7 Things to Know About Santa Clara Fairgrounds

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Santa Clara Fairgrounds is the main hosting ground for all the major fairs and function in the Santa Clara county, California. Every year a number of events are hosted in there. People from all walks and ages join these events to have a good time. Here are 7 things to know about Santa Clara Fairgrounds.

1. History

In 1939,  95 acres of land of the Macomber Ranch was bought and that became the permanent place for fairs in Santa Clara county and that is where the fairgrounds stand right now. The fist fair on this ground was held in 1941 and 55,000 people attended that fair. The fair is going strong ever since with hundreds of thousands of people visiting it every year!


  • Name: Santa Clara County Fairgrounds San Jose
  • Address: 344 Tully Road, San Jose, CA 95111
  • Website: http://thefairgrounds.org/

2. It’s Big!

The Santa Clara Fairgrounds is really big. It stands on a land of 158 acres. It has seven buildings, five event stages and an arena of 35,000 square feet. It also has a satellite wagering facility. The ground can accommodate thousands of people at the same time.

3. Bingo

Things to Know About Santa Clara Fairgrounds
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One of the regular events held at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds is Bingo nights. You can come and play with thousands of people. The events are held once almost every week. Their facilities are state of the art and they host the best bingo events of Silicon Valley.


  • Name: Bingo Nights
  • Address: Santa Clara County Fairgrounds Gate C, 344 Tully Road Gate C , San Jose , CA 95111
  • Opening hour: 5:00 pm- 10:00 pm 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
  • Website: http://thefairgrounds.org/event/bingo-27/

4. Farmer’s Market

Another regular event held on the fairgrounds is farmer’s market. Farmers from all over California come to these markets and sell their freshly produced fruits, vegetables, and livestock. You couldn’t find better produce than these in anywhere of Santa Clara county. You can check their website to get the schedule of the next Farmer’s market.


  • Name: Farmer’s market
  • Address: Santa Clara Fairgrounds
  • Price: $2/person Max. $6, Children under 9 FREE
  • Opening hour: Every Wednesday & Sunday @ 3pm-9pm

5. Musical Events

Often musical events are held at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds. Musical groups from not only all over California and the US, but also from different countries of the world perform there. The musical events are truly surreal and a must for music lovers.

6. Affordable Amusement

The fairground is very affordable. Whether you’re planning to hold a trade fair, show or personal events such as weddings, parties and Quinceañeras, you can rent the place. They offer special services and you couldn’t find a place of its calibre in a cheaper price in Silicon Valley.

7. Santa Clara County Fair

The Santa Clara County annual fair is held on Santa Clara Fairgrounds. It’s an event like no other. The fair has numerous stalls of fashion products, clothing, decorating items, foods and amusement facilities. There are amusement rides for children and adults. The festivity of the fair is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.


  • Name: Santa Clara County Fair
  • Address: Santa Clara Fairgrounds
  • Price: Affordable
  • Website: http://www.thefair.org/

Santa Clara Fairgrounds is a part of the history of Santa Clara county, California. If you really want to see California and know the people that live in there, you must pay a visit to the fairgrounds. Different shows and fairs are going on all year round and you’ll surely find something that fascinates you.

Have a good trip and travel!