Phone: 075 541 1151
  • Access: Ride Kyoto City Bus #100 or #206
  • and get off at Hakubutsukan Sanjusangendo-mae Bus Stop.
  • The Museum is a 3-minute walk from the Bus Stop.
  • Opening hour: 9:30am – 5:00pm  (Closed on Mondays).
  • Admission Fee:
  • ¥‎520 – Regular Fee
  • ¥250 – Students
  • Website: http://www.kyohaku.go.jp/eng/index.html

Have a Good Trip and Travel!

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