15 Things to Do in Oita: Japan

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Oita Waterfall
Source: merec0

If you did not think Japan had amazing hot springs, then you do not know of Oita. This coastal town boasts many hot springs as its main attraction, as well as others that will surprise you. Skip Tokyo, and head straight to Oita on your next trip.

1. Bathe at Beppu Onsen

The #1 attraction in Oita is the collection of hot springs in Beppu Onsen. There are eight major areas (also called “Hells” ) for dipping and enjoying the thermal, rejuvenating waters. There are many resources in these springs which attract visitors.


  • Name: Beppu Onsen
  • Address: Beppu, Oita Prefecture 874-0000, Japan
  • Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beppu_Onsen

2. Hike Yufudake

Go for a hike to get the hilltop view of Oita from Yufudake. The hike can go on for four hours, or as short as you like. There are two trails to choose from, both of which are ok for beginners. The mountains are stunning and so are the trees. In the winter time, the frozen trees make it a winter wonderland.


  • Name: Yufudake
  • Address:  Yufuincho Kawakami, Yufu 879-5102, Oita Prefecture
  • Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Yufu

3. Visit the Volcanic Grounds of Mount Tsurumi

Visit the volcanic mountain of Mount Tsurumi when in Oita. It is only a 15-minute walk by ropeway or if you want to reach the absolute top, it can take 2.5 hours total. There are multiple observation decks within the mountain tops and don’t miss the small park while you are there.


  • Name: Mount Tsurumi
  • Address: Mt Tsurumi, Higashiyama, Beppu, Oita Prefecture 874-0000, Japan
  • Price: 1000-1600 yen
  • Hours: 9am-5pm
  • Website: http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e4706.html

4. Visit Usa Shrine

Take the time to visit Usa Shrine to dive into the history of Oita. It is a Shinto Shrine whose  main hall and the Kujaku Monkei are names Japan’s national treasures. One of the best festivals held at this shrine includes the release of captive birds and fish.


  • Name: Usa Shrine
  • Address: http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e4722.html
  • Price: Free
  • Hours: 530pm-9pm
  • Website: http://www.usajinguu.com/

5. Go to a Sporting Event

Take a look at this dome-like stadium. When you visit the Ōita Stadium, also known as “The Big Eye”. There are many sporting events that take place, and a football game is the one you should definitely attend. In 2019, the Rugby World Cup will be held here.


  • Name: Ōita Stadium
  • Address: 1351 Yokoo, Oita, Oita Prefecture 870-0126, Japan
  • Website: http://www.oita-sportspark.jp/

6. Learn the History of the City

The best museum in Oita is the Ōita Prefectural Museum of History. This museum is one of a few that is supported by a prefecture. Explore the many Buddhist exhibits and learn about how Oita came to be.


  • Name: Ōita Prefectural Museum of History
  • Address:  Aza Kyozuka, Oaza Takamori, Usa-shi, Oita
  • Price: 300 yen
  • Hours: 9am-7pm
  • Holiday: Dec. 28-Jan. 4 and Mondays
  • Website: http://kyouiku.oita-ed.jp/rekisihakubutukan-b/

7. Cross the Famous Tunnel

Aonodōmon is an attraction which is located in the gorge of Yabakei. There is a tunnel which holds the story of how many died trying to pass over to the other side. Now, it is paved and offers an outlook onto the sea and cliffs surrounding the area.


  • Name:Aonodōmon
  • Address: Japan, 〒871-0202 大分県中津市本耶馬渓町曽木
  • Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aonod%C5%8Dmon

8. Climb a Famous Mountain

For mountain sports and visiting one of the 100 famous mountains in Japan, go to Mount Sobo. There are many climbing routes, hiking trails, volcanic rock, and even a forest.


  • Name: Mount Sobo
  • Website: http://www.mountain-forecast.com/peaks/Mount-Sobo

9. Watch the Car Races

If you enjoy the life of the fast and the furious, head to Autopolis. Here, you will find an international racing spot. Watch the races and get that seat in the first row if you can.


  • Name: Autopolis
  • Hours: 9am-5pm
  • Website: http://www.autopolis.jp/

10. Visit the Observation Deck

Beppu Tower is one of the most iconic buildings in the downtown area of Oita.  Beppu Tower  is mainly a communications tower which has an observation deck open to the public. At 100 meters tall, the view you will get is unforgettable.


  • Name: Beppu Tower
  • Address: 3-10-2 Oita Prefecture
  • Website: http://bepputower.co.jp/

11.  Spend a Day at the Zoo

Do you love animals? You will love Takasakiyama Natural Zoo. The Monkey Mountain is the best, Go for the tram ride, you will not forget it.


  • Name: Takasakiyama Natural Zoo
  • Address: 3098-1 Tanoura, Oita 870-0802, Oita Prefecture
  • Website: http://www.takasakiyama.jp/#_=_

12.  Take a Boat Ride

For some water fun during your trip, add a day of exploring Lake Kinrin. On the smaller side, it offers plenty. Relax, go for a boat ride and enjoy some refreshments. If you like, you can hike up the mountain in the background.


  • Name:  Lake Kinrin
  • Address: Yufuincho Kawakami, Yufu 879-5102, Oita Prefecture
  • Website: Yufuincho Kawakami, Yufu 879-5102, Oita Prefecture

13. Go Shopping

Are you a shopaholic? Spend a day or more, at the JR Oita City. There are 8 levels total, which include shops, entertainment centers, a hotel, and a playground. You can find everything you need here, and take the time to notice the nice sculptures along the way.


  • Name: JR Oita City
  • Address: 1-1-5 Suehiromachi, Oita 870-0027, Oita Prefecture
  • Holiday:Website: http://www.jroitacity.jp/#_=_

14.  Have a Beach Day

A day in the sun in Oita is not complete without visiting Tanoura Beach. Go for a swim, enjoy the seaside park, take a stroll and look out into the scenery. The water is blue and summer gets crowded with swimmers looking for a refreshing dip.


  • Name:  Tanoura Beach
  • Address: Tanoura, Oita 870-0802, Oita Prefecture
  • Website: http://beppuftio.blogspot.com/2011/10/tanoura-beach.html

15. Visit the Ruins

Take a visit over to Funai Castle Ruins where you can roam around the castle. The main area of the ruins is the main attraction within as well as the small pond.


  • Name: Funai Castle Ruins
  • Address: 4 Niagemachi, Oita 870-0046, Oita Prefecture
  • Website: http://www.visit-oita.jp/feature/2011_autumn/funai.html#_=_

Oita is a great Japanese destination for the outdoors, the ocean, and the mountains. As refreshing as Oita is, the indoor attractions are just as attractive as the outdoors. We hope you enjoy our top fifteen choices.

Have a good trip and travel!

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