10 Things To Do in Abashiri

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Source: brynsjs

Situated on the eastern coast of Hokkaido, Abashiri is acclaimed for its prison, brewery which offers a wide variety of beers and an extensive variety of blooms. The city’s primary vacation destinations are its jail exhibition hall and the floating ice, which can be seen in the Okhotsk Sea amid winter. Abashiri has a number of places to indulge : Koshimizu Gensei-kaen, where around 40 sorts of blooms sprout in the month of spring ; Lake Saroma, which is isolated from the ocean by a long, thin sandbar; and Lake Tofutsu, well known for its swans. Mt. Tento-zan in suburbia is an extraordinary spot from which to see Abashiri. Visit Okhotsk Ryuhyo Museum where you can see real ice floatings in temperature which may go less than minus-ten-degree celsius. Below are the best things to do in Abashiri.

1. Abashiri Prison

Abashiri Prison Museum
Source: David McKelvey

Built in the 1890s , Abashiri Prison was developed to prison about 1000 wanted criminals in Japan. The Abashiri Prison Museum located inside the prison shows the everyday life of detainees and displays more than twelve buildings and structures of the old jail, including the principle jail along with it’s five radially built wings, a law court, shower house and a chamber for punishment.


  • Name: Abashiri Prison
  • Address: 1-1 Yobito, Abashiri, Hokkaido Prefecture 099-2421, Japan
  • Access: You can take bus from Abashiri Station which is operated every 1-2 hours
  • Timings: 8:00 to 18:00 (April to October) && 9:00 to 17:00 (November to March)
  • Fees: 1080 yen

2. Abashiri Drift Ice

Abashiri Drift Ice
Source: David McKelvey

Okhotsk Bank of Hokkaido is the southernmost area the place to see the famous floating ice in the sea. The floating ice normally travels the Abashiri Coast in January and vanishes again between March to April. February is the best month to explore the Abashiri Drift Ice. Since 1980, the thickness of floating ice has been reduced due to increasing global warming. One of the best and simplest approaches to explore the floating ice is by taking the Aurora Sightseeing Boats, from Abashiri Port. Since floating ice is not seen from the coast, the pontoons go out into the where ice will probably be found.


  • Name: Abashiri Drift Ice
  • Hours : 9:00 to 15:00 (January) && 9:30 to 15:30 (February and March)
  • Fees: 3300 yen
  • Access: You can take bus from Abashiri Station to Aurora boat terminal

3. Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples

Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples
Source: 663highland

The Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples presents the way of life and culture of the people groups living in the northern, subarctic locales of the globe. The museum was opened in 1993, the delightfully furnished displays showcase the attire, sustenance, transport, residences and the profound world with numerous displays, representing the distinctions and numerous likenesses between the different people groups.


  • Name: Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples
  • Address: 309-1 Shiomi, Abashiri, Hokkaido Prefecture 093-0042, Japan
  • Access: You can take bus from Abashiri Station which is operated every 1-2 hours
  • Timings: 9:00 to 17:00 (July to September) && 9:30 to 16:30 (October to June)
  • Closing Days: Mondays , New Years Holidays,
  • Fees: 550 yen

4. Lake Abashiri

Lake Abashiri
Source: David McKelvey

Situated in Abashiri Quasi-National Park, Lake Abashiri is a standout amongst the most celebrated Lakes in Hokkaido area. It is one of the best places to make the most of your time in the laps of nature. Lake Abashiri is known for beautiful swans which can be seen in the lake. From December to April , lake freezes with ice up to a meter thick. Tourists cab appreciate outdoors by the lake in summer and smelt fishing during winters.

5. Lake Tofutsu

Lake Tofutsu
Source: bryansjs

Situated in Abashiri, and a wetland of the Ramsar Convention, Lake Tofutsu is an incredible spot to appreciate a tranquil time and feathered creatures. This extremely icy region has below zero temperatures for quite a while in winter and is celebrated for bird watching spot. One can see around 250 assortments of wild feathered creatures throughout the year. During winters, you can see swans here until the spring season. The lake has serene landscape, with dairy cattle and steeds eating languidly in the area.


  • Name: Lake Tofutsu
  • Address: Kitaham, Abashiri City, Hokkaido
  • Phone: 0152-44-6111 (Abashiri City Hall, Tourism Division)
  • Closed: Monday
  • Opening Hours : 9:00Am – 17:00 Pm
  • Entrance Fees: Free
  • Access: Take Bs to Koshimizu and than 5 minute walk

6. Okhotsk Ryuhyo Museum

Okhotsk Ryuhyo Museum
Source: 663highland

Okhotsk Ryuhyo Museum is located at the highest point of Mt. Tento-zan, nearby Abashiri. The exhibition hall has a temperature set at – 15c° and one can enjoy the real experience of drift ice in the museum itslef. You can see float ice there even in the mid-year. Inside the gallery, there is a completely furnished theater with subtitles in English, where you can find out about the 4 particular seasons in Abashiri. Simply outside the historical center, there is a slant more than 100 meters long that amid the winter time plays host to an immensely well-known snow tube course.


  • Name: Okhotsk Ryuhyo Museum
  • Address: 245-1 Tentozan, Abashiri, Hokkaido Prefecture 093-0044, Japan
  • Access: 10 minutes by Abashiri Bus to Mt. Tento
  • Contact : Tell 0152-43-5951
  • Timings: [Summer Apr – Oct] 8 am – 6 pm [Winter Nov – Mar] 9 am – 4:30 pm
  • Entrance Fees: 540 yen

7. Eat Sushi at Murakami

Source: Hajime NAKANO

Sushi is a trademark of Japanese cuisine and any trip to Japan is incomplete without trying Sushi. Located nearby the Central Hotel is this little sushi bar called as Murakami, which is locally celebrated for its seafood and different types of sushi. The proprietor changes the menu day by day in light of what’s fresh in the local catch. Murakami is among the best sushi bars in Abashiri region.


  • Name: Murakami
  • Address: Minami-san-jō-nishi, Ni-chōme
  • Telephone: +81 152 43 1147
  • Price : 1400 Yen
  • Opening Hours: Lunch and Dinner

8. Enjoy Cycling to Lake Saroma

Source: eutrophication&hypoxia

A tourist who wants to enjoy the natural beauty of the town can go for cycling tours. A cycling street keeps running for 25km west from Abashiri to Lake Saroma , highlighting lovely perspectives of lakes, woodlands, and pumpkin fields. Lake Saroma is situated in Abashiri Quasi-National Park and is one of the biggest lakes in Japan and biggest in Hokkaido. It is likewise celebrated yearly for 100 km Ultramarathon. Lake Saroma is a standout amongst the most celebrated spots in Japan for scallops and shellfish.

9. Japanese Smelt Fishing

Lake Abashiri Japan
Source: David McKelvey

Fishing is an amazing activity to enjoy and spend your time along the serene lakes amidst nature. Smelt Fishing is a winter most loved activity in Hokkaido, where an opening is penetrated into the frozen ice of Lake Abashiri, and then you can enjoy the fishing. Smelt fishes are extraordinary barbecued or in tempura. Impelling cookers can be utilized for 200 yen for 10 minutes. Otherwise, you can buy a tempura set for 500 yen and cook and taste the fish you got on the spot.


  • Name: Japanese Smelt Fishing
  • Best Time: End of December – middle of March
  • Timing: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Fees: 800 Yen
  • How to Reach: 10 min. from Abashiri Sta. on the “Bihoro Route”

10. Horseback Trekking

Source: Satoshi KINOKUNI

One of the best ways to explore the natural beauty of this quaint town is by taking a stroll riding the horse . Indeed, even the wind that flows towards your face as you ride the horse will feel extraordinary and unwinding. Amid the winter, the steed takes you trekking over the floating ice on the Sea of Okhotsk. Horseback trekking over a frozen sea is an extraordinary thing to do in Abashiri.


  • Name: Horseback Trekking
  • Address: 225 Mokoto, Abashiri
  • Timings: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

This quaint town is perfect for a relaxing holiday in Japan amidst nature. With a number of natural trails, lakes, outdoor activities, Abashiri is sure to give you memorable holidays in Japan.

Have a good trip and travel!