7 Reasons to Go to Furano Ski Resort

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Source: Andrew K. Smith

Furano Ski Resort or Furano Ski Area is one of the most famous resort situated in Hokkaido, Japan.The Ski Area is approximately three kilometers west of Furano Station. Travel time is around 5-10 minutes by car or cab. There are a lot of exciting activities that you can do in Furano Ski Resort. Accommodations, restaurants, cafes and even shopping centers can also be found in the Ski resort.

1. Outdoor Snow Activities

Source: Andrew K. Smith

Furano Ski Resort offers exciting activities for the entire family. The Ski Resort offers a Family Snowland that allows every member to try outdoor snow activities like skiing, snowboarding, snow rafting, dog sledding and parasailing. All these activities will help you enjoy the powdery white snow that covers the resort. Furano Ski Area has a total of 2 ski trails for beginner, intermediate and advanced level. There is no need to bring your own equipment because they offer equipment rental.

 2. Magnificent View of Mount Tokachi

Mount Tokachi is an active volcano situated in Daisetsuzan National Park in  Hokkaidō, Japan. It is also regarded as the tallest volcano among the Tokachi Volcanic Group. Visiting Furano Ski Resort will give you a panoramic view of Mount Tokachi while enjoying the cold breeze from the snow-covered ski resort.

3. Restaurants and Cafes

After a long and tiring activities in Furano Ski, the next thing to do is to eat. Luckily, Furano Ski Resort have nearby restaurants and cafes that serve mouth watering dishes. It has all kinds of foods and beverages from different food establishments. So what are the best sellers in Furano? One of the recommended dishes is Furano’s Omelet Curry. This meal consists of eggs, cheese, butter, meats and vegetables and is heavy enough to give you a good source of energy for your next adventure. Ramen and Soba noodles are also highly recommended. Hot soups are perfect to give you enough body heat to combat the freezing weather. Don’t forget to try the Furano Milk Pudding at Furano Delice Cafe. It is said to be the most famous pudding in Japan.

 4. Nightlife

Nightlife in Furano is more relax as compared to that of any major cities. One of the famous bars in Furano is Niseko. It offers its guests a fabulous nightlife. Another well-known bar in Furano is Soh’s Bar. It is a cozy bar where you can grab a cocktail or whiskey.

 5. Shopping

Shopping either as your own souvenir or as a gift for loved ones is another reason why you need to visit Furano Ski Resort at least once in your life. One the most visited shop in Furano Ski Area is the Ningle Terrace. It has different shops where sellers showcase their different products. Some of the things that you can find in Ningle Terrace include Walnut and Pine cone ornaments, stump-shaped candles, leather crafts and snow crystal-shaped accessories.

 6. Hot Spring

To combat the freezing cold environment, hotels and hostels in Furano have hot springs. Travelers can enjoy an indoor or open air type of bath, sauna, and a good massage to soothe the sore muscles. And while doing any of these, the best part is the amazing view of the surroundings that you can enjoy.

7. Furano International Snowsports School

If you want to learn the way of skiing or snowboarding, then having a lesson at Furano International Snowsports School is something that you need to include in your list when you visit Furano. They have instructors who are well trained so you can be sure that you only get the best lessons in doing snow activities. It also has kids daycare that employs qualified teachers and learning specialist. Their goal is to make sure that your kids are well taken cared of while you are enjoying your ski lessons. This kids daycare has both indoor and outdoor play areas where children can experience the fun of playing in the snow.


  • Name: Furano International Snowsports School
  • Address: 21-18 Kitanominecho, Furano, Hokkaido Prefecture 076-0034, Japan
  • Access: 9-minute drive from JR Furano Station
  • Website: http://www.furanosnowsportschool.com/

Have a good trip and travel!

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