15 Hostels to Stay in Hokkaido

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Source: Hideyuki Kamon

Staying at a hostel has many good parts. Besides getting to know people from many other countries, you also have more money left for food and traveling. And believe us, you’ll be happy for that if your destination is Hokkaido! Because the area has just so many beautiful things to see and delicious foods to eat! Check out this list of 15 affordable hostels to stay in Hokkaido.

1. Wagayado Hale

Located in an excellent area in the heart of Sapporo, Wagayado Hale offers accommodation in female and mixed dormitory rooms, or in private double rooms. Bathrooms are shared. The property has a shared kitchen for guests to cook their own meals. There are also rental bicycles for exploring the area. The hostel is very close to Hokkaido University, Hokkaido Government Office and Sapporo Clock Tower, which is a famous landmark of the city.


  • Address: 060-0807 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Kita-ku Kita 7-jo Nishi 8-chome 3-12, Japan
  • Access: a 6 minute walk from Sapporo Station

2. Guest House Waya

Located in Sapporo, Guest House Waya has bunk beds in female only or dormitory rooms. Wood screens and curtains provide privacy for each bed. There is a shared kitchen that is equipped with a microwave, a fridge and a stove. The property also has laundry facilities and luggage lockers. Guests can go fishing, hiking or canoeing in the area. The guest hose is close to several interesting attractions: Hokudai Botanic Garden, Sapporo TV Tower and Odori Park.


  • Address: 062-0902 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Toyohira 2 Jō 4 Chome-1-43 , Japan
  • Access:  a 15 minute walk from Susukino Station

3. Kussharo Genya Youth Guesthouse

Just right to Lake Kussharo, this guesthouse offers accommodation in the following types of rooms: female or male dormitories, as well as twin, triple, quadruple and family rooms. The house’s highlight is natural hot spring bath. The property serves breakfast and dinner cooked by the owner who used to be a chef, but guests can also warm their own meals using the microwave.  Bicycle rentals are available. The surrounding area is very beautiful, attractions including Lake Kussharo, Mount Io and Lake Manshu Observatory.


  • Address: 088-3341 Hokkaido, Teshikaga, Kussharogenya 443-1
  • Access:  a 20-minute drive from Mashu Station

4. Untapped Hostel

Located in the center of Sapporo close to the JR Sapporo Station, Untapped Hostel lets you choose between a bed in a mixed dormitory room, a double room and a quadruple room with balcony. Beds in dormitories are all equipped with reading lights and privacy curtains. Bathrooms and toilets are shared. There is an on site restaurant that serves lunch and dinner, but a shared kitchen is also provided for guests to cook their own meals. Luggage storage and safety deposit boxes are available as well.


  • Address:  001-0018 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Kita 18jo Nishi 4-1-8, Japan
  • Access: just outside Kita 18-jo Subway Station

5. Time Peace Apartment

Also located in Sapporo, close to the lively Susukino area, Time Peace Apartment offers beds in female only or mixed dormitory rooms. All rooms are heated during cold weather and the beds have privacy curtains. Free breakfast consisting of fresh coffee and toast is served to all guests staying. The property has a shared lounge that is stacked with books and magazines. Free luggage storage and safety deposit boxes are provided. Bicycle rental for exploring the area is also available.


  • Address:  064-0808 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo-ku Minami 8-jo Nishi 1-chome 13-92, Japan
  • Access: a 6 minute walk from Hosui Susukino Station

6. Tom House

Located in a convenient area of Sapporo, Tom House has the following types of accommodation facilities: single rooms, two bedroom apartments, female only dormitories and mixed dormitories. All rooms come with a flat screen TV and an electric tea kettle. The hostel has ski storage available and also bicycles can be rented for exploring the surroundings. Sapporo Dome and the Sapporo Convention Centre are close to the property.


  • Address: 062-0033 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Toyohira-ku Nishioka 3-jo 5-chome 1-11, Japan
  • Access: a 20 minute walk from Fukuzumi Station

7. The Otarunai Backpacker’s Hostel Morinoki

Located in a beautiful area next to the Otaru Canal, The Otarunai Backpacker’s Hostel Morinoki has female only and mixed dormitories. The rooms are simple, with heating facilities and slippers are provided. A free use kitchen is available for self cooking. Guests can enjoy the garden, watch DVDs in the lounge, unwind on the terrace or play with the hostel’s pets, a cat and two corgi dogs. The Otaru Canal is a 10 minute walk away from the property.


  • Address:  047-0028 Hokkaido, Otaru, Aioi 4-15
  • Access: a 20 minute walk from Otaru Station

8. Hokkaido Sun Guest House

Just a 10 minute walk from Hokkaido University, Hokkaido Sun Guest House accommodates guests in female only or mixed dormitory rooms. The rooms are western style with bunks beds and Japanese style with futon beddings. Breakfast is served free of charge to all people staying. The property features a shared lounge, coin operated laundry facilities and free luggage storage. Odori Park and the Susukino entertainment district can be reached quickly by a 8 minute subway ride.


  • Address:  060-0042 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Kita-ku Kita 23-jo Nishi 6-chome 2-21
  • Access:  a 5 minute walk from Kita 24-jo Subway Station

9. Social Hostel 365

Just steps away from the Susukino entertainment area, Social Hostel 365 lets guests choose between staying in a single room with shared bathroom or a bunk bed female only and mixed dormitory rooms. Each bed in the dormitories has a double sized mattress for greater comfort. The property has its own bar and offers a free welcoming drink to guests. Luggage storage and personal safe lockers are free of charge. Odori Park and Sapporo Clock Tower are also close to the hostel.


  • Address:  064-0805 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo-ku Minami 5-jo Nishi 9-chome1019-16 2F
  • Access: a 10 minute walk from Susukino Station

10. Wakatake Ryokan

Located in a beautiful area with lots of nature, Wakatake Ryokan offers Japanese style accommodation in single or twin rooms with shared bathroom. Each room includes heating facilities and a TV. The property has a common room with a big flat screen TV and a refrigerator. Japanese or western style breakfast is served in the dining room. Attractions such as Kushiro Shitsugen National Park and Kushiro Marsh Observatory can be reached very quickly.


  • Address:  350-0042 Saitama, Kawagoe, Nakaharamachi 2-21-3
  • Access: a 10 minute walk from  JR Kawagoe Station

11. Guesthouse Canterbury

Just a short drive away from beautiful flower fields, Guesthouse Canterbury lets guests choose between a variety of Japanese style accommodation options: a bed in mixed or female only dormitories or single twin rooms and triple rooms. All rooms have shared bathrooms. Some rooms open to a shared deck which offers views of the surrounding forests. The property serves light meals as well as coffee and tea.  Nakasatsunai Art Village and the famous Hanabatake flower farm are close to the guesthouse.


  • Address: 089-1368 Hokkaido, Naka-satsunai, Minamitokiwa Higashi-4-sen 285-25
  • Access:  a 15 minute drive from Obihiro Airport

12. Sounkyo Youth Hostel

In an excellent location surrounded by mountains, Sounkyo Youth Hostel offers accommodation in a six persons family room or female and male dormitories. Bathrooms and toilets are shared. Japanese and western dishes are served for breakfast and dinner. Bicycle renting is available to explore the surroundings. A coin launderette and drink vending machines are on site. The area has a lot of attractions: Mount Daisetsu, Ryusei no Taki falls and Daisetsu farm.


  • Address: 078-1701 Hokkaido, Kamikawa, Sounkyo
  • Access: a 10 minute walk from Sounkyo Bus Terminal

13. Emina Backpackers

Located in Otaru city, Emina Backpackers has gender separated dormitory rooms. Each bed in the dormitories has its own privacy curtain. Both shared showers and shared bathtubs are available. Meals are not served, but a free use kitchen is available for guests to cook in. The property also has a coin launderette on site. Tourists can enjoy a variety of attractions: Otaru Canal, Otaru Park, Mount Tengu with its ropeway and Otaru Ferry Terminal.


  • Address: 047-0034 Hokkaido, Otaru, Midori 2-15-17 , Japan
  • Access: a 15 minute walk from JR Otaru Train Station

14. Guesthouse Hakodate Bay

Excellently located close to Hakodate Bay, Guesthouse Hakodate Bay lets guests choose between a variety of rooms: standard or Japanese style family rooms, twin rooms, triple rooms and superior rooms. Dormitories with bunk beds are also available. Some rooms have private toilets and showers while others share them. The property has a shared kitchen and common area. Besides Hakodate Bay, visitors can also enjoy climbing the nearby Mount Hakodate.


  • Address: 040-0063 Hokkaido, Hakodate, Otemachi 12-5, Japan
  • Access: outside Shiyakushomae Station

15. International Hostel Khaosan Sapporo

Conveniently located just steps away from the Susukino entertainment area in Sapporo, International Hostel Khaosan offers private rooms that can accommodate up to six people as well as beds in gender separated dormitories. Some rooms have private bathrooms. There is a shared kitchen and a common area with PCs to use freely. Luggage storage services are provided. The hostel is close to several attractions: Odori Park, Nakajima Park and the former Hokkaido Government Building.


  • Address: 060-0063 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo-ku Minami 3-jo Nishi 8-chome 2
  • Access: a 5 minute walk from Susukino Subway Station

Enjoy your stay in Hokkaido! Have a good trip and travel!

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