20 Things to Do in Cadiz

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Cadiz Things to do
Source: Anna & Michal

The town boast of some uncommon cathedral of varied designs, a theater, a historic municipal building, an 18th-century tower, and some indication of an old traditional town hall. There are many things you can do here. Here are some things you can do in Cadiz.

1. Explore Playa Victoria

This beautiful beach has nice amenities that are fantastic and you will be lucky as it is actually just a minute from the hotel in the beach. They actually have a really clean and nice beach. It has this lovely good restaurant. You can see some big umbrellas and luxurious beach beds. Make sure to visit Playa Victoria.


  • Name: Playa Victoria
  • Address: Paseo Maritimo, Cadiz, Spain
  • Interest: Beach, Sea
  • Province: Cadiz
  • Open: Everyday
  • Hours: 7am to 6pm

2. Visit Yacimiento Arqueologico Gadir

Do not ever expect to see in the middle of the busy place of Cadiz that there is an old archaeological site with such varying dimensions. The admission here is free. So this deserves a visit and very much worth your time when you’ve made your plans. You will walk on glass catwalks that will actually show all the old remains. They do have the very modern type of facilities that will allow you to see the first original construction.


  • Name: Yacimiento Arqueologico Gadir
  • Address: C / San Miguel, 15 , 11009 Cadiz , Spain
  • Phone: +34 956 22 63 37
  • Open: Daily, except Holidays
  • Hours: 9am to 5pm

3. Go to Torre Tavira

The Torre Tavira is one very interesting site you should go in Cadiz. If climbing the 10 stairs is not that easy, but the view from the very top is really worth it. The Camera Obscura actually gives you a very different and unique view of Cadiz. You will really enjoy the visit here. It is located in the middle and old part of Cadiz. The small rooftop of the terrace of the Torre Tavira offers a 360-degree view of the ocean.


  • Name: Torre Tavira
  • Address: Calle Marqués del Real Tesoro, 10, 11001 Cádiz, Spain
  • Phone:+34 956 21 29 10
  • Interest: Landmark
  • Open: Everyday
  • Hours: 9am to 5pm

4. Take a Walk at Park Genoves

This a one lovely tropical lush garden that is also around several walkways from the sea fronts of the place of Cadiz. There are many opportunities for some good nice photographs that you should take. There are even some instances you will spot professional photo shoot in the works. There is something and a lot more for all age group in here.


  • Name: Park Genoves
  • Address: Avda. Doctor Gomez Ulla, s/n, 11110 Cadiz,Spain
  • Phone Number: 956241001
  • Interest: Park
  • Open: Daily

5. Soak the Sun at La Caleta Beach

This beach is very popular with the residents of Cadiz. Some even bring their very own chairs! There may be no chair that you can rent! You need to catch the number 7 bus for the 10 minute trip to the beach. This is one of the nicest beaches in Cadiz! Make sure to include La Caleta in places you should visit in Spain. Just go here and don’t miss it.

6. Buy Goods at Mercado Central

The building of Mercado Central is very beautiful. The market is actually a must see in Cadiz. This should be a nice place in Cadiz, but don’t think you should allotting more than 45 minutes into it. Everyone says there are traditional restaurants in the heart of the market that are the tourist trap and a bit overpriced. But to the most authentic spots in the perimeter.

7. Visit the Cathedral of Cadiz

For five Euros, you will be able to get inside the main Cathedral as well as the bell tower. It is sometimes worth having the offered audio guide for some great essentials as you may always miss a couple of those short talks by the guide of the place! There is an impressive crypt thus is actual below the sea level. There are lovely views from the top of the bell tower while the ramp gets you to the very top.


  • Name: Cathedral of Cadiz
  • Address: Plaza Catedral s/n, 11005 Cadiz, Spain
  • Phone Number: 34 956286154
  • Open: Daily
  • Hours: 10am to 6pm
  • Interest: Religious

8. Go to the Museum of Cadiz

This is actually free for all the EU visitors. This is quite common like many museums you see in Spain. This covers the common periods of the local type of history. They also feature some of the Roman remains from places of Cadiz, Sancti Petri, and even Baelo Claudia, which are all very interesting. There is also some good glassware. The museum actually covers centuries of history from old Roman times to the modern art now.


  • Name: Museum of Cadiz
  • Address: Plaza de Mina s/n, 11004 Cadiz, Spain
  • Phone Number: 00 34 956 20 33 68
  • Interest: Museum
  • Hours: 9am to 5pm

9. Meet Locals at Plaza de Las Flores

The place is called the square of the flowers as it is named where the flower market stalls are now situated. It is beautiful to walk around or just sit at the numerous cafes or bars. You can just watch the world go by. This is a cute beautiful plaza in the old town of Cadiz. You will see fresh flowers everywhere and there are also good eats!

10. Take a View of Paseo Canalejas

The place should let you know more about Cadiz and its history. Just talk about the memories that you can take. The ride to the place is actually even more nice, as it’s great for you to walk alone. You should be accompanied with a partner and family, because of the warmth of the place. The groves and manicured flower beds make a good and comfortable place to rest.

11. Explore the place of El Populo

A lot of history here as the place is very cozy and also warm as you walk along the very narrow streets and roads. There are plenty of bars, cafes, and restaurants here to keep you interested and amused whilst you walk around and knowing the drinking in the history of the port of the place of Cadiz. The place dominates this picturesque and charming neighborhood. You need to feel the vibe of Cadiz while getting drenched in its streets.


  • Name: El Populo
  • Address: El Populo, Centro Historico, Cadiz, Spain
  • Province: Province of Malaga
  • Interest: Neighbourhood, locals
  • Open: Daily

12. Visit the Puerta de Tierra

This was a very reasonable and even enjoyable visit, especially because it was free for you to visit and see the place. You can also visit the nearby puppet museum located next door. Another place to visit is the nearby lithograph museum if you want to see it. You can just walk up some flight of stairs in one of located side entrances. You should go up a couple of levels of the floors until you reach the very top of the house walls. These will then overlook the old part on Cadiz which as you know is simply the living history.


  • Name: Puerta de Tierra
  • Address: Plaza de la Constitucion, Av Andalucia, 11004 Cadiz, Spain
  • Fee: Free
  • Interest: Sightseeing, landmarks
  • Open: Daily

13. Take a Picture at Castillo de Santa Catalina

Your entry to this great castle is actually free. It is still worth having that gentle walk and stroll through the grounds. The beautiful architecture of the small tiny church in the castle grounds always brings to people’s mind to the classic western if you remember like the Magnificent 7. There are many massive big walls all around and it is quite easy to see why this was located at the current place.

14. Visit the Zoo de Castellar

zoo castellar
Source: Big Ashb

This place is not exactly and necessarily the zoo you will know. All wild animals here were actually rescued from the improper and hazardous conditions in households, forests, circus, or sometimes confiscated by the customs from criminal people that are trying to transfer the animals illegally. Other animals are harmed in some other ways and then they are all brought to this good facility for care and rescue. The personnel is doing a great and awesome job on the zoo.


  • Name: Zoo Castellar
  • Address: Cerro del Moro, s/n, 11350 Castellar de la Frontera, Cádiz, Spain
  • Phone:+34 607 91 03 93
  • Hours: 9AM–7PM
  • Interest: Zoo, animals

15. Watch at Gran Teatro Falla

Excellent theater with each show exceptionally well done. Numerous amicable staff and unbelievable points of interest my photos do it no justice.Happened to be in Cadiz when a municipal Gala execution was occurring – included numerous exceptionally effective and proficient nearby entertainers, for example, flamenco’s Jonathan Santiago. Intriguing to see the crowd response.


  • Name: Gran Teatro Falla
  • Address: Plaza Fragela, s/n, 11003 Cádiz, Spain
  • Hours: 9am to 6pm
  • Province: Province of Cádiz
  • Opened: 1883
  • Phone: +34 956 22 08 34
  • Architect: Adolfo Morales de los Ríos

16. Walk at San Juan de Dios Square

This Plaza like Cadiz is not touristy because of a greater number of local people than guests. The sun was sparkling and be delighted in lunch whilst people viewing. Wonderful Plaza, with pretty structures, wellsprings, and bistros. There are frequently intriguing slows down here, and road performers like flamenco artists or Spanish guitar players. Awesome spot to have a beverage or a dinner.

17. Visit the Church of San Antonio

The full name of this congregation is La Iglesia de San Antonio de Padua and it is actually situated in the square of the same actual name in the north part of the older quarter. Construction was finished in 1669, with a few rebuilding efforts over the accompanying centuries. Although we couldn’t get inside when we went by, it is an awesome working in a flawless setting.

18. Ride a Bike in Cadiz

There is a bicycle trail with the distance, in spite of the fact that making sense of how to hybrid to the trail along the train tracks once you get outside of Cadiz. It is somewhat precarious. The bicycles were great in spite of the fact that you ought to ensure they are appropriately balanced before setting out as one of your own. Fortunately, the territory is leveled so rigging are not by any means imperative.


19. See the Cadiz Town Hall

The town lobby is extremely noteworthy and remains close to the calm and shady Plaza de St Juan de Dios. There are huge and brilliant botanical showcases close to the principle passageway of the building; last December the presentations were in Christmas shades of red and green, in Spring the presentations were shades of lilac and pink, however disappointingly there were none of what was portrayed.


  • Name: Cadiz Town Hall
  • Address: Plaza de San Juan de Dios s/n, 11004 Cadiz,Spain
  • Phone: 34956241031
  • Open: Everyday
  • Hours: 8am to 5pm
  • Interest: Landmark

20. Know History at Teatro Romano

The Teatro Romano looks like not a lot from the fundamental street. However take the direction on the sign and you will locate a cutting edge all around displayed understanding and survey office with learned and accommodating staff. You will have the capacity to see the levels of stone seats and models of how the theater would have looked when worked more than 2000 years.


  • Name: Roman Theatre
  • Address: Calle Mesón, 11-13, 11005 Cádiz, Spain
  • Province: Province of Cádiz
  • Phone: +34 677 98 29 45
  • Interest: History, landmarks
Among the various landmarks of historical and scenic interest in Cádiz, a number of them stand out. Do you already have plans? Well, save our list and do some of them a day at a time.
Have a good trip and travel!