7 Things to Know About the San Jose Animal Shelter

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San Jose Animal Shelter
Source: Krzysztof Belczyński

The city of San Jose continues to contribute greatly to the cause of saving animals and creating a healthy environment for them to prosper. Through the educational programs and services offered to the community by the San Jose Animal Care Center, the lives of animals of San Jose and surrounding regions have been enriched. The success the facility enjoys today really cannot have been achieved without the support of its volunteers and the public. Come on down to the shelter to see what it’s all about while you’re in the area!

1. Mission

It is the sole prerogative of the San Jose Animal Care Center to create and provide a humane space for animals to thrive, and raise awareness in the community to protect and enrich the lives of animals by educating the public through free services and programs. By disseminating knowledge to the public, the community is able to support the Animal Care Center’s cause in a positive manner and help them succeed. Within the San Jose Animal Care Center are four units, which are known as Field Operations, Medical Operations, Shelter Operations and Administration. Though these are separate units, they work collaboratively to deliver shelter and safety to the animals.

2. Service Area

The establishment of the San Jose Animal Care Center came after the news that the Humane Society Silicon Valley could no longer be responsible for providing shelter and care services for the Santa Clara County region. The announcement was made in 2001, and the city of San Jose quickly responded by completing the Animal Care Center facility in 2004. It currently serves the residents of San Jose, Cupertino, Milpitas, Saratoga and Los Gatos.

3. Field Operations

At times, Field Operations is referred to as Animal Control by the Animal Care Center, and this unit is composed of both animal service officers and dispatchers. The role of the dispatcher is to respond to the thousands of calls made by citizens annually, who report the presence of stray, dead, lost and injured, and even dangerous animals. From learning more about the situation and gathering information from the callers, the dispatcher then prioritises the calls and enlists the help of Animal Service Officers to investigate the situation at the site, and act accordingly, by rescuing distressed and stray animals, and transporting the injured to emergency care.

4. Medical Operations

The Medical Operations unit is responsible for the health and well-being of animals taking refuge in the shelter. This unit is composed of Veterinarians and their team of Registered Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Assistants and are also responsible for spaying and neutering domestic animals like rabbits, dogs, and cats in preparation for adoption. Animals cared for in the Medical Operations unit are provided with basic health screening, vaccinations, physical exams, and necessary surgeries for their condition.

5. Shelter Operations

The Shelter Operations unit receives thousands of animals each year, and their responsibility is to create a comfortable and caring environment for all of them by providing food, water, and grooming services. For animals that the shelter, unfortunately, cannot place, they will be humanely euthanised by the unit’s kennel and veterinary staff. The Animal Care Center asks the public to please transport any stray pets you come across to the shelter between 7AM and 9PM any day of the week for assistance, and in hopes of reuniting them with their owners.

6. Volunteer Opportunity

If you are in San Jose for an extended stay and have a passion for working with animals, then consider an opportunity with the San Jose Animal Care Center. The facility offers a number of volunteer positions ranging from socialising with cats to general administration work with the head office. Volunteers are asked to commit to a minimum of three hours per week. The success that the Animal Care Center currently enjoys certainly cannot be achieved with the support of its talented volunteers.

7. Adopt!

Adopting a pet requires a great deal of commitment and training, and the services provided by the Animal Care Center will prepare and assist you each step of the way. The center’s website presents interested individuals with an updated list of pets seeking loving new homes- adorable cats, dogs, rabbits, and even birds. Their statistics are presented along with a photo, but the Animal Care Center always welcomes interested individuals for an in-person visit and to ask any questions you may have regarding a pet. Their approachable and welcoming staff can assist you in choosing a pet to best fit your lifestyle.


  • Name: San Jose Animal Care Center
  • Address: 2750 Monterey Rd, San Jose
  • Opening Hours: Sunday 11AM–5PM, Closed Monday , Tuesday- Friday 11AM 7PM, Saturday 11AM–7PM
  • Website: http://www.sanjoseanimals.com/

The San Jose Animal Care Center and its volunteers work diligently to provide animals with a safe and loving environment. There are many ways to contribute, including through donations, volunteering, and even just stopping by to visit the animals!

Have a good trip and travel!