15 Things to Do in Obihiro: Japan

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Source: Party Lin

Obihiro in Japan is a populated city with much to offer. From beautiful gardens to historical buildings, you will never get bored in Obihiro. Here are our top fifteen recommendations of what to see, do, and enjoy.

1. Visit Kofuku Station

One of the top attractions in Obihiro is Kofuku Station. This station is one of the most romantic and you may have even seen it featured in a magazine before. It is closed at the moment, in the sense that no trains come in or out.


  • Name: Kofuku Station
  • Address: Kofukucho, Obihiro 089-1246, Hokkaido
  • Website:http://www.city.obihiro.hokkaido.jp/shoukoukankoubu/kankouka/c020201aikokukoufuku.html#_=_

2. Watch the Horses at Banei Tokachi Obihiro Horse Race Track

We would love to save the animals for the end, but we cannot help but tell you about the Banei Tokachi Obihiro Horse Race Track. Take a bet, enjoy the show, and meet locals as they root the horses on. Nearby, is a horse museum which is one of our other recommendations.


  • Name: Banei Tokachi Obihiro Horse Race Track
  • Address: 9 Nishi13jominami, Obihiro 080-0023 ,Hokkaido
  • Website: http://www.banei-keiba.or.jp/info/obihiro_racetrack.html#_=_

3. Explore the Themed Sections at Manabe Garden

If you enjoy gardens, visit the Manabe Gardens. There are many plants, trees, and the landscape is very natural, showing off Japan’s beauty. A fun spin on Manabe Garden is that there are different areas and themes to explore.


  • Name: Manabe Garden
  • Address: 2-6 Higashi Inadacho, Obihiro 080-0835,Hokkaido
  • Website: http://www.manabegarden.jp/#_=_

4. Go Out to Eat at Kita no Yatai

If you love big areas of restaurants and bars, Kita no Yatai will be the place to be. The choices will spoil you and choose which sake to order will be a tough choice.


  • Name:  Kita no Yatai
  • Address: 10-8 Nishi 1jo Minami | Tachibana Bldg. 2F,Obihiro 080-0011, Hokkaid
  • Website: http://www.kitanoyatai.com/#_=_

5. Take a Stroll at Midorigaoka Park

Visit the city park of Midorigaoka Park for a day at the park. Relax and also, stop by the nearby museum and art gallery. Take in the sights and then head off to tour the rest of Obihiro.


  • Name: Midorigaoka Park
  • Address: Obihiro, Hokkaido

6. Visit Obihiro Zoo

Obihiro has a great zoo (Obihiro Zoo) to explore on your visit. There are many species which include elephants, monkeys, and giraffes. Join in on the fun and make sure you catch the feedings.


  • Name: Obihiro Zoo
  • Address:  2 Midorigaoka, Obihiro 080-0846, Hokkaido
  • Website: http://www.obihirozoo.jp/#_=_

7. Go Shopping at Tokachimura

Tokachimura is a great place to shop. Here, you will find local products and souvenirs. It is a great combination of goods for the local and the tourist. The black pork is highly recommended.


  • Name: Tokachimura
  • Address: 8-1 Nishi13jominami, Obihiro 080-0023,Hokkaido
  • Website: http://tokachimura.jp/#_=_

8. Visit an English-style Garden

Shichiku Garden is an English style garden you will find in Obihiro. Many visitors comment that they love the flowers and the animals that live in the park. Don’t be scared of the bees and embrace the squirrels.


  • Name: Shichiku Garden
  • Address: 107 Nishi4sen, Biecho, Obihiro 080-2106,Hokkaido
  • Website: http://page-on.ocn.ne.jp/close.html#_=_

9. Explore Obihiro Shrine

The Obihiro Shrine is a small secret to find in this city. Located near the horse racing tracks, you can easily walk over. The front gate is part wooden, white, and very inviting.


  • Name: Obihiro Shrine
  • Address: 2-1 Higashi3jyo Minami, Obihiro 080-0803 ,Hokkaido
  • Website: http://www.obihirojinja.jp/#_=_

10. Visit Obihiro Centennial City Museum

Visit the Obihiro Centennial City Museum and explore its focus on archeology. You can attend a pottery class on-site, take the free tour, and learn a lot about the cultures and survival in the olden days.


  • Name:  Obihiro Centennial City Museum
  • Address: 2 Midorigaoka, Obihiro 080-0846, Hokkaido
  • Website: http://www.octv.ne.jp/~hyakunen/#_=_

11. Learn About the Horses

A city with a horse racing track would not be complete without a horse museum. The Horse Museum in Obihiro provides knowledge about the history of the “Bamba” and farming horses and it is all for free! Take the backyard tour for a small fee, it is worth it.


  • Name: Horse Museum
  • Address: MInamI8, NIshI 13, Obihiro, Hokkaido
  • Price: 500 yen for backyard tour

12. Take a Nature Walk

Go for a long nature walk when you visit Iwanai Nature Village. Enjoy the natural environment, watch out for the snakes, and we recommend you walk among the river for the fullest experience.


  • Name: Iwanai Nature Village
  • Address: 70 Iwanaicho, Obihiro 080-2121, Hokkaido

13. Take a Hot Bath at the Onsen

Enjoy a bath at the Higashiyu Onsen. You will feel rejuvenated and your muscles will thank you! Soak up the hot water and take in the zen.


  • Name: Higashiyu Onsen
  • Address: 21-3-5 Higashi7jominami, Obihiro 080-0807,Hokkaido

14. Visit the Old Rail Station

Stop by the rail station at Aikoku Station before you leave Obihiro. It is not in use at the moment, but stands as a historical landmark and is worth seeing.


  • Name: Aikoku Station
  • Address: 39-40 Kisen, Aikoku-cho, Obihiro 089-1181,Hokkaido

15. See the Exhibits at Obihiro City Hall

Obihiro City Hall is a place where many important meetings take place. If you do not have time to get inside, take the stroll outdoors. There are many public things to do indoors.


  • Name: Obihiro City Hall
  • Address:  7-1 Nishi5jominami, Obihiro 080-8670,Hokkaido

No matter what you decide to do in Obihiro, the city will keep you excited all day. There is much to see and you can make your trip as busy or as relaxing as you like.

Have a good trip and travel!

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