10 Things To Do in Fujisawa

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A sea is facing city close to Kamakura, Fujisawa is one of the famous visitor spot confronting Sagami Bay. Fujisawa showcases the image of Shonan way of life , and its great rail and road network with rest of the country make it an extremely famous destination for tourists from the Kanto area. Surfing waves and volleyball competitions on the beaches in late spring pull in tourists, particularly more youthful individuals, and they are likewise attracted to the occasional bars and accommodations that are located along the shoreline from Kugenuma to Enoshima . Enoshima Island is a standout amongst the most acclaimed vacation destination of the city which has numerous attractions, including plant gardens and Enoshima Lighthouse. The Shonan beach of the city is one of the best beaches of Japan which attracts tourists and surfers from all over the country. Here are some best things to do in Fujisawa.

1. Explore Enoshima Island

Enoshima island
Source: aotaro

Enoshima is the most famous tourist island located simply off the coast which is connected to the mainland via a bridge. The island offers an assortment of attractions, including a famous shrine, a park, an observation tower and a historical cave. One can enjoy the stunning views of the Mont Fuji from the island on a clear day. Much of Enoshima attractions can be visited via foot or pontoon. A significant number of the attractions on the island are on a top of the hill which can also be reached via elevators for the individuals who don’t want to walk up the hill. There are a number of attractions to explore in Enoshima like Enoshima Shrine, Samuel Cocking Garden, Iwaya Caves, Enoshima Daishi, Enoshima Island Spa, Love Bell, Southern Coast and more.

2. Surf At Miami Beach of the East

Shonan Beach
Source: Kuru man from Japan

Shonan Beach is a standout amongst the most well-known surf beaches in the country and has a long, wide surfing shoreline on both sides of the scaffold to Enoshima known as Shonan. Shonan Beach is one of the best beaches in Japan. Shonan offers some breathtaking perspectives of Mount Fuji on a sunny morning. The beach is visited by millions of tourist and surfers from all over the Japan. Indeed, even frosty days with generally little waves can draw hordes of surfers to this beach. Most of the surfing fanatics visit it during the summer season. The main season or the peak season of the beach is just around 6 weeks from July to August.

3. Go For Spa at Enoshima Island Spa

Enoshima Island Spa
Source: Abasaa

After a long day of travel, what could be better than relaxing and unwinding in a spa? The Enoshima Island Spa is located along the rough shore of Enoshima. One of the best spa facility is the area, this beautiful building sits simply over the sea and you start your healing experience as you stroll through the entryways into the warm, delicately lit, softly fragrant first-floor cafe of the resort. Enoshima Island Spa offers hot spring showers and also indoor and open air pools. There are also few of the pools in the artificial cave and one can enjoy the views of Mount Fuji from the area on the good clear day. It also has eateries, a bistro and all the facilities you may expect at a spa.


  • Name:Enoshima Island Spa
  • Address: 2 Chome-1-6 Enoshima, Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
  • Timings: 10:00 to 22:00
  • Price: 2742 yen

4. See Colorful Fishes at Enoshima Aquarium

Enoshima Aquarium
Source: kazuletokyoite

One of the best place for sea life lovers where you can explore the colorful and different species of aquatic life of Sagami Bay, which is famous all over the world as a fortune trove of aquatic life.The Enoshima Aquarium is an expansive, cutting-edge aquarium found along the shoreline over the scaffold from Enoshima. A significant part of the aquarium, which includes its 2-floor high tank, shows the various amphibian life discovered locally in Sagami Bay. The aquarium additionally showcases shows of dolphin, penguins and seals and also beautiful jellyfish.


  • Name: Enoshima Aquarium
  • Address: 2-19-1 Katasekaigan, Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture 251-0035, Japan
  • Phone : +81-466-29-9960
  • Timings: 9:00 to 17:00
  • Fees: 2100 yen

5. Write A Love Message on Lock

Love bell
Source: Guilhem Vellut

A perfect place for couples, where they can pray for their love life and write their love message and lock their names for forever. Toward the end of the small hike up the hill stands a chime on top of Enoshima’s slope with pleasant perspectives over the sea. Since the hill and the place are related to the love legends of Benten and the mythical beast, couples tourists ring the chime together and then write their names on the locks which they leave them locked to the fence of the shrine. It is located on Enoshima Island on the way to the Iwaya Caves.

6. Pay a Visit to Enoshima Shrine

Enoshima Shrine
Source: Guilhem Vellut

Enoshima Shrine is one of the most famous shrines of the area dedicated to the spirit of Benten. There are three distinctive holy places on Enoshima that are all in all known as Enoshima Shrine. They are all devoted to the goddess Benzaiten. The primary complex of the temple incorporates an octagonal structure that features one of country’s three most revered statues of Benten, the most revered god of Enoshima. God Benten is also known as the go of wealth for which many tourists visiting the temple washes money in the pond located here.


  • Name: Enoshima Shrine
  • Address: 2-3-8 Enoshima, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa
  • Timings: 8:30 to 17:00
  • Entry : Free

7. Eat Shirasu Donburi

Shirasu is a small, white fish found in Sagami bay and measures about one centimeter. Shirasu is freshly caught from Sagami Bay in very large numbers around the Enoshima and is very famous seafood in the area, where they are mainly eaten either raw or served with the white rice called as donburi. It accompanies a little bundle of ground ginger that is garnished with it. The ginger adjusts the rich flavor of the fish. Simply sprinkle with soy sauce and it turns into the primary dish for lunch served with miso soup and other dishes.

8. Enjoy 360 Degree View of Fujisawa

Enoshima Lighthouse
Source: Mig Gilbert

One of the musts visits destination in Fujisawa, where you can appreciate the staggering perspective of Enoshima and Fujisawa city from Enoshima Lighthouse Observation Tower which is also called as Enoshima Sea Candle. The observation tower was built in 2003 and is one of the largest beacons in Japan. There is a lift to go to the highest point of the tower which stands at the height of about 40 m, but it is recommended that you use round stairs as they give an all-encompassing perspective of the nearby zone. Around evening time, the tower is lit up by a solar power , which makes an incredible scene.


  • Name: Enoshima Lighthouse Observation Tower
  • Address: Enoshima, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa
  • Phone: 0466-23-2444
  • Timings: 9:00–20:00
  • Entry Fees: 500 Yen
  • Access: 20 Mintue walk from Katase-Enoshima Station

9. Attend Fujisawa Enoshima Fireworks

Fujisawa Enoshima Fireworks
Source: meeekn

In spite of the fact that late spring is normally the season for firecrackers in Japan, but Fujisawa Enoshima Fireworks does not go with this trend and the festival is celebrated with more than 3000 shots of stunning fireworks in late October. The island of Enoshima and the night view of the ocean give the stunning backdrop to these amazing fireworks. This exceptionally pleasant occasion gives an extraordinary approach to get away from the colder months and to re-experience the late spring vibe as you witness the display of the Enoshima Fireworks.


  • Name: Fujisawa Enoshima Fireworks
  • Dates: Mid Oct, 2016
  • Entry : Free
  • Access: Katase-Enoshima is the nearest station.

10. Explore the Historic Iwaya Caves

Iwaya Caves
Source: Guilhem Vellut

These caves are located in the Enoshima Island. Caves feature a shrine which was built about 1500 years ago by one of the rulers of the area. These days the caverns are to a greater extent a vacation spot than a blessed site, however despite everything they still hold the spiritualist appeal. The caves once were eroded by the water but due to earthquakes, it has been elevated from under the water. One of the cave features Buddhist statues while the second cave is devoted to the mythical dragon that used to threaten the region.


  • Name: Iwaya Caves
  • Address: Enoshima Island, Fujisawa, Japan
  • Timings: 9:00 to 17:00
  • Fees: 500 Yen

Fujisawa’s wonderful coast is frequently alluded to as the Miami Beach of the East and is flourished by individuals who appreciate water sports. Enoshima Island is another amazing destination which attracts tourists from all over the world.

Have a good trip and travel!

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