10 Best Beppu Onsen You Must Go

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Beppu Onsen

Beppu Onsen is the group of hot springs located in the city of Beppu and is famous for its prosperity of resources. There are about 2909 hot springs in the city and these springs are ranked second in the world for hot water. Some famous Onsen in Beppu are follows:

1. Hotel Umine

This Onsen is situated in Oita, Kyushu and there you can enjoy famous tour named Beppu hell tour which includes four springs Sea Hell, Blood Pond Hell, White Pond Hell and Tornado Hell. Here, you can enjoy boiled eggs steamed in hot water of spring.


  • Name: Hotel Umine
  • Address: 3-8-3 Kitahama, 別府市 SM, Japan
  • Phone: +81 977-26-0025
  • Website: www.umine.jp/

2. Kankaiji Hot Spring

The location of this Onsen is on a hill in the southwest area of Beppu and provides a beautiful view of nature. At this Onsen, visitors can pleasure hot spring water of medicinal use along with mind blowing sceneries. Once can relax himself and enjoy mind blowing scenes at the same time.


  • Name: Kankaiji Hot Spring
  • Address: Japan, 〒874-0822 大分県別府市観海寺1
  • Price: +81 977-24-1141

3. Kannawa Onsen

Source: Norio NAKAYAMA

This Onsen has multiple jet streams which are coming out from hot streams and it is a must visit Onsen for the visitors of Beppu. There are beautiful shops and good places to live near this place and you can also enjoy steam baths here.


  • Name: Kannawa Onsen
  • Address: Kannawa, Beppu 874-0046, Oita Prefecture
  • Phone: 0977 66 2301

4. Hamawaki Onsen

This place is better known as the birthplace of Beppu Onsen and is equipped with old-style inns and houses. This Onsen was made in 1991 and provides multiple health benefits to visitors. Now a day the place is being converted to the new and contemporary ambiance.


  • Name: Hamawaki Onsen
  • Address: Hamawaki, Beppu 874-0022, Oita Prefecture
  • Phone: 0977-25-8118

5. Shibaseki Onsen

This Onsen which is situated on a mountain stream is very popular for its steam bath. There is a very beautiful woodland trail in the Onsen and the Shibaseki is nominated as the national health resort. There you can enjoy marvellous views of trails and place is very quiet and calm.


  • Name: Shibaseki Onsen
  • Address: Noda 4-1, Beppu, Japan
  • Phone: 0977-67-4100

6. Kamegawa Onsen

This Onsen is located just near the Kamegawa station and very well known for its rural type of panorama. There is situated Kaihin Sunayu which is very popular for its Sand Bathing near the seashores of Beppu City. Also the room facility provided there is very good and appreciated my most of the people.


  • Name: Kamegawa Onsen
  • Address: 1-5 Kamegawachuomachi, Beppu 874-0021, Oita Prefecture

7. Myoban Onsen

The Onsen lies on the hill in front of Beppu bay and it is  a very calm resort. There you can enjoy mud bath and milky water bath with unique smell of Sulphur. You can also enjoy eggs boiled in the sulphur water of this Onsen. There are beautiful flowering trees around the pool of hot water.


  • Name: Myoban Onsen
  • Address: Myoban, Beppu 874-0843, Oita Prefecture

8. Horita Onsen

Horita Onsen is situated in the western part of Kankaiji Onsen and it is a rustic hot water spring which is very famous from Edo period for removing the tiredness of long Journey. Its water can treat the nerve pains of any kind very effectively.


  • Name: Horita Onsen
  • Address: 2 kumi, Horita, Beppu 874-0831, Oita Prefecture
  • Phone: 0977-24-9418

9. Takegawara Onsen

This Onsen was built in 1979 and is just at walking distance from Beppu station. Here you can see a Bamboo thatched roof and highly structured concealment which is a proud sign of Beppu Onsen. Visitors can enjoy sand bath by heaping their bodies in the warm and soothing sand.


  • Name: Takegawara Onsen
  • Address: Japan, 〒874-0944 Oita Prefecture, Beppu, 元町16-23
  • Phone: +81 977-23-1585
  • Website: www.city.beppu.oita.jp/01onsen/02shiei/04takegawara/takegawara.html#_=_

10. Ebisuya Onsen

This Onsen is recently renovated bath house for public located in the district of Myoban of Beppu. There you can enjoy facilities of numerous bathtubs made of different styles and sizes. They include Jacuzzi, Aroma Baths, and steam boxes.


  • Name: Ebisuya Onsen
  • Address: 1220 Myoban, Beppu 874-0843, Oita Prefecture

So, we can say that what makes Beppu different from other Onsen resorts is its Thermal waters and a wide range of bath types which can be enjoyed here. These Onsen are the best place to remove tiredness and get yourself refreshed.

Have a good trip and travel!

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