15 Things To Do in Hakodate

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Source: YOEY YAN

Hakodate is a beautiful seaside city of Japan. It is one of the most famous tourist destination of the country. Every year thousands of tourist come to enjoy the natural beauty and man-made attractions of Hakodate. Here is a list of 15 things to do in Hakodate.

1. Mount Hakodate

If you do only one thing in Hakodate, that has to be visiting mount Hakodate. It’s a 334 meters high mountain. The view from the mountain top is spectacular. It is considered to be one of the three best night views in Japan!


  • Name: Mount Hakodate
  • Address: Hakodate
  • Price: 640 yens one way and 1160 yens for a round trip by rope way.

2. Hakodate Port Fireworks

If you’re a fan of fireworks, you are going to love this event. Hakodate port is one of the main transport hubs of Hakodate and the perfect place to enjoy a spectacular firework show. The show is yearly and normally remains open for a number of days.

3. Goryokaku Park

The Goryokaku Park is one of the most beautiful parks in not only Japan but in the world.  The name of the park originated from the pentagon-shaped fort in the center of the park. The best time to visit the Goryokaku Park is the cherry blossom season. The entire park comes alive in that season and gives it a surreal look.


  • Name: Goryokaku Park
  • Address: 44 Goryokakucho, Hakodate 040-0001 ,Hokkaido
  • Phone Number: +81 138403605

4. Motomachi District

If you’re an architecture enthusiast and love to visit cities with historic establishments, you must pay a visit to Motomachi district.  It’s famous for its western style architectural establishments. You can visit the old British consulate, Chinese Memorial Hall, and the Russian Orthodox Church.

5. Goryokaku Tower

The Goryokaku Tower is the pride of Hakodate. The tower stands tall at 107 meters. You can see the entire Hakodate city and the beautiful star-shaped Goryokaku park from the top of the tower. The scenic view of the city from the tower looks particularly beautiful in the evening.


  • Name: Goryokaku Tower
  • Address: 43-9 Goryokakucho, Hakodate 040-0001,Hokkaido
  • Phone Number: +81 138-51-4785

6. Night View of Hakodate

If not for anything else, Hakodate is worth a visit just to enjoy the breathtaking night view of the city. The entire bay area is illuminated with thousands of lights at night. The scenery looks like a picture taken from a movie. You will remember the night view of Hakodate for the rest of your life!

7. Hachimanzaka

Located at the foot of Hakodate Mountain, Hachimanzaka is a long slope towards the see. The best time to visit Hachimanzaka is during evening and night. The view of the setting sun and the lights on the road makes for a picturesque view. A stroll down the slope is an experience worth having.


  • Name: Hchimanzaka
  • Address: Suehiromachi, Hakodate 040-0053 ,Hokkaido

8. Hakodate Ropeway

If you haven’t traveled by ropeway before, Hakodate ropeway is the perfect opportunity for you. The ropeway is so famous that there are hundreds of people queuing every day to travel using it. But the 3-5 minutes ride is worth the wait for the view up there can’t be explained in words.


  • Name:Hakodate Ropeway
  • Address: Address: 19-7 Motomachi, Hakodate 040-0054 ,Hokkaido

9. Hakodate Morning Market

One of the best experiences in Hakodate is visiting the morning market. It’s the best place you could go if you were a sea food lover. There are hundreds of shops and restaurants that sell fresh and cooked sea foods. There are so many varieties of different fish and sea foods you’ll find in the market that you never knew existed!


  • Name: Hakodate Morning Market
  • Address: JR Hakodate Station, Hakodate, Hokkaido
  • Phone Number: +81 138-23-3105

10. Visit Hakodate Bay Area

What is the point of visiting a seaside city if you don’t visit the Bay area, am I right? Hakodate Bay area is one of the most beautiful Bay areas in Japan. The buildings are designed specially to increase the beauty of the area. The area looks spectacular during night times.

11. Yachigashira Onsen

Onsen is a Japanese traditional public bath. Onsen is one of the things that you must experience while visiting Japan and there could be no better place to take an Onsen than Yachigashira Onsen in Hakodate. It’s the most famous Onsen and spa in Hakodate.


  • Name: Yachigashira Onsen
  • Address: 20-7 Yachigashira-cho, Hakodate 040-0046,Hokkaido
  • Phone Number: +81 138-22-8371

12. Onuma Quasi National Park

Onuma Quasi National Park is another picturesque park in Hakodate. Trust me, you’ve never seen a natural beauty like this. The park is ideal for taking a stroll, spending time with your friends and family and enjoying a boat ride. If you’re adventurous, you can go canoeing.


  • Name: Onuma Quasi National Park
  • Address: Lake Onuma

13. Ride on Hakodate Tram

The best way of sightseeing around the Hakodate city is by riding the Hakodate tram. If you’ve never ridden a tram before you will find this experience to be very interesting. You can see the people and life around Hakodate. You can know more about the city and its history.

14. Hakodate Bugyosho

Hakodate Bugyosho is a famous historical attraction of Hakodate. The Bugyosho used to be the administrative office of Samurai. It was in charge of Police and other law enforcement works. The building has been restored and is an excellent testament to Japanese culture and history.

  • Name: Hakodate Bugyosho
  • Address: 44-3 Gryokakucho, Hakodate 040-0001,Hokkaido

15. Trippistine Monasteries

A visit to Trappistine convent and monasteries is a must in any tourists’ itinerary. The place not only has historical and religious significance but also has one of the most amazing landscapes. The monasteries and the grounds are perfect for a daytime picnic. Hakodate is a city full of wonder. If you’re planning a trip to Japan, you must include Hakodate in your list of cities to visit. The city is lively and dynamic but at the same time gives you a peaceful experience. Enjoy your trip to Hakodate and don’t forget to indulge in the activities mentioned above!

Have a good trip and travel!