7 Things to Know About Hokkaido Inu, Dog,Ken

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Hokkaido Inu, Dog,Ken

Source: MIKI Yoshihito

The Hokkaido Inu Dog is a breed of Dog also known as Ainu-Ken, Seta and Ainu Dog. The dog is native of Hokkaido prefecture of Japan. In Japan, it is also known as Do-Ken. Some important information about this breed of Dog is given below:

1. Appearance and features of the Hokkaido Dog


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The dog is medium sized with small triangular ears. The eyes of Hokkaido Inu are also small with arising triangular outline. The skin of dog is covered with two layers of fur known as outer coat and shorter coat. The breed of dog has different colors red, white, black, wolf gray, sesame etc. The male dogs are about 50 cm in height and females are shorter than males. The body weight of the dog is near about 20 kgs and dogs which grow outside Japan are smaller in size

2. Nature and Temper of the Dog

The dog is full of attractive qualities and is a courageous hunter, guard, and protector. It is also very loyal to his master at the same time a well-mannered dog. The dog has been used extensively as scenting hounds and the training is provided to them about defense. The dog can attack a 650 pounds bear also. It can be grown and trained as a family pet. If the master of the dog does not display leadership qualities the dog will become aggressive and stubborn

3. Living Conditions and Life of the Hokkaido Dog

Living Conditions and Life of the Hokkaido Dog

Source: www.osa-art.pl

They cannot survive well in apartments although it can grow best in  an active indoors with large yards. They can also live outdoors because their protective coats save them from cold and heat. The average life of the dog is about 11 to 13 years and can give birth to 7 puppies at a time. The proper care of the dog is necessary so it should be brushed and combed regularly

4. Origin of the Hokkaido Dog

The breed of Hokkaido Dog is Japanese Spitz and this dog is not found outside Japan. The dog was named after famous Ainu Tribe which came to Japan 3000 years ago and brought this dog with them. However, some changes have taken place in the dog from that time. The name of the dog is registered under FCI.

5. Health Issues of Hokkaido Dog

Health Issues of Hokkaido Dog

Source: www.osa-art.pl

There are some health issues regarding this breed of dog which are Heart Murmurs, CEA, allergies, Hypodontia, Epiphora which is caused due to blockage in tear ducts and high instance of Cryptorchidism etc. So, to save the dog from these health hazards you must take to doctor for a regular check-up.

6. Genetic background of Dog

Genetic background of Dog

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This breed of dog carries genes from older dogs of Japan. These dogs interbreed with those dogs of Yayoi and they came to Hokkaido so get isolated. These dogs share some of the DNA with Ryukyu Ken which was found in Okinawa and somewhat similar to Jomon Dogs.

7. Registered by Government of Japan

The dog was registered under the government of Japan in 1937 as living natural monument. The two main breeds registered are Hokkaido Ken Hozonkai and Hokkaido Ken Kyokai. All the dogs are registered with the two clubs of Hokkaido Dog Preservation Society and Hokkaido Dog Association.

In short, we can say that Hokkaido dog is brave, energetic breed and easily withstand the cold temperature of Hokkaido. They are rarely found outside Japan and there are about 10,000 dogs from which 900 are nearly registered under two clubs of Hokkaido.

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