15 Things To Do in Nago Japan

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Okinawa Nago

Source: Kazuhiro Tsugita

Nago is a beautiful and scenic city located in the prefecture of Okinawa. The place has a full range of coastlines, beach fronts, and seasides. You don’t definitely want to see everything we’ve list down on our article about Nago.

1. Visit the Busena Marine Park in Nago

This is a colorful marine park, where you can see the tropical marine life living within the stunning crystal blue ocean waters. It is an encompassing underwater observatory which you and your family will surely love. The underwater observatory park will help you look, 360 degrees of the underwater reef. You’ll see all the colorful fish and marine life swim around the observatory.


  • Address: Nago 905-0026, 1744-1 Kise, Okinawa Prefecture
  • Phone Number: +81 980-52-3379
  • Payment method: Yen cash
  • Website: http://www.busena-marinepark.com/english/

2. See Orion Happy Park to learn in a beer factory

If you’re experiencing stress because of work and city life, you should look for something to remove those blues. You can take a tour of the Orion Happy Park, which will take you to 30 to 45 minutes of cool beer factory. There are gift shops on the site so you can also buy some souvenirs. You also get to taste their beers, with some snacks to go along with the drinks.

3. Go with the family at the Neo Park Zoo

In the heart of Nago, the Neo Park Zoo is a beautiful nature and environmental oasis park in Okinawa. It is a popular modern zoo and park for tourists, locals, and guests. There are many things to see in the park such as tropical flowers, water ponds, and exotic wildlife animals. All the animals, as well as the fauna area, also have replicas of the natural habitats like the African savannah and Amazon jungle.


  • Address: 4607-41 Nago, Nago City 905-0012, Okinawa
  • Phone: 0980-52-6348
  • Directions: Take Highway 58, then north towards Nago
  • Hours: 9am-5:30pm
  • Fees: Adult 630 yen, Students 210-315 yen

4. Have fun at Nago Pineapple Park

You will surely relish the scenery on your way to the Nago Pineapple Park. Simply stroll around the field as well as the garden which is themed from the delicious tropical fruit pineapple. It is such as lovable sight if you also ride the Pineapple Vehicle Cart. You will also enjoy the sweet scent of pineapples. There are rare pineapple flowers and colorful tropical plants all over the place.


  • Address: 1195 Bimata, Nago City, 905-0005 Okinawa
  • Phone: 0980(53)3659
  • Hours: 9am – 6pm
  • Fee: Adult(16yrs) ¥850, students ¥450, children – Free
  • Website: http://www.nagopineapplepark.com/english/

5. Be amazed of Nago City Hall architecture

Get a glimpse of the Nago City Hall government building, a distinctive administrative architecture in Okinawa. The historical Nago City hall building received awards from organizations in Japan for its interiors and designs. The place is unique since it shows open style concrete flower blocks, which provides sunlight and good ventilation.


  • Address: 1-1-1, Minato, Nago-shi, Okinawa
  • Phone: 0980-53-1212
  • Hours: 8:30 – 5:00
  • Closed: Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

6. Walk the bridge at Warumi Ohashi

For an awesome experience, go to Warumi Ohashi, a scenic bridge to Kouri Island, around ten to twenty minutes from the place of Nakijin. You can take great shots and pictures on the bridge, with a cool breeze of the wind blowing that will make you relax and carefree. Go on foot and on both sides to get a full scenic view of Warumi Ohashi.

7. Go and walk the sand at Yagaji-shima Island

The Yagaji-Shima is partly called and referred as Yagazi stone or simply Yagachi-Shima. The place is just a tiny island separated by thin straits from the Terra firma of Okinawa. You can travel here from Nago, Okinawa then to Yagaji Bridge which is connected from the Yagaji island. A welcome sight that you will see is a massive field of sugarcane passing through the bridge. The main attraction for the visitors in the island is the scenic beach.

8. Relax at the beautiful Nago Citizen Beach

The Nago Citizen Beach is a scenic nice place which will help you relax freely from the stress of work. You should arrive early as it will help you find a good spot on the beach front. Sometimes there’s a long line of guests and tourists notably on weekends. If you have kids, you may want to go early in the morning to enjoy the place for the whole day. The place is in 905-0025, Okinawa Nago 137.

9. Play around at the 21st Century Forest Beach

Did you know that the 21st Century Forest Beach is a man-made beach? It is right within the park that also provides outdoor activities like baseball, sports team training, pre-season camps, outdoors stage and other open field purposes. The beach is divided into 3 sections namely for community beach, play beach and Sunset Beach. There are a lot of activities like barbecue and beach volleyball. Open all year round.


  • Address: 2-1, Ominami, Nago-City 905-0011, Okinawa Prefecture
  • Phone Number: +81 980-54-3301
  • Access: Around 10 minutes from the Nago Bus terminal
  • Parking: 80 cars, free

10. Taste some fruits at Okinawa Fruits Land

Enter the Okinawa Fruits Land after you receive the ticket voucher from the counter. As you enter the place, you will be amazed of the enchanting and colorful theme park, much like you’re in a children’s movie. Some of the featured areas you will see are the Bird Viewing Spots and the Fruits Café, where you get to taste nice smoothies and delicious ice creams, all coming from freshly picked fruits.


  • Address: 1220-71 Bi-mata, Nago City, 905-0005 Okinawa
  • Phone: 098-052-1568
  • Price: 1000 Yen for adults, 500 Yen for children
  • Hours: 9am to 6pm

11. Observe nature and sky at Arashiyama Observation Deck

The Arashiyama Observation Deck provides an awesome and spectacular panoramic views of the Haneji inland sea. You will also see Kouri-jima island as well as the Warumi-ohashi bridge. The scenic view will take your breath away as every side you turn into would be a sight to behold. It is such a picturesque place, you can make a great proposal with your special someone in here. It will definitely be a wonderful experience to be at the observation deck.

12. Live in a luxury resort at Busena Beach

The Busena Beach is a high class luxury beach resort in Nago. It is spectacularly nestled among the pure white sands and lush green trees. The place is scenic in every sense of the word. The resort features ten restaurants, karaoke rooms, four bars as well as children’s club area. The beach is a great place to unwind in the weekend after some tours in the city of Nago.


  • Address: Japan, 〒905-0026 Okinawa Prefecture, Nago
  • Website: www.terrace.co.jp
  • Hours: 8am to 6pm
  • Activity: Beach, sunbathing, wind surfing
  • Best time to visit: Spring and Summer

13. Learn arts and history at Nago Museum

This museum in Nago opened in 1984 in Okinawa Prefecture and one of most noted keepers of artifacts and historic items in Nago City. You will some collections of cultural history and even natural history. One of the interesting items you will see is the giant clam shell which weighs around 200 kilograms. The Nago Museum opened on March 1, 1984.


  • Local name: 名護博物館 Nago Museum
  • Address: 1 Chome-8-11 Agarie, Nago, Okinawa Prefecture 905-0021
  • Tel: 0980-53-1342
  • Hours: 10am – 6pm

14. Hajiusui Monument

The Hajiusui Monument is an interesting landmark in Nago with a great story. It is said that in the Okinawa lore, the sad story of young lovers took their own lives, committing suicide in the trail just near the engraved stone. It is sometimes called “The Stone of Shame” because of the tragic incident.

15. Oura Bay

The Oura Bay is quiet and clean seashore in Nago. It is not as crowded and seems to be well maintained by the local organizers. There’s quite a diversity of sea creatures and marine life in Oura Bay. This makes the place a fun and enjoyable bay to explore for those looking to see varieties of crabs, shellfish, clams and fishes. It will be quite a game to identify the creatures.

We hope you get to tick off or cross out all the places in our list. It may take a while for you to visit them all, but they should all be worth the journey.

Have a good trip and travel!

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