7 Ways to Enjoy Namba in Osaka

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Source: Ilu yu cheng

Osaka’s most central zone is Namba. If you’re in Osaka, do check out the popular neighborhood of Namba. You will be delighted with all the city lights and experience the pure fun of shopping and entertainment. With over 300 shops and restaurants, you can never be bored in Namba. What’s more, the prices are reasonable so, check it out.

1. Namba Hips

namba hips
Spurce: Raelene Gutierrez

This is an entertaining building that features amusement facilities such as game machines, sports center, restaurants and others. Its exterior is shaped similar to an exclamation mark, making it unique. Try the Yabafo, a free-fall ride, and feel the thrill all over your body. Sometimes, rock climbing competition is held here.

2. Namba Grand Kagetsu Theater

namba theater
Source: Moto “Club4AG” Miwa

Japanese comedy shows are regularly played in the theater. This is a good venue for laughter and good times with your friends. Comedy performances include manzai, rakugo, kontos and shin-kigeki. Apart from these, there is also a variety of lively music and acrobatic stunts. There are shops near the theater that sells goods related to the comedians.

3. Namba Parks

namba parks
Source: Connie

It is a combination of office and shopping centers that have around 120 shops. What sets this apart from other malls is its dynamic roof garden. Flowers and plants allow you to get in touch with nature amidst the busy city. The mall also houses cinemas, restaurants, cafes, and amphitheater for the customers.

4. Neon and people

namba neon
Source: Stefan

Namba is alive, especially during the night. The whole area is filled with neon lights, friendly people, numerous restaurants, and huge shopping centers. Be ready to spend your day and night with so much fun. And, get your wallets ready for expenses you have not planned. Who can resist those fancy clothing at the store?

5. Street food

Source: Iskra Photo

What makes Namba more alive during the night is the presence of authentic Japanese street foods. These include sushi, ramen, takoyaki, okonomiyaki, tsukune, sashimi, tempura, pork yakiton, and so much more. These foods would definitely satisfy your cravings. Namba also has lots of hole-in-the-wall restaurants that truly makes Namba, a street food heaven.

6. Doguyasuji shopping street

This street is dedicated to all who loves cooking. Why? It particularly sells anything related to the kitchen and restaurant supplies. From utensils such as knives, appliances, cookware, and even ingredients. Paper lanterns and other decorations for restaurants are also sold here. Above all, you can actually purchase a Japanese katana.

7. Namba Yasaka Shrine

namba shrine
Source: melanie_ko

Most shrines in Japan present the Torii gates at the entrance. Here, the shrine also welcomes you with a  huge, beautifully designed lion face. The lions big mouth is believed to swallow evil spirits and attract good luck. Students, wishing for better grades, visit here, as well as business owners who are asking for good fortune.

Have a good trip and travel!