20 Things To Do in Yokosuka

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Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture
Source:Masayuki Kawagishi

Yokosuka is a naval port city of the Kanagawa Prefecture. The city faces the Tokyo Bay to the East and the Sagami Bay to the West and occupies a major part of the Miura Peninsula. The present-day Yokosuka is one of the oldest inhabitations of Japan, with the historical archives dating back to the paleolithic period and is a perfect blend of cross-cultural exchange between the Japanese and American culture.

1. Cruise at the Yokosuka Naval Port

Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture
Source: Naval Surface Warriors

The port of Yokosuka exists since 1854 when a treaty signed between Japan and the United States allowed the two countries to establish trade routes between them. The Cruise at the Yokosuka Naval Port takes you on a spectacular journey to explore the Southern part of the Tokyo Bay. Witness live and up-close the various sea-vessels of the 7th Fleet of United States Navy and the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force. The Shiori Terminal is the starting point of the 50-minute cruise and is one of the most popular tourist activities in Yokosuka.


  • Name: A Cruise of the Yokosuka Naval Port
  • Address: 1 2-1-12 Honcho Yokosuka-City, Kanagawa
  • Opening hour:10:00am to 04:30pm
  • Website:tryangle-web.co.jp

2. Experience the splendid beauty of Shobu-en Park

Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture
Source: Shirin Takao

Japan is famous for its vivid collection of flora and fauna and Yokosuka is no different. From cherry blossoms to hydrangeas, wisteria to roses, you can find them all, carpeting the entire space of the Shobu-en Iris Garden. With more than 400 varieties grown here, these flowers bloom to their best in the month of June  and fill up the garden with myriad colors of purple, pink, yellow and white. Photographer’s ahoy! Time for you to test your camera lenses with some breathtaking clicks!


  • Name: Shobu-en Park
  • Address:Abekura 18-1 Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture 〒 238-0033
  • Opening hour:08:30am to 05:30 pm

3. Craft your beer at the Nawlins

This is for all the beer fans, especially craft beer. Located near the Yokosuka Chuo station, this chic pub serves a seamless blend of Japanese and American Cuisines along with its main forte`- the craft beer. Here, you can try various styles of Craft Beer such as Baird, North Island, Ushitora, Brimmer, Brimmer Zakkoku Kobo, to name a few. The lounge ahs more than 21 taps to serve Baird Beer from and provides a classic and laid back lounge style ambiance.


  • Name:Nawlins BBQ and Craft Beer
  • Address:4-1 Kamoi, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa 239-0813
  • Opening hour:11:00am to 10:00pm(Weekdays) and 11:00am to 10:30pm Weekends
  • Website: nawlinsjapan.com

4. Get Inspired at the Yokosuka Museum of Art

Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture
Source: Riken Yamamoto

Get amazed with the intriguing artistic and architectural designs enclosed within chic glass paneled walls at the backdrop of the sea-views at the Yokosuka Museum of Art. Despite lesser connectivity options to reach this gallery, it is a tour that is worth the effort and you should not be surprised if you find it crowded here. The panoramic sea horizon behind the museum complex simply blends with the various shapes within the building. The museum also has a restaurant called ‘Aquamare’, which lets you cherish an authentic Italian Cuisine over the splendid ocean view in front, at a reasonable price.


  • Name:Yokosuka Museum of Art
  • Address:4-1 Kamoi, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa 239-0813
  • Opening hour:10:00am to 06:00pm
  • Website:yokosuka-moa.jp

5. Sync to the tunes of Mikasa Park Water Show

Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture
Source: Shod Williams

Neighboring the US Naval Base, the Mikasa Park is an attraction worth visiting in the evenings. The Mikasa Park was restored in 1961, long after the World War -II, when it was completely destroyed  in the aftermath.It is famous for its orchestrated light, sound and fountain show, and is one of the must-see attractions on your visit to the Yokosuka city. The water fountain’s movements are synchronized to the sounds of symphonies at the backdrop and the vibrant lights that create patterns in the air. The daytime is an opportunity to visit the battleship Mikasa, which is one of the Greatest Historical Ships in the world.


  • Name: Mikasa Park Water Show
  • Address: Japan, 〒238-0003 Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokosuka, Inaokacho, 82−14
  • Opening hour:08:00am to 09:00pm
  • Website: kinekan-mikasa.or.jp

6. Learn how to shop Yukata – the Summer Kimono for the Hanabi Festival

Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture
Source: kzn Chen

Time for you to blend with the local culture. And there is no better way than learning how to pick up your kimono. Walk down to the neighboring Tokyo city from where you can pick your own Summer Kimono or Yukata and is made of light cotton material. The costume is customary to wear during the celebration of the traditional “Hanabi” (or Fireworks) Festival. The festival showcases an artistic display of fireworks and is practiced in Japan since the early 17th Century Edo period. The Yukata is fun to wear and is equally enjoyable for all ages- men, women, and children. It can be a great way to share cross-cultural experiences and explore Japan like a local.


  • Name:Yukuta Shopping -Marui City
  • Address: 〒150-0041 1-21-3, Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Opening hour:Weekdays – 11:00am to 09:00pm; Sundays and Holidays: 11:00am to 08:30pm
  • Website: 0101.co.jp

7. Night Camp on the Uninhabited Sarushima Island

Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture
Source: Nesnad

If you are looking for an adventurous break and some thrill and excitement, then hop on a fifteen-minute ferry ride starting from the Mikasa park docks, that takes you to the Sarushima or the Monkey Island. The island was earlier used as an artillery battery during the 17th century and is a natural island on the Tokyo Bay. Today, the island stands as a marine park which was developed post World War-II and boasts of several adventure activities such as swimming, camping and, fishing. You can also hike up to the highest point to explore the fortress ruins of the pre-war period. The best way to experience this island is by night camping on the island. You can carry your tent and camping equipment for the most thrilling island experience.


  • Name:Sarushima aka Monkey Island
  • Address:Sarushima Islands, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
  • Website:tryangle-web.com

8. Go on a Shopping Spree to the Dobuita Street

Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture
Source: Kisarazu Kaze

Dobuita street is the fashionista of Yokosuka, where the culinary combines with fashion. A shopping street during the day, and a bar and club street during the night, the Dobuita Street is explorable at all times of the day and is a great place for both shopping and nightlife. The street is lined with both traditional Japanese as well as American styled clothing and apparel and you can explore both American as well as Japanese Cuisine here.


9. Taste your Latte at the Cafe Musetto

Walk a little ahead of the Dobuita Street and you can explore this chic cafe` and restaurant constructed with wooden panels on its exteriors and elegant ambiance in the interior. If you are one of those who enjoys caffeine with a white froth after a long day’s shopping stroll, then you are walking into the right place. The cafe` has a humble menu and serves everything from coffee to soft drinks and from appetizers to sumptuous meals.


  • Name:Cafe` Musetto
  • Address: Honcho 2-19, Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Opening hour:10:00am to 08:00pm
  • Website:fare-gp.co.jp

10. Relish the Sushi Food at Hamakura Sushi Restaurant

Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture
Source: Hajime Nakano

Well, it is understood and is natural that you are in Japan and you have been craving for trying out that Sushi food for quite some time. The Hamakura Sushi Restaurant is a Sushi Delicacy restaurant located exactly where it should be – opposite the Yokosuka Fish Market. This restaurant serves more than 25 different varieties of sushi on its menu.

It is also famous for its sashimi delicacies, in which fresh and tender sea fish is finely sliced into smaller pieces, garnished with Soya Sauce and Wasabi Paste for creating an enriching color and taste, and served with an authentic Japanese hospitality.


  • Name: Hamakura Sushi Restaurant
  • Address:238-0013 Kanagawa-ken, Yokosuka-shi, Heiseichō, 3 Chome
  • Opening hour: 10:00am to 06:00pm
  • Website:hanae-group.co.jp

11.  Relax and chill out at ‘Roundabout’ Lounge

The Roundabout Bar and Lounge has a touch of class and sophistication apart from taste and style. The interiors, decor, layout and ambiance of the bar makes you feel just at the right place, where you can grab a drink of your choice and relax from the hard day’s work. Add to it the light music at the backdrop and you are prepared for a splendid evening. The bar ahs some of the finest and oldest collection of spirits and vinyl. All this, that comes at a reasonable price. Isn’t that all to go in for a nice evening?


  • Name: Cape Tomyozaki Nishiruaga
  • Address:3-4-2,Wakamatsucho, MitsuruToshiie Bill, Kanagawa Prefecture, 238-0007 Japan
  • Opening Hour: 06:00pm to 02:00am

12. Go prime shopping at ‘The Prime’ Shopping Mall

Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture
Source: Everjean

Let not fade your shopping spree yet! As there is still more to see and explore in Yokosuka. Go downtown to the 6-storeyed Prime Shopping Mall is located close to the Yokosuka Chuo station in Wakamatsucho and let your shopping go overboard. This shopping mall has different stores on its six different floors and is a nice place for budget shopping. Go grab the latest play-station games from Tropez Entertainment or Tendon Mise-ya. Gift yourself that stylish footwear from the Shoe Plaza or pick up anything for 100 Yen from the 100 Yen store. Take a salon makeover or do thrift shopping at the Super Thrift store. And if you are a music lover, Wattmann and Shimura Instruments is what you are looking for. Finally, you can take a break and grab your appetizer from one of the many restaurants available in the shopping center.


  • Name:Tateishi Park
  • Address:若松町1-5Yokosuka,Kanagawa Prefecture,238-0007Japan
  • Opening hour:09:00am to 00:00am
  • Website:the-prime.net

13. Become a Yabusame Warrior

Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture
Source: Glenn Waters

The warrior culture of Japan is ages old. In fact, to acquire ‘Budo’ or the martial way of life is instilled right from the childhood. Not only does it allow one to lead a life of discipline and principles, it also reflects in day-to-day life and interactions of the Japanese Culture. The Yabusame Performance conducted at Ibaraki, will get you up close and connect you with the Samurai Tradition that is the heart of Japanese Culture. Skilled archers on a mounted horseback swiftly race past the targets with their bows artistically stretched out and aiming the targets in front. It is astonishing to see how despite all the involuntary movements, they are able to focus and accurately pierce the targets from a distance.What’s more, also take some archery lessons here, as the practitioners teach you what it takes to be a disciplined Samurai Warrior.


  • Name:Yabusame Live Performance
  • Address:Zushi Beach, Kanagawa Prefecture 249-0007, Japan
  • Opening hour:03:00pm onwards (2hrs performance)
  • Website:city.zushi.kanagawa.jp

14. Feel the rush at the Umikaze Promenade Park

The Umikaze Promenade Park or the Sea Breeze Promenade Park, lets you push your adrenaline a step further by engaging in dirt biking. The impressive biking trail has several artificially designed ramps for bike jumping and skateboarding. Grab one of those bikes and feel the excitement as you take off in the air, across the BMX trails. The park also has basketball and tennis courts. The scenic views of the Sarushima Island bordering the park and the Tokyo Bay are just within the arms reach.


  • Name:Umikaze Promenade Park
  • Address:3-23, Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture 238-0013, Japan
  • Opening hour:24 hrs
  • Website:nissan-nics.co.jp

15. Hike the Takatori Yama Hills

The Takatori Yama is a serendipitous and tranquil trail through the semi-dense forests and rock quarries that lead up the summit. If you are an adventure seeker, it is time to test your wits with a hiking and biking trail on this island. The summit offers a picturesque view of the Yokosuka city, a reward for the effort you took to meet the challenge. The hike has several different circuits such as the Northside trails, Takatori to Sengen-Yama (Duckpond Connector), South East area trail, Jimmi-Ju temple hike. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s gear up for the hike, shall we?


  • Name:Takatori yama hike
  • Address:1 Chome Oppamaminamichō, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken 237-0065, Japan

16. Relish the Navy Burgers

The Yokosuka Navy Burger is the place where the East meets the West. It is an epitome of the cross-cultural exchange that has evolved here over time. The Yokosuka Navy Burger is located in the heart of the US Naval Base and attracts equal numbers of civilian as well as the military crowd. It is a good opportunity to interact with the men in uniform working on the vessels. The Yokosuka Navy Burger especially boasts about its hamburgers and uses secret ingredients and fresh toppings to create the authentic burger taste and experience.


  • Name:Yokosuka Navy Burger
  • Address:12-1 Honcho, Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Opening hour:24 hrs
  • Website:cocoyoko.net

17. Mikan Picking at Tsukuihama Tourist Farms

Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture
Source: Ralph Futo

Imagine yourself surrounded by fresh and vibrant orange colors as you walk through the Mikan Gardens. Even better, what if you get to pick one of those straight from the farm- fresh and tasty. Wouldn’t that be worth an experience? The Mikan Farms in Tsukuishima let you explore the colorful orange farms. If you are in Yokosuka in the months of September or October, do not forget to add this to the list of your must-see places in Yokosuka. It is the time when the oranges ripen and are ready to be picked up for relish. The Mikan or the Japanese orange farms are nestled in the quaint hills of the Miura Peninsula, it is a great way to hand-pick your own mikans, an experience that you will never forget for a lifetime.


  • Name:Mikan Gardens, Tsukuishima
  • Address:5-15-20,Tsukui,Yokosuka, 239-0843
  • Opening hour:09:00am to 03:00pm
  • Website:jakanagawa.gr.jp

18. Experience the Amber Sunsets of Hayama Beach

Yokosuka, Yanagawa Prefecture

The Hayama beach faces the Sagami Bay and is a 30-minute drive away from the Yokosuka city. Facing the west directly, this beach blesses its visitors with a magnanimously large sunset views in the evenings. In the evenings, walking along this beach as the sun sets on the horizon is a peaceful experience. Sit down on the beach facing the sunset as it gradually goes down the horizon, leaving a ray of hope and promise, that tomorrow, it will come back again, with the same view.


  • Name: Hayama Beach
  • Address: 1443, Miura District, Kanagawa Prefecture 240-0116, Japan

19. Enjoy the hues of Blues & Jazz – Blue In Green Lounge


It is time to immerse in some soulful music and no other place can match so well to the tunes as that of the Blue In Green Jazz Club and Lounge. The best way to enjoy your beer is to listen to the Jazz music over your glass of drink. Let the evening make its way in and it is the right time when the Jazz group assembles here to create the musical mood. Grab a chair and sit as close as possible as the band members synchronize their instruments with the vocalists to create a lively and unforgettable musical experience.


  • Name:Blue In Green Jazz Lounge
  • Address:1-27,Otaki -machi, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan 238-0008
  • Opening hour:05:00pm to 12:00am

20. Entice your taste buds with the Japanese Grills- Yakiniku

Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture

The Karubi-Ya is a local restaurant that is famous for its Japanese grilled barbecue. The restaurant is well connected from the Yokosuka Naval Base and is among the famous local restaurants in Yokosuka city. The restaurant derives its name ‘Karubi’ from a Korean syllable called Kalbi, or marinated beef. The Japanese counterpart called the Yakiniku is about grilling bite-sliced meat and vegetables prepared over charcoal and gas grill. The restaurant is famous for it’s quaint and well-connected location, quality of food, service and ambiance.


  • Name:Karubi-Ya Restaurant
  • Address:-8 , Yokosuka 238-0014, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan  4−8, Yokosuka, Miharucho, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, 238-0014
  • Opening hour:11:00am to 10:30pm
  • Website:oishiihiroba.com

Have a good trip and travel!