5 Things to Know about Kanazawa Castle

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Kanazawa Castle
Source: richard evea

Kanazawa Castle, an imposing structure that is located in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture is an important historical relic that attracts tourists from all around the globe. Even though it did suffer numerous devastations throughout the centuries, it is still standing today. Kanazawa Castle did go through various restorations but the general idea behind the structure remains unchanged. It is a place that will take you back through time as soon as you step in and impress you with its overall beauty and magnificent architecture.

1. Kenroku-en is a part of Kanazawa Castle

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Kenroku-en is one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan. It was imagined as a private sanctuary right next to Kanazawa Castle, but it became a tourist attraction. The meaning behind the name is quite interesting as well – Kenroku-en means garden which combines six characteristics and those are serenity, spaciousness, venerability, scenic views, subtle design, and coolness. You will find all of those in this garden and be mesmerized by the atmosphere.

2. Kahoku-mon Gate serves as a museum

Kahoku-mon Gate
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The main entrance to the castle called Kahoku-mon Gate was finally restored in 2010. It is open for visitors and inside you can find various artifacts and information about the history of the castle and all the works that has been done in order to make this castle look as authentic as possible.


  • Name: Kanazawa Castle Museum
  • Address: 1-1 Marunouchi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture
  • Price: 310 yen
  • Opening hour: 07:00AM – o6:00PM

3. The castle had various uses in the past

kanazawa castle
Source: sodai gomi

Besides the historical value of this site, it is also important to note that Kanazawa Castle served several purposes in the 20th century. Kanazawa Castle was used as Imperial Army base during World War II and later on housed Kanazawa University until the entire campus was moved to the outskirts of Kanazawa.

4. Restoration  included traditional construction

kanazawa castle
Source: Tomoaki INABA

As we have previously mentioned, Kanazawa Castle was mostly rebuilt and restored to look as authentic as possible. The restoration included both traditional methods and materials. The builders were trained to follow these guidelines and the Kanazawa Castle was reconstructed in the most genuine way as possible.

5. The castle grounds are rich with history as well

kanazawa castle
Source: Yoshihide Urushihara

When you are done touring the castle, you can continue your stroll on the surrounding grounds. There you will find Oyama Shrine and Kanazawa Shrine which also have interesting and impressive histories. You will learn a lot about Japan and its rich past at Kanazawa Castle. Waking around and soaking in the nature and the ambiance is a good option as well.

Even though Kanazawa Castle is absolutely gorgeous in winter, tourists love visiting this place all year round. The castle is easily accessible and you will be able to find your way around pretty quickly. So pack your bags and start your journey through the past.

Have a good trip and travel!