15 Things to Know about Cadiz CF

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Source: cabezadeturco

A Spanish squad based for the most part in Cádiz inside the self-governing group of Andalusia, Cádiz CF is known as Cádiz Club de Fútbol, S.A.D. situated in 1910, it plays in Segunda División B – bunch four, holding their mandatory home games at Estadio Ramón de Carranza, with a 25,033-seat capacity.

1. Cadiz CF plays at Estadio Ramón de Carranza

Source: Jecanre (Public Domain)

Estadio Ramón de Carranza is a football stadium in Cádiz, Spain. The stadium is the home ground of Cádiz CF. The stadium was initially introduced 3 September 1955. It has from that point forward been totally reconstructed twice. The new stadium with an aggregate limit of 25,033 observers has an aggregate developed region of 94,938 square meters, it incorporates 31 555 m2 of underground stopping for around 900 autos under the four stands, business zones situated all through the stadium totaling 23,349 square meters and 28,714 square meters are utilized for a lodging situated as a part of the primary stand. The aggregate expense of the modifying was 68 million euros, all paid for with open funds.Field size 106 m × 68 m (348 ft × 223 ft)

2. Their motto #YoCreo means I believe

Watching football is an involvement in itself, as should be obvious the Gaditanos getting it done. This is why they adopted the motto #YoCreo which means I Believe! The energetic devotees of Cadiz Cf are called Cadistas and say this motto. Typically Gaditano, they are uproarious, riotous and neighborly. Truth be told, a late study named them the best fans in Spain, for their soul, kinship, and silliness. Expect the Ramon de Carranza Stadium to be jam-pressed amid the diversion and be prepared to experience Gaditano amusingness.

3. Salvadoran footballer Jorge “Magico” Gonzalez played for Cadiz

Jorge Alberto González Barillas (conceived 13 March 1958), prominently known as El Mágico (The Magic One), is a Salvadoran resigned footballer. A forward with brilliant ball-control attitudes (his ability being dominated by sketchy conduct off the pitch, he is for the most part connected with Cádiz, while additionally speaking to the El Salvador national group for over two decades.

4. Claudio Barragan once managed Cadiz CF Team

For more than 52 years of noteworthy splendor, a former player, and Cadiz manager Claudio Barragán began his journey. He played great for 4 seasons in Coruña from 1991 to 1995. In all, Claudio more than 258 total games in the great La Liga. He is simply known to be Claudio and was actually born in the place of Valencia.

5. Cuero is included in Cadiz CF Team B

Wilson Antonio Cuero Llano, who was born on January 27 of 1992, is a known Colombian player of football. He plays for the known Spanish club Cadiz CF B as a forward. Cuero came back to the Andalusians in June 2013 and restored his connection with the club on 9 October 2014. On 4 August of the next year, he was advanced back to Cádiz, now to the principle squad.

6. Manuel Lolo Coronado Plá joined Cadiz CF in 2014

Manuel Coronado Plá (born 7 April 1993), commonly known as Lolo, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Cádiz CF, on loan from Portuguese club S.L. Benfica, as an attacking midfielder. On 30 August 2014, Lolo was loaned to Segunda División’s CD Lugo, on a season-long deal. In the following summer, in the same predicament, he joined Segunda División B side Cádiz CF.

7. Alberto plays as goalkeeper of the team

Alberto Cifuentes Martínez born on the date of 29 May 1979, is actually simply referred to just as Alberto, is a Spanish expert footballer who plays for Cádiz CF as a goalkeeper.Alberto spent the vast majority of his vocation in Segunda División B, speaking to on the second level, other than Ciudad de Murcia, Albacete, Real Murcia and UD Salamanca for a sum of 128 appearances.

8. Real Madrid’s Kiko Casilla once played for Cadiz

Francisco Kiko Casilla Cortés, birthday at October 2, 1986, is a Spanish expert footballer who plays for Real Madrid as a goalkeeper. Banned by Kameni and new marking Cristian Álvarez, Casilla joined third level side Cádiz CF in advance for 2008–09. The move was stretched out for the sum of the accompanying effort after the Andalusians came back to division two, and he again began the greater part of the season, however, the group was promptly consigned back.

9. Daniel Güiza is a late bloomer in football

Güiza actually bloomed late on the universal stage, having been initially playing great for Spain on 8 November 2007 for 2008 UEFA Euro qualifying tournament games against Ireland and Sweden, as the national group was at that point met all requirements for the finals in Austria and Switzerland. Güiza is of Romani (Gypsy) origin. He was presented as a great player in the country of Spain. Additionally, Güiza was named the best party-goer hen he initially joined Ciudad de Murcia, with the club his mentor.

10. Cadiz CF Players won in the Euro Championships

Source: Cabeza de Turco (Wiki Commons)

In Euro 2008, Cadiz players helped theSpanish national group win Euro 2008 and marked with Fenerbahçe in Turkey in the blink of an eye a while later. The conceivable outcomes of the yellow group in the playoff, the (debated) association of the workforce, the displeasure of the fans, the Cadista mentor answers to these and numerous different inquiries.

11. Alvaro Garcia is on loan from Granada CF

Álvaro García Rivera is a known Spanish player of football who plays for the squad called Cádiz CF on credit from Granada CF as a midfielder.He included with the principal group amid pre-season, and made his expert – and La Liga – debut on 18 August, playing the most recent twelve minutes of a 2–1 away win against CA Osasuna.On 28 August 2014 García was advanced to Segunda División club Racing de Santander, in a season-long advance arrangement. Around a year later he moved to Cádiz CF, additionally in a makeshift arrangement.

12. Kike Marquez plays forward for Cadiz

Enrique Márquez Clement, with the birthday at July 23, 1989, ordinarily known as Kike plays as a Cadiz CF forward. He was born then grew up in Cadiz Province, in Sanlúcar de Barrameda. However, Kike was great to play youth football with the neighborhood Atlético Sanluqueño CF, making his senior introductions in the 2006–07 season in Tercera División.In June 2011 Kike joined Real Betis B, in Segunda División B. He kept on contending in the third division in the accompanying
battles, speaking to Sanluqueño and Cádiz CF.

13.Hugo Rodríguez is a Midfielder for Cadiz CF

Hugo Rodríguez Romero, with a birthday at December 39, 1989, essentially known as Hugo, is a Spanish footballer who plays for Cádiz CF as a Midfielder #Defensive Midfielder.Born in Jerez de la Frontera, Andalusia, Hugo graduated with Sevilla FC’s childhood setup. He made his senior introductions with the C-group in the 2008–09 battle, in Tercera División. On 22 November 2008 Hugo played him to start with a match as an expert.

14. Cadiz CF is coached by Alvaro Cervera

Álvaro Cervera Díaz is a Spanish former great football player who played as a winger, and the current coach and mentor of Cádiz CF.He amassed La Liga sums of 261 recreations and 17 objectives through the span of 12 seasons, speaking to in the opposition Racing de Santander and then Mallorca. Another engagement is in Valencia. Cervera turned into a director in 2002, going ahead to work with a large group of clubs.

15. Cadiz CF is in the 2016 playoffs

The coach and mentor of Cadiz CF, coach  Álvaro Cervera Díaz, is clear that Cadiz in the playoff won’t be so easy as it is. The road is not easy to win. Alvaro Cervera today went by the wording of Diario de Cadiz , days before shutting the customary season against Real Jaén and look and the playoffs climb to Second Division. being a former player, he knows what he is really talking about in the playoffs.


  • Full name: Cádiz Club de Fútbol, SAD
  • Nicknames: Submarino Amarillo, Yellow Submarine
  • Founded: 1910
  • Ground: Ramón de Carranza
  • Capacity: 25,033
  • Chairman: Manuel Vizcaíno
  • Manager: Álvaro Cervera
  • League: 2ªB – Group 4
  • 2014–15: 2ªB – Group 4, 1st
  • Website: http://www.cadizcf.com/

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Andalucia Province, Cadiz, Europe, Spain