10 Things to Know about Benidorm Cafe

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Benidorm cafe is one of the best cafe in Benidorm, the cafe is pretty much famous among British youths. Around 3 am in the morning most of the cafe will be virtually empty but the Benidorm Cafe will be full. The cafe is also known as Cafe B.

1. Cafe Benidorm pulling

The cafe Benidorm is famous for pulling (also known as pick up joint) where you end up pulling a man or woman. And our research says it is easy to pull in the Benidorm cafe. The most of the things happen at 2 AM in the morning.

2. Best Bar in the town

The Cafe Benidorm is one of the best bars in the town offering various brands of Wine, and Whiskey. The Drinks are not overly priced and the staff is really friendly. Once you get in you dont feel like to leave this place.

3. Time

The Cafe Benidorm is famous among all age groups and is one of the places to close very late. They open at 8 pm in the night and close at 7 to 8 AM in the mornings, the energy at the club is awesome!

4. cabaret acts

This bar is one the best places you will have visited. The Cafe Benidorm’s Cabaret shows are considered to be the best among the town. The Cabaret acts start at 7:30 PM and end at 2 AM and then they switch to 70’s music.

5. Miss Coco Chanel

Miss Coco Chanel is a referred as “Queen of Visual Comedy”, the face behind the Queen is Colin Brown a young, energetic, talented drag artist from Scotland. He loves what he does, I am sure that you will be amazed by his show. The show is usually performed on Wednesday and Saturday at 9 PM.

6. Happy Hour

The Cafe Benidorm has maintained its reputation for years, It is easy to set up a business but is very hard to earn and maintain that reputation. The Cafe offers Happy hour 2 for 1 drinks from 7:30 PM till late. They take pride in what they do.

7. The age group


The cafe Benidorm is famous among all the age groups from 17 – 70’s; The famous cabaret acts and the classic music at the Cafe explains why it is famous among all. They have earned a lot of reputaion in Benidorm and is defeinately a place that you will not eant to miss. The children are allowed until 10 PM.

8. Music

Cabaret acts are followed by Music shows; Cabaret acts usually end at 2 AM in the morning then the classic music starts which will run till the morning. The music is mainly from the 70’s to 80’s period.

9. Price

The Cafe Benidorm is famous among all the ages and is the busiest cafe in the town. There is no entry fee to enter the cafe and the drinks are cheap but of good quality. People often get here to meet the people late night when all the other places in Benidorm are closed.

10. The Spacious Cafe

The Cafe Benidorm has something for everyone.The cafe Benidorm is big and spacious, there are two bars inside and a large terrace bar. The cafe has a good atmosphere and is very clean. Their motto is Enjoy the music and dance the night away!


  • Address: Calle Lepanto, 18, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante, Spain
  • Phone: +34 965 85 45 48
  • Opening Hours: 8 PM – 8 AM

Have a nice trip and travel!

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