10 Things To Do in Tsukuba

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Source: On-chan

Tsukuba is a contemporary built around the University of Tsukuba, one of the crucial respected public universities in Japan and residential to 2 Nobel Prize winners and a cyclotron. The town is also situated at the foot of Mount Tsukuba which gives fantastic views, mountain climbing, and lifts. The encircling space is usually agricultural.

1. Visit an Amazing Space Center

JAXA research center is an amazing place to visit with free guided tour and displays excursions 5 occasions every day. The facility contains exhibition of rockets, satellites, and Japan’s involvement with the Worldwide Space Station. There are actual synthetic satellites, part of ISS, and a number of rocket fashions. You may be taught about the historical past of Japan’s space exploration.


  • Address: 2-1-1 Sengen, Tsukuba 305-8505, Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Phone: +81-29-868-2023
  • Open Hour: 10AM-5PM.

2. Visit a Shrine at Mount Tsukuba

Mount_TsukubaSource: Polimerek

Mount Tsukuba is the top height within the metropolis of Tsukuba. You easily can take a bus from Tsukuba center to the Mount Tsukuba. There are 2 stops. The 1st one is close by the shrine you’ll be able to see the massive Torii (Japanese style shrine gate) and the second is nearer to the top height of the mountain. You can also go to the top using a ropeway or you can  climb by yourself, its not so exhausting, however, watch out for the rain.


  • Address: Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 298511969

3. Goto Tsukubasan Shrine

Tsukubasan is a very good historic shrine close to the bottom of Mount Tsukuba. If you’re going to Tsukuba Mount anyway, It is recommend stopping for a short round of the shrine. The structure is sort of fascinating and beautiful. It is rather good for who love short mountain climbing close to Tokyo. There is A number of eating places and motels here providing a varieties meals and providers.


  • Address: 1 Tsukuba, Tsukuba 300-4352, Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 29-866-0502

4. Enjoy Beautiful Scenery at Doho Park

Doho_parkSource: Yusuke Umezawa

Doho is a park geared up with strolling trails, tennis court docket,swimming pool, basketball court, soccer playground and so forth. A small pond with lovely views and beautiful sense. Plenty of road lights and trees make this place good for jogging any time. This park has wonderful grounds for playing, jogging and different early morning activities.


  • Address: 2-20 Ninomiya, Tsukuba 305-0051, Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 29-852-1432

5. Visit The Tsukuba Botanical Garden

Tsukuba Botanical Garden finds subsequent to Tsukuba University. It is a branch of National Museum of Nature and Science for research on plants. It is very famous research facility that gives education to the public about plants.  This facility have around 5000 type of plants from temperate and tropical regions around the world. This place is nice if you wish to see a number of plant with some Scientific titles. Entrance charges are 410 Yen for an adult.


  • Address: 4-1-1 Amakubo, Tsukuba 305-0005, Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 29-851-5159

6. Visit The Tsukuba Expo Center

Tsukuba Expo CenterSource: On-chan

Tsukuba Expo is a wonderful planetarium for a small city and mainly science museum. It is a fantastic place to go. The displays (up to date recently) are hands-on, with many enjoyable displays of various tech related items for both children and adults. There are science reveals that are initiatives to make the lives better. The planetarium dome is very spectacular and the exhibits are very educational.


  • Address: 2-9 Azuma, Tsukuba 305-0031, Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 29-858-1100

7. Go to The Science Museum of Map and Survey

The Science Museum is dedicated to survaying and maping. The exhibit is actually fascinating and interactive particularly ‘earthquake making machine’. a 3D map of the world within the foyer is also amazing. That they had some map drawing tables for the kids. The staff is very nice and helpful and can elaburate the disply items in native and English too.


  • Address: 1 Kitasato, Tsukuba 305-0811 , Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 29-864-1872

8. Visit The Geological Museum

Geological museum basically dedicated to fossils and shiny rocks, that is fairly fascinating. The bottom ground has ingestion on Japanese minerals, fossils, and geological formations, where the 2nd ground has a worldwide flavor. The museum has English translators to elucidate every part there, this is a beautiful museum to visit.


  • Address: 1-1-1 Higashi, Tsukuba 305-0046, Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 29-861-3750

9. Do Shopping at Aeon Mall Tsukuba

There are a lot of fascinating locations to visit however if you want to have some shopping in a regular mall that has a lot of shop including international brands, then you should go Aeon.This Mall is the completely American type. It’s a brand new shopping heart, good and clssy design building, not only shopping, there are many food courts docket that seem like a luxurious restaurant. There’s additionally a really scrumptious bakery hear.


  • Address: sixty six-1 Inaoka, Tsukuba 305-0071 , Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 29-836-8600
  • Hours: 9AM–9PM

10. See Beautiful Landscapes at Matsumi Park

The Park has an enormous koi pond filled with extraordinarily giant and beautiful koi, a commentary tower known as the Bottle-Opener Tower, a good looking Japanese backyard, and an ideal playground. This can be a nice picnic spot, many individuals throughout the town come right here and luxuriate in. Park is close to the Tsukuba Medical Heart hospital and Amakubo.


  • Address: 1-four Amakubo, Tsukuba 305-0071 , Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 29-851-5705

Have a good trip and travel!

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