7 Places to Shop in Denia: What to Buy

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Denia Shop
Source: Lisa Risager

A charming city along the Mediterranean coastline, Denia is a must see for travelers visiting Spain.  The year-round mild climate is ideal for enjoying the sites, the culture and indulging in some retail therapy. The city offers shops, stores and market that sells anything from expensive suits, jewelry to bargain antiques, wines, and seafood.

1. Nilay Boutique

This boutique offers a wide selection of jewelry, clothes, decorations and accessories for that ethnic vibe. Each item created by fine craftsmen from India and Bali to deliver not only style but optimum quality as well. The unique designs of the products make it ideal for souvenir or gift items with a price that is reasonable as well as affordable.


  • Name: Nilay
  • Address: Carrer Marques de Campo 50 03700, Denia
  • Opening hour: Daily 10am – 9pm
  • Phone: +34 966 934 516
  • Website: Nilay.es

2. Bodega Museo Maserof

A Roman villa converted into a winery, museum, and restaurant that showcase tools and furniture that were built between 11th and 19th Century.  Offering tours regularly on summertime, visitors get to immerse in the culture and process of wine making as it was traditionally done.  On the weekends, the place serves gourmet meals from fresh ingredients and best paired with the house specialty red wine.


  • Name: Bodega Museo Maserof
  • Address: Las Rotas, Calle luno, 6 03700 Denia
  • Phone: +34 687 722 451
  • Website: maserof.es

3. Camarena Fashion Home

Denia offers boutiques and shops for high-end fashion brands. Camerana is a men’s boutique and tailoring shop. Offering the best quality of bespoke suits made for men with exquisite taste or ready to wear international brands like Armani, Gran Sasso and Zegna.  The best way to remember a visit in this Spanish region is to take home a fine quality suit that speaks of elegance and style.


  • Name: Camarena Fashion Home
  • Address: Carrer de Diana, 1 03700 Denia
  • Phone: + 96 578 8709
  • Opening hour: Mon – Sat 10am – 8pm
  • Website: camarena.com.es

4. Verdi Lemon

Originally a flower shop, this quaint little place evolved to offer home décor items as well that are made of wood, brass, and even dried plants. There are also assortments of small items that can easily be transported like candle holders, spice racks and other knick-knacks that look great with any chic home.  The prices are cheaper than most shops offering similar products in the area.


  • Name: Verdi Lemon
  • Address: Carrer Ramon y Cajal, 16 03700
  • Phone: +96 627 6744
  • Opening hour: Mon-Fri 10am-8pm

5. Carnaby Street Dania

This outlet store is home to international and local brands that offers year-round discounts.  Having a wide variety of goods for the bargain and high-end shoppers, this is the place to visit for a little shopping spree. There are also food shops to satisfy every craving from tapas to gourmet meals and cafes to wines ideal for relaxing after shopping.


  • Name: Verdi Lemon
  • Address: Carrer Patricio Ferrandez, 33 03700 Dania
  • Phone: +34 657 537 237
  • Opening hour: Mon-Fri 9:30am – 9:00pm

6. Open Air Market

This is a place where merchants sell different kinds of goods depending on the days of the week. Fridays are for antiquities and second-hand items that are very affordable.  Other days of the weeks are for bohemian and handicraft items like jewelry, leather good, pottery, ceramics and much more.  There are also shops for bread, fruits, and vegetables. The shop is frequented by locals and tourists looking for great bargains.


  • Name: Open Air arket
  • Address: Torrecremada Espalande Denia, 16 03700
  • Opening hour: Mon-Thur 8:30pm-2:00pm Friday 9am-1pm

7. Fish Market

The best place to get the freshest seafood in the city. Visitors can see the fishing ships as it docks and unloads products waiting to be sold.  This is the best place to buy Denia red prawns, octopus, lobsters and other seafood items.  There is fish auction year round where restaurants in the area complete for the best catch of the day.


  • Name: Fish Market
  • Address: Fishing Quay, Port of Denia 03700
  • Opening hour: Mon-Fri 3:30pm – 10PM

There  are many wonderful sites in Denia and it also offers a very fulfilling shopping experience. There are plenty of shops to visit whether it’s for bargain shopping or luxurious indulgence.  It’s always best to bring an international credit card or plenty of cash so as not to miss out on a fantastic find.

Have a good trip and travel!