7 Foods to Try in Fukuoka

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Fukuoka Top Picture
Source: Yosomono

Fukuoka is often called as “One of Japan’s Culinary Cities”. Like many other places in Japan, Fukuoka has its own trademark dishes that are sure to satisfy your food cravings. Explore the city and visit the famous Yatai stalls to enjoy great food, great company, and a wonderful dining experience that you’ll never forget.

1. Fukuoka’s Yatai Food Stalls

You can say that the Yatai Stalls is one of the trademark attractions of Fukuoka. When night comes, people go to the streets and head directly to their favorite stalls to enjoy dinner along with some friends and acquaintances. There are over a hundred stalls situated all over the city and the most popular place to find them is in Nakasu Island.

2. Hakata Ramen

Hakata Ramen
Source: David Pursehouse

When tourists go to Fukuoka, they always find time to eat Hakata Ramen. This ramen is one of the specialty dishes that originated in Fukuoka and everyone loves it. The succulent thin noodles and the rich tonkotsu broth topped with slices of chasu are guaranteed to make anyone crave for more.

3. Motsunabe

Source: Yoji Shidara

If you love traditional Japanese Hot pots, then Motsunabe is something that you can’t afford to pass out. In Fukuoka, Motsunabe is usually a mix of pork/beef, cabbage, garlic, onion chives and togarashi peppers with either miso or soy sauce as a soup base. You can make this mild or extra spicy depending on your preference.

4. Mentaiko

Mentaiko is very common and is found almost anywhere in Japan. It’s popularity started in Fukuoka and has been a permanent ingredient found on Yatai Stalls. Mentaiko is marinated roe of pollock and cod, which is often used as an accompanying ingredient to almost every dish in Fukuoka. You can also enjoy it raw along with sake or you can use it as filling for your onigiri.

5. Tetsunabe Gyoza

Tetsunabe Gyoza is Chinese style pan fried dumplings. Like mentaiko, gyoza’s are very common in Japan but it is considered as a specialty in Fukuoka. The fillings used for the dumplings are ground pork, cabbages, and green onions. You’ll often find them served in batches placed on hot iron plates in many restaurants and food shops all over Fukuoka.

6. Yakitori

Yakitori or better known as skewered chicken is one of the recommended dishes that you should try when visiting the Yatai Stalls in Fukuoka. These bite-sized pieces of chicken meat on a stick are quite delicious and addictive. A popular yet inexpensive dish that is a great accompaniment with beer and other similar drinks.

7. Yuzu Kosho

Yuzu Kosho is not exactly what you’d call a dish, but a popular condiment in Fukuoka. It came from the peeling of the Yuzu fruit mixed with salt and chili peppers to create a spicy condiment that enhances your appetite. No one knows where it originated from, but the delicious citrus and spicy taste of Yuzu Kosho has been a part of the local dishes in Fukuoka.

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