7 Reasons to Go Yokohama Minato Mirai

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Source: machu.

Minato Mirai refers to the bay area in Yokohama, which is packed with interesting things to do and see. Beautiful nightscapes, museums, amusement parks and much more! This list gives you 7 reasons why you should visit Minato Mirai.

1. Cosmo World Amusement Park

Source: aotaro

Cosmo World is an amusement park well known for its giant Ferris wheel that is part of Yokohama’s skyline. The park is divided into three parts, depending on the age range. The most extensive part is the one dedicated to kids, with many fun rides that also allow parents to participate. There are also several restaurants, bars and shops nearby where people can relax after a day of enjoying all kinds of rides at the Park.


  • Access: a 5 minute walk from Minato Mirai Station
  • Fee: free entrance, only the rides cost
  • Opening hour: 11:00
  • Closing hour: 20:00
  • Holiday:  Thursdays

2. Rinko Park

Source: pinboke_planet

Rinko Park is a pleasant relaxing space just next to the ocean. Besides strolling the alleys, visitors can also enjoy stunning views of Tokyo Bay, especially at night. The distant Yokohama Bay Bridge and the passing ferries and boats create an amazing view after sunset. The park is not very well known among tourists, which is a pity because it represents one of the most tranquil places in Yokohama.


  • Access: a 8 minute walk from Minato Mirai Station

3. Manyo Club

Source: Japanexperna.se

Manyo Club is a relaxation center and a spa which also offers hot spring baths. The water for the baths is brought daily by truck from the Izu Peninsula which is very famous for its hot spring water that has many health benefits. Besides soaking in a relaxing bath, customers can also enjoy body massages, foot pressure therapy and acupuncture. Restaurants can be found inside the facility as well.


  • Access:a 10 minute walk from Bashamichi Station
  • Fee: 2500 yen
  • Opening hour: always open

4. Sky Garden Observatory

The Sky Garden is Japan’s highest observation deck located on the 69th floor of Landmark Tower, a famous building in Yokohama. The observatory offers panoramic views of the city and the bay. On clear days, visitors can see as far as Mount Fuji and Tokyo Tower. The views at night are just stunning. The million of lights contrasting with the dark ocean waters make a sight worth experiencing.


  • Access:  a 5 minute walk from Minato Mirai Station
  • Fee:  1000 yen
  • Opening hour: 10:00
  • Closing hour: 21:00
  • Holiday:  none

5. Shopping

Source: Takashi Hososhima

Yokohama is a shopper’s paradise. There are many malls and shopping districts that offer a variety of products such as clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, souvenirs, household goods, etc. The main shopping areas are: Queen’s Square, Landmark Plaza, World Porters and the Red Brick Warehouses. There are also various restaurants, cafes and bars, as well as entertainment options like cinemas.

6. Cup Noodle Museum


Source: Guilhelm Vellut

The Cup Noodle Museum is a very interesting and fun exhibition that teaches visitors about the history of this type of noodles. There are also many items related to noodles on display. The museum’s highlight is represented by workshops, where you can create your own cup noodles with various toppings, package them and take them home. There is also a play area for kids which was made to represent a noodle factory. After visiting everything, you can enjoy a cup noodle and some drinks at the Noodles Bazaar.


  • Access: 10 minute walk from Minato Mirai Station
  • Fee: 500 yen
  • Opening hour: 10:00
  • Closing hour: 18:00
  • Holiday: Tuesdays

7. Nippon Maru Yokohama Port Museum

Source: Noli Fernand “Dudut” Perez

The Nippon Maru Yokohama Port Museum focuses on the port’s history and its role in Yokohama’s economy. The museum has special exhibitions and holds tours, lectures and crafts classes. The main highlight is the Nippon Maru ship which was built for training cadets. During his operation days, the ship went over 45 times around the world. Now it is part of the Yokohama Port Museum and represents one of the city’s landmarks.


  • Access: a 5 minute walk from Minato Mirai Station
  • Fee: 400 yen
  • Opening hour: 10:00
  • Closing hour 17:00
  • Holiday: Mondays

Enjoy Minato Mirai!

Have a good trip and travel!