7 Things to Know About Hokkaido Premium Tickets

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Tourism in Hokkaido boosts especially during the time of announcing the availability of Hokkaido Premium Tickets. These tickets allow visitors to get a 40% off on various products and services by official participating establishments. This is perfect for travelers who are planning to visit Hokkaido. Get to know more about the Hokkaido Premium Tickets.

1. Sells quickly

Once you hear an announcement from any advertisements of the availability of Hokkaido Premium Ticket, do not hesitate to get yourself one. Once it goes public, the tickets are definitely going to be sold out anytime. Most facilities are selling the vouchers one batch after the other so, be alert for the notifications as it sells abruptly.

2. Online reservation form

Before coming to Hokkaido, check out if Hokkaido Premium Tickets are available especially during your desired period of visit. Personal details including passport number will need to be entered, date of entering Hokkaido, quantity of voucher sets and sales counter where you will pick it up. You will then receive a reservation number.

3. Affordable Price

japanese yen
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6,000JPY per set of Hokkaido Premium Ticket worth 10,000JPY is a very reasonable price. That is already a total of 40% massive discount. Note that one person can only purchase up to three sets of the ticket. So, a 30,000JPY worth of vouchers only amounts to 18,000JPY.

4. Save money

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Using the Hokkaido Premium Ticket is a really smart move by any traveler. This would not only allow visitors to save money but, it also allows Hokkaido to boost its tourism as many foreigners would want to purchase it and visit Hokkaido. This is truly a win-win situation for both.

5. Vouchers at the sales counter


Upon reaching Hokkaido, go to the sales counter you indicated during application. Make sure you have the reservation number for verification. Purchase the vouchers instantly. You will be asked to show your passport, serving as proof of your identity. You will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire. Take note, you need to pay cash in Japanese yen.

6. Foreign tourists only

foreign tourists
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While the Hokkaido Premium Ticket seems to be selling like hotcakes, be reminded that the tickets can only be used by non-residents. Remember, traveling to Japan is not cheap so, better wait for promos like this. For foreigners longing to visit Hokkaido, this is your chance to be where you want at a valued price.

7. Use in participating facilities

When using the vouchers, always ask first if they accept Hokkaido Premium Tickets. Keep in mind that not all companies are giving into this hype. And, some facilities may accept it but, make sure that it is clear that you know the limitations of the services they would provide.

Enjoy your Hokkaido journey!

Have a good trip and travel!