7 Reasons to Go Furano Lavender Fields: Hokkaido

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Source: Chi King

Furano, Hokkaido is famous for its lavender fields spread all throughout during the lavender season. The peak period takes place from mid-July to early August. Furano has three popular lavender viewing spots: Farm Tomita, Lavender East, and Flower Land Kamifurano. Among the three, Farm Tomita is the best lavender farm in Hokkaido area. Here’s why you should visit Furano Lavender Fields:

1. Accessible Location by Train or Bus

While it is best to travel through private car rentals, you may choose to ride the Furano Lavender Express. This train directly drops you off to Furano city from Sapporo. More suitable for tourists is to hop on to Twinkle Bus Furano (Lavender Course) sightseeing bus. It runs from Asahikawa and then to Furano and lastly, Farm Tomita. Make sure to reserve your tickets at the JR Railway Station.

2. Great Place for Bonding

The journey towards the lavender fields brings you special bonding moment with your loved ones. Take lots of photos in the different areas of the farm. Stroll around and create new memories with your family or friends. Appreciate the natural beauty of the place and you will definitely enjoy every minute spent here.

3. Bike Rental

If you are staying in a hotel in Furano, you may want to rent a car or bike on your way to the famous lavender fields. On your way, you can see the panoramic view of beautiful mountain ranges. Regular bicycles cost  200 yen per hour while the electrically powered bicycle is at 600 yen hour. Bike rental shops are easily located. Ask the farm if they offer one.

4. More colors, not only lavender

It is the Lavender season but, expect to see other colors of beautiful flowers around Hokkaido’s best fields. Of course, this adds not only beauty to the already wonderful scenery of the lavender fields but, it also creates more fun to the eyes of the visitors. More importantly, it is planted in very organized columns.

5. Lavender Snacks

Of course, when traveling, you need to eat the famous dishes served in such place. Farm Tomita offers a wide array of delectable foods such as cream puff, honey pudding, jelly, cake, and more. What’s more, you must try the lavender soft ice cream, Furano’s traditional watermelon, and Lavender soda. Totally mouth-watering!

6. Very wide and beautiful scenery

When you arrive, you could mesmerizingly feel excited about all of the beautiful lavender scenery surrounding you. The lavender fields can be likened to heaven on earth, with its precious natural beauty. The pure color simply gives excitement to the people. As visitors, let us not forget the hardworking farmers who have spent time taking care of this.

7. Gift Shop

Because you have been away from home, expect your friends to ask souvenirs from you when you get back. Fret not, Farm Tomita has a souvenir shop selling lavender products including lavender plant, soap, candle, perfume, lavender tea, lavender essential oil and many more. These are all authentically made from fresh lavender.

Enjoy the best view at Furano Lavender Fields.

Have a nice trip and travel!

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